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History in the Making

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Summary: TOS BSG1980 The thoughts,reflections and actions of the fleet and its leaders upon finding Earth

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Miscellaneous > Myths & LegendsFireWolfeFR722,424061,44425 Feb 1326 Feb 13No

Part 4

Disclaimer: I don't own TOS BSG. If I did it would never have been taken off the air. It belongs to Glen Larson and the corporations. This Fan fiction story is for the amusement of the author and hopefully a few others as well.
A/N: This journal is the one Adama and others have written in prior to the fleet realizing they have found Earth. What were their thoughts on that fateful day. This work is a WIP and may never be completed. It's updates may not be frequent, rather they will come when I have something to add to the storyline. It can be considered a prequel to BSG 1985. It is not betaed so read at your own risk.
By: Fire Star
Tuesday, February 26, 2013

History In the making

Adama’s Journal-
Date Earth time 1980 AD. January

Today was a little difficult. It was hard to watch the fear and panic in the eyes of our people. For many yearns we have sought out Earth and the 13th tribe in hopes that they will be the key to defeating our ancient enemy. I must admit when I began this quest I hoped to find a people who were at least our equals in the technological sense. It seems that this hope was in vain. Well at least in some areas.

The year as they call it here is 1980 AD. Humanity on earth is a rather large population of over 4 billion people. It is rather shocking to see all the tribes of man represented here. In a way it is a relief to see that so many of our tribes are represented here but, the hard part is knowing that this version of humanity is a divided people. It seems that in some distant past they lost the fact that they are all human. The races of man on this world are a divided people who are uncertain on how to work together for the common good. While our tribes were never perfect we at least did manage to unify humanity not only in the colonies but in other nations as well. That is one thing we can at least thank the Cylons for. A common enemy has a way of bonding people.

However, it is my hope that the humans of Earth do not need to learn the lessons of unity as we did. I suppose that was what Dr. Zee’s computron simulation was all about. It was a stark reminder that our enemies hate humanity and will end them just as they did our civilization if we do not use care.

I can understand why many may believe Dr. Zee has no desire for us to contact Earth. However I have known the young man for many yearns and known that this is not the truth. He wants to take our people to Earth and to the safety it may represent but he is cautious and careful in his actions. He is sadly correct that this version of humanity can be dangerous. We must use care and we must be certain we have something to offer as this humanity is very dedicated to its own self interests.

Fortunately we have much to offer. The plan that we have devised is both simple and complex in nature. We will seek out those on Earth who only want the best for all of humanity. The scientists who strive to improve all life on Earth. These men and women will become our allies if we use care. We will slowly advance humanity so they can join us in the stars and perhaps defend against the enemy we has so sadly brought to their doors.
The one positive thing we have learned is that this region of space is wealthy in resources and we can and will use them to protect not only Earth but our fleet. I have already ordered the harvesting of various materials to ensure our fleet can be protected. The Tylium we have found is abundant if not of the best quality but our refinery ships will sort that soon enough. We have harvested millions of gallons of water which our people will utilize well. The metals and minerals are more abundant here than any ten systems we have found recently. It is really clear why the ancients chose this system. It will take time but we will utilize what we have found.

I am sending patrols of warriors to begin the contact process. It has been decided that we will seek out individuals from differing races and nations in hopes that doing so will allow for a more even distribution of knowledge and ideas. We know that each nation has its own perspectives and gifts to give us. We shall be enriched by the cultures of this world. The languages and customs alone will keep our historians and archeologists busy for decotons.

One of the positives Dr. Zee has noted is this group of humans is highly creative and is capable of advancing quickly if given the right tools. We will of course provide them carefully. We continually scan Earth for more information and fortunately they have something called Television which we can utilize to analyses their culture and development. Well we can once we decipher it. It is a complicated situation but, I have high hopes we can and will manage to succeed.

End Log

The End?

You have reached the end of "History in the Making" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 13.

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