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Mutant X

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Summary: When Buffy makes a careless wish she sends her friends into a world where they are changed.

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ejbelisleFR1839,43932510,07521 Feb 1327 Apr 13No

What Doesn't Kill You...

Mutant X

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Buffy or the Marvel universe.

Chapter 2: What Doesn’t Kill You…

Authors Note: Sorry this chapter took so long to be posted. Life kept getting in the way and when I did have time to write I had trouble getting Cordelia’s voice right. I’m still not sure if I did. Either way I finally finished this chapter and though it might be a little short hopefully that means I can finally continue this story. There is a lot of Cussing in this chapter if it needs to go up a rating please let me know.

Cordelia felt like she was waking up from a nightmare. That feeling of relief that overcomes a person when they know that what they had just experienced wasn’t real. That everything was going to be alright because it had all been a dream. Cordelia sighed as she raised her hand to push back her hair. She froze before her hand reached their destination. It was covered in blood. She breathed in deeply and was filled with dread at the smell of blood. It smelled like more than a human body could lose and live.
She looked around and couldn’t contain a cry of disbelief. In front of her lying in a pool of blood was her Sensei. Cordelia crawled over to him and reached out to touch him before drawing short. Her claws were still out. She quickly sheathed them before pulling the man close to her.

How could she have done this? She remembered coming to her room at the scheduled time for her lessons. Her Sensei had gone for his sword and when he had come back it was as if something had taken control of her. It was like she was a prisoner in her own body forced to watch as she had torn into the only person she could actually say she cared about in this life. She had slaughtered the old man, showing no mercy to the man who had shown her nothing but kindness.

The doctor had been right.

She was nothing but a monster. A thing created in a lab born with no soul. Everything that she had loved in this life died. All for doing the worst thing they could possibly do, trying to turn a weapon into a person. She knew that in her previous life in Sunnydale that she had been a regular girl, soul and all. Maybe something had gone wrong with the wish. Maybe her soul, her conscious, had been ripped from her in the transfer to her new life. Maybe it had messed up and had transferred it to one of the others. Perhaps her soul was in the hands of one of her friends. Cordelia couldn’t help but feel a little better at the thought. If her soul was with one of them that meant it couldn’t be corrupted by the thing she had become. Sure that meant that she was a soulless thing. Walking around bringing pain and death to everything around her but at least she knew somewhere out there some part of her would stay pure.

Yes that had to be it. That was why she could suddenly be the monster she was. That was why she didn’t stand up against the things that were happening to her. Why she didn’t say no to the horrors that were her missions. It was because Xander, Willow or Oz had her soul. All she had to do was find them and maybe she could get it back. All she had to do was find them and everything would be better. It had to be.

Cordelia scowled at her arm as she sat in her room. She was only ten years old and she had already been sent on eight assassinations. With every assignment it became easier and easier to kill. She had killed young and old, men and women. It didn’t matter she had no choice. Even if she did have a soul she wouldn’t be able to become a better person. The one time she had refused to kill someone they had used the trigger that had forced her to kill her sensei. They then released her onto the university her target worked at. She had gone on a killing spree leaving no one alive in the building. After that she had stopped trying to resist.

Cordelia dragged her claw across her arm forming an x. She watched in fascination as the cuts healed almost before it had a chance to bleed. Her last mission had been different than the rest. Dr. Zander had joined her for the mission. It was against an organization called AIM. Apparently this organization was so vile that even Dr. Zander hated them. The mission had gone well with her being able to sneak into the facility and kill her target. She had been running to her extraction point while being chased by a small army of soldiers. Her twenty two minutes were almost up but it looked like she would be getting there just in time. She had just turned the corner in time to see the helicopter taking off.

Cordelia had put on a burst of speed but it was too late. She had watched as the man had smiled at her and thrown her a pair of dog tags saying good bye to a Weapon X. She had been able to escape. All had taken was being riddled with bullets and a pile of dead soldiers.

Cordelia had been about to cut herself again when she heard what sounded like an explosion. She listened as gun shots followed by screams happened right after each other. Cordelia was surprised no one had come to her room to set her against the attackers. She sat there waiting as more explosion sounds happened coming closer and closer to her room.

She jumped in shock as someone flew through the door hitting the wall with enough force to leave a huge dent. It was Kimura her new trainer. The woman was a psychopath who tortured her regularly, disguised as training sessions. Cordelia had been trying to kill her for a very long time. The woman was virtually indestructible. Her skin was completely resistant to harm making it impossible for Cordelia to kill her with her claws.

She looked towards the hole in the wall were the door used to be. She couldn’t hold in a gasp of shock as the last person she expected to see floated into the room giving off a soft green light. It was Xander. He had been sent to the same world as her and by some weird act of fate was breaking into the same facility she was being held in.

“Are you X-23?” Xander asked looking at her while holding Kimura against the wall with little effort. He didn’t know who she was. How was that possible? Was it the curse? No it couldn’t be. If it was the curse causing him to not recognize her wouldn’t it have done the same to her?

“Yes, but I prefer Cordelia.”

“Good I was getting tired of killing all those men on my search for you, though I can’t seem to kill this one for some reason.” Xander said staring at Kimura.

“Her skin’s impervious to damage. If you want to kill her you have to hurt her insides.” Cordelia told him.

“The little clones right. The question is if you actually have the balls to kill me.” Kimura said with a condescending smile.

“What fight have you been watching? I’m pretty sure that trail of dead bodies I left behind says I do.” Xander said as he studied her for a few second before continuing “I wonder if I expand a telekinetic bubble inside you would you explode or would your skin resist the damage and leave you a formless blob of flesh.”

“Huh I don’t really know. It sounds interesting let’s find out.” Kimura said with a manic smile.

“No don’t.” Cordelia spoke up. She hated Kimura with a fiery passion but the thought of seeing him kill someone filled her stomach with pain. She had been hoping for years that unlike her the others from Sunnydale had been able to keep their souls but it seemed that her hopes had been pointless. Xander seemed to have less of a soul than she did. If he didn’t have a soul or a conscious she would have to act as his even though half the time she didn’t know what was right or wrong herself.

“Why not?” Xander asked looking at her in confusion.

“She doesn’t deserve to die. She deserves to continue living in the hell that she’s created of her life. She’s pathetic. Only finding worth by making others feel like shit. She’s a leech living off others pain. She doesn’t deserve the mercy of death. Let her continue living her half life.” Cordelia snarled.

Xander turned to Kimura with a thoughtful look.

“Can’t be hurt huh? Good to know.” With a thrust of his arm towards the roof Xander sent Kimura flying into the sky. Kimura let out a scream as she disappeared.

“Thank you.”

Xander scowled at her. Cordelia was jerked violently through the roof were she came to a stop in the middle of the sky. Xander soon joined her in the sky.

“Listen closely X-23 I didn’t do this out of the kindness of my heart. This is a mission simple as that understood?”

“Yeah perfectly and my names Cordelia it’s not that hard to remember use it.”
“Fine Cordelia I’ve been ordered to bring you in or kill you. Which one do you prefer?”

“Wow you are dumber than you look. I’ll take staying alive. I’m kind of attached to breathing doofus.” Cordelia said trying to keep her superior attitude on even though she was floating in the sky completely helpless. Xander stared at her in shock before smiling at her in one of his old dorky smiles that she remembered from back in Sunnydale.

“Alright than, don’t give us any trouble and you might make it out of this alive, my names Hellion by the way.”

“What kind of name is Hellion? You might as well go around calling yourself tight ass man or Joe Joe the dog face boy.” Cordelia said with a smile.

“This coming from a girl named X-23. It sounds like I could pick up a replacement off the shelves.”

“I already told you my names Cordelia. My mother gave me that name. X-23 is the label those dipshits gave me. Call me that again and I’ll start calling” Cordelia growled in frustration. Damn she was rusty. That nickname had sucked.

“Whatever you say Queen C.” Xander said with a smile. Cordelia was suddenly filled with hope at the nick name. Xander had called her that a few times back in Sunnydale. Maybe there was some part of the old Xander left in Hellion. She watched as Xander tapped what looked like a communicator that was in his ear.

“I’ve got our target. Go ahead and blow the base sky high. I’ll meet you back at the plane in thirty.”

Cordelia looked down just in time to see the base, she had called home for her whole life, explode in a ball of fire. She only had a few seconds to enjoy the sight before she found herself flying away from the destruction. They traveled in silence. Xander didn’t seem to be in a talking mood and Cordelia didn’t really want to talk. She was enjoying the view. This was the first time she had been outside without having to worry about finishing a mission in twenty two minutes.

Thirty minutes later they landed in front of a private plane where a man was waiting for them. He was tall dark and drool worthy. If she wasn’t only ten years old she would so jump that fine piece of ass.

“Did you run into any trouble?” the man asked in a deep voice. She watched as Xander walked over to the man stopping way inside the man’s personal space.

“Nah, it was no fun at all. Cordelia over there didn’t even put up a fight.” Xander said with a pout. Cordelia raised a single brow at Xander's childish behavior. The man looked over at her with obvious amusement.

“I feel your pain.” The man said.

“I didn’t even get to explode the indestructible woman I ran into.” Xander continued whining. The man put his hand on Xander’s neck and started to absently play with the small hairs there.

“Don’t worry kid. I’m sure you’ll have the chance to make someone explode in no time.”

Cordelia watched them in silence for a few minutes before getting in the airplane before them.

As she walked into the new life that awaited her all she could think was ‘When had Xander become gay?’

AN: I played around with the characters ages. In the comics Hellion and X-23 are around the same age. I decided to play around with it since this isn't the comic verse.

Next Chapter: Xander and Cordelia's story continues. Also Willow and Oz is dragged kicking and screaming into their lives.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Mutant X" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Apr 13.

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