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The Armageddon Protocol

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Summary: It took Giles 6 long, hard years to rebuild the Council. How long would it take W&H to destroy it?

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Chapter One

Title: The Armageddon Protocol
Rating: R
Story: Action\Adventure
Feedback: In lieu of a Faithbot yeah.


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FIC: The Armageddon Protocol (1/?)


“Wanna come to bed, hon?”

Xander rubbed wearily at his remaining eye and looked up, smiling wearily at his wife of two years. “I’d love to Faith, but I’ve gotta finish these reports.”

“Choosing paperwork over moi?” The brunette Slayer pouted playfully. “How quickly the romance dies.”

“Romance?” Xander snorted. “You’re not talking about romance, you’re talking about sex.”

Faith snorted. “You know me so well, see you later, studly.”

“Later wifey,” Xander’s seat creaked beneath him as he leaned back and considered all the changes in the Council. It had been a hectic six years since the Mass Calling, for everybody but especially for Giles.


When Giles had first taken over the Council, he’d found an embarrassment of riches just waiting, nay begging, to be used to make the Council a more effective tool. Not only was there five billion dollars spread across a dozen banks in such financial havens as Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the Bahamas, but an even more staggering eighteen billion dollars in shares spread across fifty Fortune 500 companies, as well as a large fortune in antiquities, stamps, paintings, and coins, and vast tracts of land in the UK, Ireland, Commonwealth, and even former Commonwealth nations. Once Giles, Willow, and Robson had liquidated all their assets they had close to thirty billion dollars to play with.

The first target of the newly renamed International Slayers Council’s largess had been its Weapons Department. Where once it had been an embarrassing afterthought, Giles had pumped real funds into it, hiring a Luther Stickell to run it, and employing over a dozen weapons-smiths of various disciplines to work under him on equipment that ranged from

high-quality ancient to the most cutting-edge modern.

Giles hadn’t stinted on the Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence Unit either. Somehow Giles had ferretted out Faith’s real identity and used it to influence her estranged father Harry Tasker to come in and run it. And didn’t that make things tense at Christmas dinner. While Tasker had waved Giles’ huge chequebook to get some of the world’s great spies to come work for them – Adam Carter, Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt, Sydney Bristow, Michael Westen, Annie Walker, and Preston Lennox, he’d also invested heavily in technology, employing genius inventors like Marshall Flinkman & superb hackers like Angela Bennett to run their technical department.

The lady currently running the Archive & Research Department was the smart money to run the Council after Giles’ retirement. Lady Croft was everything the job needed – breeding, genius IQ, years of dealing with powerful people, and a vast knowledge of the supernatural. Not that she ran the department alone, fellow experts like Daniel Jackson, Solomon Zond, Sydney Fox, & Flynn Carsen had found the twin lures of the Council’s money and their vast library of rare occult & historical texts impossible to resist. And not only was the library huge, it was ever-expanding, Giles bidding aggressively for every book that came onto the market. Giles was even willing to occasionally stoop to robbery if he deemed a book too precious, dangerous, or powerful to stay in its current owners’ hands.

And then there was the medical department that Giles had radically over-hauled. Gone were the few over-entitled Harley Street surgeons and doctors who’d gotten their jobs through familial connections. Now an enthusiastic, empathetic, and talented Scot by the name of Carson Beckett led an equally skilled team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and psychiatrists in a prodigiously equipped haven that was the equal of any private hospital anywhere in the world.

Given that W&H were the Council’s main opposition, it hadn’t taken Giles long to re-vamp the legal department either. Gone were the tiny but exclusive firm the Council had kept on retainer since the 18th century, instead Giles had spent millions bringing in the best he could get. Corporate & contract lawyers to stymie the advancement of W&H and its clients. Immigration lawyers to ensure that Council personnel could go wherever they were needed. Criminal lawyers to defend Council personnel should they find themselves in trouble.

And then there was the bulk of the money. That had gone into over-hauling field operations. Twenty Chapter Houses had been built spread across the globe, each with a quartet of multi-Slayer teams & back-up assigned to it, in addition to half a dozen elite trouble-shooting teams like Xander’s. Unsurprisingly given Giles’ love of mythology, each team was named after a mythological god or hero, and these teams were no longer staffed by just Slayers & Watchers, Giles had gone all out to employ the very best. Hunters like Bobby Singer, the Winchester boys, Rufus Turner, Jack Crow, Nick Burkhardt, and others. Elite soldiers like Bobby Lee Swagger, Cameron Poe, John Reese, & Jo Lupo. Immortal swordsmen like Connor & Duncan MacLeod. Wizards like Harry Dresden. Fae like Bo Jones & Dyson, and oddities like David Dunn.

Then there were the two mercenary teams, the Losers & the Expandables that were on permanent retainer to deal with the jobs that Giles deemed too messy for usual teams. And Leverage Inc, likewise on a permanent retainer and employed full-time to mess solely with W&H’s clients in all their corrupt 1% ignominy. They’d even expanded Leverage Inc’s roster by adding the master conman Neal Caffrey and his genius pal, ‘Mozzie’ to their ranks as well as expert thief, Simon Templar.

In addition to all the internal modernising, Giles had worked hard and spent aggressively to reverse the Council’s centuries old policy of arrogant isolation. In addition to many of the world’s spy agencies and major covens, he’d forged strong links with the Halliwells, the White Council, the Vatican, the Egyptian Medjay, the Scandinavian Ásatrú,, the Romany Clans, Knights of Byzantium, and even the BRPD, its newly expanded roster including not only Hellboy & Liz Sherman, but also the Crow, the Witchblade, Jake Foley, the Invisible Man, & Painkiller Jane.

Then, when he was satisfied the International Slayer Council was ready, Giles struck. His first move was a typically audacious one, sending Xander, Faith, and Kennedy with several score Slayers and a dozen or so magic users to rescue Angel and his team from Wolfram & Hart. Enraged, Wolfram & Hart had struck back instantly, employing the Order Of Taraka to kill Giles, a move that led to the assassin cult’s systematic destruction, cell by bloody cell.

Of course after the attack on Giles, the rest of the Council’s ruling body, the Forum, had insisted that Giles pay the same attention to his own security as he had to every other aspect of the Council. So he’d reluctantly re-vamped the Security Department, hiring a Jack Reacher to run the Council HQ and Chapter Houses physical and electronic security, buttressing its numbers with recruits from the recently dissolved Initiative, and augmenting Giles’ Slayer bodyguards with a trio of former SAS soldiers, Kyle Hobbes, Henno Garvie and Frank Martin.

After that, the International Slayer Council continued on its way, taking out supernatural power after supernatural power. The Shadow Council, The Scourge, Temple of Sobek, the Fell Brethren, Vinji & Sahrvin Clans, and the Sisterhood of Jhe had all fallen to the ISC, as well as numerous Master Vampires.


Sadly, it was inevitable after being pushed for so long, Wolfram & Hart would push back hard.
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