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Guided People

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Summary: Inspired by MarcusRowland's Muse. Sometimes things happen that cannot be allowed, so unaware champions are chosen. These are tales of a few of them. Always complete, never done.

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Selonianth + 2 othersFR1392,63802212,7644 Feb 1319 Jun 14No

Justice Is Blind

Inspired by: MarcusRowland’s Muse
Disclaimer: Don't own NCIS.

Some people thought Leeroy Jethro Gibbs called his instincts his gut. They weren’t entirely wrong, but they weren’t entirely right either. Sometimes he felt a presence, guiding his instincts. Allowing him sight where others were blinded. Only twice had he ever ignored the presence, making it twice he regretted it.

He first felt the presence when he was a marine. It was why none of his scout sniper kills were ever the wrong person. Never an innocent with wrong intel. If it was false intel, he found a reason he could not complete the mission, normally by making it impossible for anyone to do without causing a massive incident. His conscience was clear on that.

The only kill that he’d ever made personal, the presence backed him on. The mexican cartel leader who had his family killed was going to walk. That could not be allowed to happen.

Some people said justice is blind, Gibbs knew otherwise. Looking up at a statue of Lady Justice he smirked, feeling the presence lay a hand on his shoulder. He wasn’t sure why she chose him, but he knew what made up the other half of his gut.
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