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A New Valkyrie

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Summary: Buffy thinks of an idea to deal with Glory. Afterall, only a god can kill a god right?

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Buffy-Centered
Marvel Universe > Avengers > Buffy-Centered
SelonianthFR1559,7191511330,25710 Feb 1312 Aug 13No

A New Valkyrie

Disclaimer: Don’t own Buffy or the Asgardians. Joss Whedon and Marvel respectively.

Summary: Buffy thinks of an idea to deal with Glory. Afterall, only a god can kill a god right?

While the group was sitting, seemingly in a bit of depression over Dawn finally being taken to Glory’s hideout, Buffy was thinking. Nothing they had done did so much as scratch the hellgoddess Glorificus and Buffy was trying to think of things that would work. Then it hit her, Ethan Rayne’s spell to turn them into their costumes. She could use that!

Turning to her watcher, and sometimes father-figure, Buffy posed a question, “Giles, this is going to make you kinda uncomfortable but could you cast the chaos spell that Ethan used on halloween three years ago?”

Giles, and the rest of the group, gave Buffy a funny look. “I could... I’m not sure why I would however.”

With a sigh, showing what she thought of their chances with Glory Bufy raised her head and looked into each member of the Scoobies eyes. “We can’t beat Glory as we are. We all know this, even if we might want to think otherwise. But I have an idea. We use the spell to become something that can.”

After a moment of silence around the room Giles got up and retrieved a book he’d seen before, detailing the spell Ethan had used in question. Bringing it back to the table he dropped it onto the table with a low slam. Opening it up he found Ethan’s spell. “Well, It was a good plan.”

Buffy raised one eyebrow. “Why wouldn’t it work?”

Laying a finger on the tome where he was reading, “According to this, it suddenly makes sense why Ethan had no superheroes in his shop. If the spirit of the costume contains too much power for the spirit of the person to hold then the person explodes with a mighty force. If that happens, then the caster of the spell is doomed to an eternity of punishment.”

Buffy nodded slowly, “Ok, why wouldn’t it work?”

Willow gave an ‘Oh’ of understanding and explained, “Because the only thing that can kill a god-”

Giles finished, “Is a god...”

“So we’re screwed then?”

“Not... necessarily... If I’m reading this correctly then there are two people here who could handle the power without exploding. Buffy, as a champion, can handle a far greater amount of power than anyone else, and Willow.”

The red-headed witch squeaked. “Me?”

Spike snorted from the corner, farthest from the windows, and spoke up. “Look Red, we’re all aware you’re modest and all but could you stop acting like you’re not an extremely powerful witch please? Honestly, you’re about the only witch I’ve come across who can, without aid of a circle, use magic to battle demons, and I’m over a hundred years old.”

Willow blushed and Giles cleared his throat, “Yes, well. Unfortunately I couldn’t cast this spell. According to this tome, that if a person who has worshipped chaos and turned from it attempts to cast the spell that Janus will curse them. With Tara... incapacitated,” the group paused to think about the state of the wiccan. “The only person who can cast the spell is Willow.”

“So Willow casts the spell and Buffy dress up... how do we make sure that whoever Buffy is doesn’t try to kill everyone for daring to do such a thing?”

“I’ll dress up as a goddess who would welcome the fight, and who is a hero... I know! Valkyrie!”

Giles crinkled his brow in confusion. “Valkyries aren’t gods, they’re the norse version of an angel.”

“Not the group of them. A specific one. Valkyrie, aka Brunnhilde, of Marvel. She’s an Asgardian so she qualifies as a god. She has a specific and distinguishing costume, and she fulfills both welcoming the fight and being a hero who wouldn’t attack people for no reason.”

A moment of thought later and most around the table nodded in acceptance of the plan. Giles passed Xander some money. “Xander, you go get the costume. You know what it looks like. Anya, do you have what we’d need for the spell?”

Anya thought for a moment, looking at the book. “Yea, I have a couple busts of Janus. The stuff for the ritual to empower the costume and to actually cause the spell to take shape are both fairly easy.”

An hour later Xander returned, carrying a large bag, a plastic metal-looking spear, and a sword. “I couldn’t get it perfect, they didn’t have her sword and the spear is kinda off, but it should work.”

Buffy nodded and they placed the clothing and weapons into the ritual circle to be blessed by Janus. If it failed, whether because Janus didn’t think it would create enough chaos or whatever other reason the god thought up, they’d be back to square one. It didn’t, and oddly enough no one was sure if that was a good thing or not.

Brunnhilde looked around, strange, she had been on Asgard only a moment ago. Dreaming? Judging by the looks of the mortals across from her the leader of the valkyries thought not.

Looking down at herself the Asgardian noted she was definitely not in her own body, she was shorter, only five eleven instead of the six foot four she was used to. Some strange magic was at work. Looking back to the group which looked back at her in apprehension she asked. “You there, what realm is this?”

A small redheaded woman, mortal but roiling with power, answered. “Um... Midgard.”

Valkyrie stretched her senses and could not detect Thor or Mjolnir. “I cannot feel my kin, Thor, or his hammer. I ask again, what realm is this?”

“We’re on Midgard, I swear. It’s just... not your Midgard. See you’re in the body of a friend of ours, we need your help. A hellgod by the name of Glorificus-”

“Say no more, that foul creature is known in my own verse. The Allfather himself placed wards around the verse keeping her from entering it when a prophecy of her being cast from her own was for told. Where is she?”

“She’s in a mansion, not too far from here, in the body of a person. A human, named Ben.”

Brunnhilde nodded. “The Allfather knew she would be forced into the body of a human. It is a regrettable thing but he cannot survive. Even were there a way to remove the creature Glorificus from his body without inherently killing him his spirit could not linger in a body that had laid host to the beast for so long.” Saying no more Brunnhilde walked through the door of the shop she was in waving her hand her horse appeared.

Five minutes later she’d located the beast Glorificus’ abode and landed outside. A hard kick to the front door, sending said door flying twenty feet into the foyer and taking out the guard on the other side, later Valkyrie was inside. “Glorificus!”

A blond woman appeared. “Oh, it’s you slayer.” the blond hellgod attempted to charge Brunnhilde only to be stopped by the Asgardian’s fist.

“Get up foul creature. My host called me here and it is time to make you suffer for what thou hast done.” Valkyrie taunted, drawing her sword. The beast attempted to charge again, and again Brunnhilde struck her to the ground. “If thou cannot fight like the god thou dost claim to be, then I shall be forced to end this now.”

Glory, by this point completely blinded by rage, wasn’t listening and only attempted to charge a third time. This time, instead of a fist stopping her path, a sword flashed out and Glory blinked. That hadn’t hu-Glory’s thoughts were cut off as her head rolled off her body.

“That was pathetic.” Valkyrie muttered, sheathing the blade after a quick slash through the air cleared what blood there was off her blade. Walking further into the house she felt the one her host felt attached to and found her. “You are the one called Dawn yes?”

The scoobies were just staring at each other. Ten minutes previously Valkyrie, in the body of Buffy Summers, had left without waiting for any kind of plan of attack. Just as the shock cleared there was the distinctive clip-clop of hooves hitting the ground and then Valkyrie walked back through the door trailed by Dawn.

“Dawn! You’re ok!” Willow shouted hugging Dawn close to her.

“Glorificus is dead.” Brunnhilde announced before her blade destroyed the bust of Janus, and a flash of light ended the spell.

“Oh boy... I’m gonna sleep now,” Buffy said after the flash faded, and proceeded to pass out on the floor. The group tried to move her but couldn’t, it wasn’t till Xander tried to unclip the spear, still strapped to Buffy’s back, that they figured out why. The plastic spear was now metal.

“Guys, I know why we can’t move her. It’s the weapons. We can’t lift them.”

“If they’re so heavy we can’t lift them, shouldn’t she be crushed.”

“If what I think happened, happened, they’re made of a magical metal. Completely unliftable by any who don’t have the blood of a god flowing through their veins but doesn’t crush anything unless that is the intention,” Xander replied, his comic-book knowledge filling in the blanks. Uru, a metal so heavy not even the Hulk could lift a weapon made out of it. Nor could any mortal, unless the blade was specifically gifted to them and bound to that person. After that, no one other than the wielder could lift it at all.

As Xander realized this Buffy woke up. Standing without any apparent trouble Giles looked at Xander with a shocked look on his face. The face Xander replied with was equally shocked which in no way calmed the Watcher’s nerves.

“Ugh, my head. Did she have to download the entire history of the Asgard into my brain.. oh. That’s why,” Buffy groaned before she suddenly stopped and her voice made the entire group go ‘Uh Oh.’

“Buffy... Mind explaining to the rest of the class why she downloaded the history of the Asgard into your head, and why you can stand up at all? Those weapons are made of uru, you shouldn’t be able to lift them.”

“Well, apparently when you call a god into a mortal’s body using that spell... it kinda sticks. Not the personality, just the godhood. I’m now one of the Asgard, think of me as... Brunnhilde’s accidental daughter.” Buffy replied with a forced smile which set everyone’s ‘Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck’ alarms blaring.

“What’s wrong Buffy? Now you can kill vampires with impunity right? Being immortal and invulnerable and everything?”

Buffy hesitated, “Thing is... this verse isn’t made to have gods in it. Not real, physical, ones anyway. There are gods yes, but they exist on a different plane of existence watching over this one. This verse can’t hold a god in physical form anymore, not since the days of the Old Ones. That’s why Glorificus was so insane, more than usual that is.”

“Oh dear lord,” Giles muttered his glasses coming off to be polished and Buffy giving a hesitant smile as he figured it out.

“What are you saying Buffy?” Dawn asked gently, having a really really bad feeling deep in her gut.

“She’s saying she can’t stay, she doesn’t belong here bit.” Spike replied, in a rare moment of tenderness walking over to give Dawn a hug.

Buffy nodded slowly, confirming Spike’s words. “You’ll be ok, Faith will come back. Don’t give her a hard time. She didn’t mean to kill Finch and she went to jail because she realized she was wrong. Be good to her, she’s a good Slayer, even if she did make a mistake.”

The group slowly nodded, the words slowly drifting through the shock that Buffy had to leave.

“I love you all. Spike, take care of Dawn for me ok? Angel will be able to help you keep the house if she wants it. Xander, you and Anya will be fine, stop worrying about it. You love each other, that’s enough. Ignore anything that tries to stop that. Giles, Faith is gonna need a watcher who truly cares for her, Wesley is tied up in LA and he never really got her anyway. Willow...” Buffy dropped off, walking over to Tara and with one hand she pushed her fingers into Tara’s head, much like Glory had, and unlike Glory’s attempt this time Tara slowly came back to herself. “Willow, you and Tara will be wonderful together, just remember, no spells on each other and you’ll be fine. Dawn... The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it. I want you to live for me, don’t grieve. I’ll be fine, and I’ll be watching. I love you.”

Speech over, Buffy walked toward the door, not letting herself look at the faces of any of her friends. Getting to the middle of the road Buffy looked up. “HEIMDALL!” In a flash of light Buffy was gone, never to be seen in that verse ever again.

Appearing in the control room of the Bifrost Buffy nodded thanks to Heimdall who nodded in return. Looking out of the room Buffy sighed. This was home now, she could never go back to Sunnydale, or physically see her friends again. Squaring her shoulders the newly made goddess walked from the room and waved her hand, the horse she expected appeared and she rode, heading to the Hall of the Valkyries where she suspected Valkyrie would be waiting.

Landing and jumping off Buffy stormed into the training room she could feel Valkyrie in, drawing the spear from her back she threw it with all her strength catching Valkyrie off guard and pinning her to the wall by her collar, the spear having been expertly thrown and not drawing blood. Putting her blade to Valkyrie’s throat Buffy snarled, “Why did you answer the spell? WHY?!”

Valkyrie looked into the young god’s eyes, sorrow shining through the god’s blue eyes into the younger’s green. “Because one way or another, your time was over there. No CPR this time my daughter, you would have died, your friends wouldn’t have understood, and an ancient evil would have been unleashed. Janus asked me to answer the spell to stop such a thing from happening. I’m sorry it cost you your friends but it had to be done.”

Buffy looked into the taller blond’s blue eyes and nodded, removing the sword from Valkyrie’s throat and the spear from her cape. Sliding the spear into the clip on her back Buffy sheathed the sword and looked out a window at Asgard. “Where do I go from here?”
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