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Trouble is My Middle Name

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Inspired By". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy isn't the only new girl to Sunnydale High. A certain girl-detective arrives on the same day.

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Television > Veronica MarskissrocksFR1854,3640214,32912 Feb 138 May 13No

Prologue (Not pronounced Pro-log-we)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Veronica Mars. Though I did name my son after Xander and my daughter after Veronica. (And before you ask, his middle name is not ‘Lavelle’. How cruel do you think I am?)

For: CPTSkip. You said you wanted more Veronica Mars in your life. As Promised.
Also, there are references to Kristen Bell’s other works scattered throughout the story. Bonus points for recognizing them.

A/N: Takes place in a universe in which Keith Mars initially went after Lily’s father for her death but eventually got the right man while still in office. The fallout still exists though and Veronica has no friends. And her Mom is still gone. Also, If you’ve never seen Veronica Mars (watch it, it’s awesome. Joss even says so.) there are major spoilers for season one. Basically a re-cap for now, I'll try to have chapter one up in a few hours.

Timeline: Pre-season 1 for both shows.

Brought to you by: “The snakes are slithering in, chasing me to my end. I’m can’t say where that is, I’m running. Again. And when I get there it won’t be far enough. I’m a renegade, it’s in my blood.” –Renegade by Paramore.

It isn’t supposed to be a sad day.

Neptune, California has been my own personal hell for the past year. Ever since my best friend Lilly died.

Lilly Kane was the daughter of software billionaire Jake Kane. Half of the town’s population owe their fortunes to him. Jake is beloved here. So, when my father, the town Sheriff went after Jake for Lilly’s death, the town turned on Dad and the friends that I had left turned on me. They said that I could either support my best friend’s family or side with my father. I chose Dad.

He had his reasons for going after the Kanes. There were signs that the Kanes may have destroyed evidence and their alibis were shaky, at best. Later, new evidence came to light that the timeline for Lilly’s death was off by two hours. The proof that put Lilly behind the wheel of her car two hours after she was supposed to have died, also demolished the Kanes’ alibis completely. However, other evidence was also found that eventually lead my father to the real culprit.

Lilly’s killer was none other than Aaron Echols, action film star and father to Lilly’s boyfriend Logan. It turns out that Aaron and Lilly had been having an affair, a secret that Lilly had never told me. Then again, Lilly had always been excellent at keeping her own secrets. Unless she could get something for them. Aaron had made videos of the two of them together that he had hidden away in a secret love nest. Lilly had found the tapes and threatened to expose their affair. Thinking only of the destruction of his career, Aaron Echols was driven over the edge and he’d killed Lilly to keep her quiet.

My father had done his job and done it well. Still, the town had called for an emergency recall election and had my dad thrown out of office.

Oh, and did I mention that somewhere in the middle of all of this, my mother had abandoned us? All that she left behind for me was a music box and a note saying that she would come back for me.

Well, she couldn’t come back for something that she couldn’t find. My father and I had discussed it and decided that a fresh start was in order. We were moving.

So, like I said, it’s not supposed to be a sad day. Except it is. When I leave behind all the people who were never really my friends, I’ll also be leaving behind the one person who was. Lilly may be gone, but she’s never been completely gone.

“Toughen up, Veronica.” I tell myself as I wipe a tear away. Lilly would be happy for me. A new town meant a new adventure. And Lilly was all about adventure.

I picked up the last box in my room and carried it out to the moving truck.

“Is that it?” Dad asked.

“Yep.” I said climbing into the passenger seat of the cab.

My dad took one last look at the place that had been our home before pulling out and starting on the road to adventure.

Well, Sunnydale, California certainly sounds like a fun-filled place.
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