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The Hunters

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Slayers of Dune Book IV". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The last Slayers of Dune set out to defeat the Old Ones.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > DunenedwardsFR131314,7800142,12018 Feb 1330 Jun 13Yes

Chapter 10

All characters from the Dune Universe are property of the Frank Herbert Estate. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy: "I don't take orders. I do things my way."
Kendra : "No wonder you died."

- BTVS S02E21

Spike found her first. He came around a corner and found Basilah leaning against a blood smeared wall. Spike stopped in surprise. Basilah looked at him as if trying to remember why he mattered. She remembered. He was one of the slayers that had come to kill her. Basilah roared as she lunged at Spike. He feinted with his lexan knife, circled it and managed to slice Basilah along the side of her arm. Basilah screamed. Spike had been trained by the last of the Ginaz Sword masters who had been a student of the late great Duncan Idaho. Spike drove the tip of the knife upwards into the soft underside of her chin. It deflected off of her armored skin. Her claws slashed at his face. Spike jumped backwards as Surayya slammed into Basilah. Buffy was behind her. The two slayers fought with Basilah. Spike looked for a way to join the fray. The two women were much taller than him. He did not want to get in their way. Spike did what his lack of height demanded. He stabbed Basilah in the foot.

Basilah lit up like a thousand watt bulb. A pulse of pure mystical energy blew the slayers off of her. Buffy and Surayya slammed into the walls. Basilah stared down at the boy before her.

I will not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death…” Spike repeated the litany against fear. His guts felt cold.

“You creatures insist.” Basilah growled. Her voice was a deep bass tone with the harmonics of the echoes of the dark dimensions. “When we are unleashed we will infect the galaxy. All living things will become like us and burn with the powers of the Old Ones. Then she will appear! The First Power will return to the world!” Buffy was listening. It all made a terrible type of sense to her. Anne had told her that she wanted to walk the multiverse with all of her powers.

“Not on my watch.” Buffy muttered. She knew that the return of the Powers-That-Be to the world would spell the end of the golden path. Everything she, Leto and the Destroyer had fought to create would be wiped away. All that would be left would be the ashes of a burning galaxy.

Buffy unleashed the simmering powers of the Kwisatz Haderach that slept within her. This was a gift from Liam’s birth mother. She had the power to directly access higher and lower dimensions. Buffy searched the flesh of Basilah for a weak point. She found none. Basilah was able to shield herself from dimensional access by the magics of her genes.

“We can't defeat her.” Buffy thought. “Not like this.” She knew she needed another mode of attack. As Kwisatz Haderach Buffy could see the parts of Basilah that stretched off into higher dimensions and at the same time see the microscopic parts of her. She could see the three spoke wheel of her DNA modulating the magic it generated changing it to meet Basilah’s needs.

“Everybody back!” Buffy suddenly yelled. She knew what she had to do. “Suri, scythe now!” Surayya threw the scythe to Buffy. Buffy caught it in midair.

In the five hundred years since the Slayers of Dune Buffy Summers had changed. Gone was the rough hewed girl that had been resurrected by the god-source of the slayers. After a century of training by the Bene Gesserit, Buffy had acquired a control of body and mind that bordered on the spectacular. She opened herself up to the past in memories made from the flesh.

“Her genes are too strong.” Buffy thought. “They constantly modulate the magics surrounding her.” Buffy knew this as a lesson from Arrakis. Living things adapted to the demands of their environment. Life mutated, life changed, until it acclimated to the demands of survival. First the Fremen, then the Atreides, then Leto found a way to adapt and then change the world around them.

“We’ve been trying to solve the wrong problem.” Buffy thought. She reached out as Kwisatz Haderach to feel the dimensional pattern of magic that surrounded Basilah. Basilah could feel Buffy probing her.

“I am protected.” Basilah said. “I am made from the force behind magic.”

“But magic is very flexible. “ Buffy said as she shifted the powers that encoded for Basilah.

“It’s the old story.” She thought. “Water into wine.” Buffy grunted as she performed a terrible transformation. When it was done she opened her eyes.

“Now you’re a vampire.” She said.

“So what?” Basilah answered. Her teeth were sharp and pointed. Her eyes were yellow. “I’m still an Old One! Who are you to defeat me?” Buffy stabbed the point of the scythe into the monster’s heart. Her blonde ponytail twisted in the air. The reverend mother exploded in a cloud of dust.

“And i’m Buffy, the vampire slayer.” She said and smiled. “C’mon.” She said to the other slayers. “It’s time we took care of the Old Ones.” The other slayers agreed. Buffy turned and lead the way.
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