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Ancient Moon

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Summary: Two different teams, a shared past and a mystery. When two members of an SG team end in the Moon Palace by accident, two different worlds come in contact...

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MoonGate: Part I

Ancient Moon


Disclaimer: Sailor Moon created by Naoko Takeuchi and owned by Naoko Takeuchi and Kodansha. Stargate is property of MGM

Spoilers: Sailor Moon to the end of the Dreams arc in the manga (that means, for those who only know Sailor Moon from the anime, to roughly the sixth episode of Sailor Moon Stars, although I'm following (mostly) manga continuity). Stargate mid-to-late 5th Season.

Author note: I'm going to pick elements from the anime, the live action series and even the musicals and the games to fill holes in the timeline, as well as to try to fit Sailor Moon in Stargate, so be warned about that.

Major Samantha Carter home. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Sam Carter was tossing and turning on her sleep, as the same dream that she had intermittently since she started to work with the Stargate, and with increasing frequency after Jolinar, came to her again.

She was clad in a golden sleeveless short tunic, sky blue tight pants and shoulder-length gloves, a golden diadem and olive green low-heeled boots. She was operating a computer panel, somewhat familiar to her waking self as Ancient technology, while people was getting through a kind of Stargate that was intimately familiar to her dream-self, but that she hadn't seen in her life. After she got the signal that everybody had crossed it, she closed the wormhole and turned to the old soldier besides her.

"That was the last group," she said, and somehow she wasn't surprised to find that the old soldier was Jack O'Neill, or rather the dream version of him. He was clad in some kind of silvery body armor, wearing a sword in his right hand and some kind of gun in his left, and he looked, at the same time, older and fitter than the man that she knew, and even if she was not going to acknowledge it to anybody, loved.

"And you?" said dream-Jack. The other two people in the room, who had volunteered to remain behind to defend the gate, left them space.

"I have to stay behind so this madness don't spread, as the plague has done. At least Atlantis managed to leave when everything went south." She, or rather her dream-self said, while opening a panel full of crystals in the computer console, pulling out one of the crystals and smashing it in the floor. "Done. The Gate won't be able to call out. It's an antique, anyway".

Just in time, as it was, as somebody started to pound on the door to the room.

"It seems, Iphis, that we have to make a last stand." she said as the door started to dent, and got some kind of gun and a long, jeweled dagger from inside her tunic.

"It seems that way, Sophia." Said dream-Jack (Iphis?), who then faced her, smiling, picking her by the waist and kissing her deeply in the lips, just as the door started to buckle under the hits. They separated, with regret, but they looked into each other eyes and nodded, getting ready, although Iphis (Jack?) couldn't avoid making a last observation.

"We may not be the Princess Guard, they are holding the thick of the assault by themselves. But this sorry bunch will pay for this in blood." said Iphis and turned to the two other people in the room "What do you think, guys?"

And Sam Carter awoke in her bed, the last strands of her dream hanging in her memory, and the familiar throbbing in her head that always accompanied these dreams. She wondered what that dream meant. For a long time she had thought that it had represented her anxieties about the Stargate, but the dream was gaining clarity as time passed, as if it was really a memory which was resurfacing, rather that a manifestation of her subconscious.

'Focus, Sam, focus.' She thought, trying to get her mind out of those things, as she took a Tylenol 'It's only a dream, nothing more.'

She looked at the hour and decided not to try to get back to sleep, she had to be in the SGC in a couple hours.

She took her breakfast, showered and got dressed in her uniform, and every free moment her mind went back to her dream. It had looked so real. She couldn't shake the feeling that they were memories... and they felt like hers, not Jolinar's. Maybe she had to talk about it with Dad, well, rather Selmak in this case.

Stargate Command. Cheyenne Mountain.

Daniel had been up all night trying to resolve a problem that have kept him occupied in the last days, a problematic fragment of a text in the Ancient language. It seemed to be relatively modern, a few thousand years, but it recounted events that dated back many million of years before. It had been found by the SG-7 in PGS-345 and took pictures of it, just before the team had to leave hurriedly due to an encounter with Baal's Jaffa.

The text talked about a battle, in which an important system of the Ancients had fallen to an enemy, but it was written in an obscure dialect, that made it quite difficult to translate, and the mythologized form that the tale took didn't helped. He wondered if the Ancients in that planet had fallen in a Dark Age somehow...

In the writings, a group called the Anima Mundi, champions of love and justice, or something like that, had fought the enemy, which according to the text was guided by "a dark spirit that had hidden in the Sun", and died fighting them. The ruler of the system, in her last breath, had used... something that he couldn't decipher, although the signs used were similar to the ones for silver and crystal, to make the defenders... something. This last something was his main worry as the word was unknown to him, it seemed a derivative of the same root of the Ancient word used for Ascension, but it was clear in the context that they hadn't ascended.

Tired, he rubbed his eyes and looked at the time, he had been all night looking at the pictures and taking notes. He went to the toilet to wash his face, and afterwards he stopped in the cafeteria were he was surprised to find Sam there. She was absently doodling in a paper, and seemed worried about something. Picking two cups of coffee, he approached the blonde major

"Penny for your thoughts, Sam?" he asked, sitting besides the woman who had been a great friend of the last five years.

"Eh? Oh, thank you, Daniel." she said, slightly startled, but she took the cup with a grateful expression. "I had bad dreams last night, and I can't focus as well as I'd like this morning."

"Well, giving what has happened recently with Orlin, and all of that..." he started to say and then noticed what Sam had been drawing "What's that, Sam?" said Daniel, frowning. The drawing was not so weird, given their line of work, but the signs on the margins looked like...

"Nothing, really, I was doodling with the pen." said Sam, without really looking at what she had been drawing.

"That looks too detailed to be a doodle." observed Daniel 'Either trying to decipher that text had turned my brain into mush or those signs in the margins really look like Ancient.'

When Sam looked down she realized that Daniel was right, her "doodle" was a detailed drawing of an Stargate, but she realized that it was like no Stargate that she had seen other than...

'My God, 36 symbols, different looking chevrons, it's exactly like the one in my dream...' she thought 'And the signs that I have been drawing in the margins... it looks like Ancient. Orlin, if this comes from you...' she send the thought to Ancient that she had befriended recently. There was no answer; not that she expected one, as there had been no word from Orlin since the destruction of the weapon in Velona.

"Astria... Porta..." said Daniel, looking intently to one set of signs

"What?" said Sam

"The signs on the margin, that group read as Astria Porta, that's Ancient for..." started to explain Daniel, pointing to a particular group of letters

"Stargate." she said somberly. "And the other signs? Are those real Ancient or gibberish?"

"I'd have to check my notes, Sam." said Daniel, his expression matching Sam's "But I can tell you that this group means 'female ruler', or maybe 'queen'... I think." said Daniel pointing to another set of signs.

"You think?" said Sam, as usually Daniel was quite more assured about his work.

"It's constructed differently than usual, and this sign, to the right of this symbol group, I have never it seen alone, without another sign as a qualifier. It's like it was an archaic..." he stopped when he saw Sam's worried face "You have an idea about where it is coming from, isn't it?"

Sam nodded, sighed and started to explain her friend the dream that she had last night and many nights since she started to work in the Stargate.

Somewhere in outer space

"You are here in person. Your kind is known for hiding behind their brainwashed soldiers." said a cold and harsh female voice, with a hint of surprise in her voice. "Now why did you want this meeting?"

"I'm not an usual representative of my kind. Now, as for why I wanted this meeting... Our forces are too balanced. A fight between us will at least weaken the winner enough for our enemies to take us down easily, and very probably would destroy us both." said an inhumanly deep male voice. "But if we ally with each other, no force will stand in our way."

"An interesting proposal..." started to say the female voice, her voice fading in the background

And then she saw an upright ring of stone, with engraved signs, and a glowing, watery surface in its center.

Rei Hino, Sailor Mars, awoke with a gasp. Quickly, she reassured herself, she was in her flat in Tokyo, but she couldn't repress a shiver. She hadn't had a premonition so strong since all the mess with the Messiah of Silence.

The part of her that was exclusively Sailor Mars, the Senshi of flame and passion, had recognized the ring, but the feeling had disappeared too quickly to ascertain its origin She was puzzled about the premonition, but also worried. It looked like two enemies would show their face in a short time. She opened the window and looked at the lights of the city below, and then to the clouds hiding the few stars that could be seen in the middle of the city.

"A storm is coming." She said, as she felt a gust of wind, full of the scent of the sea.

Near Tokyo

Two women, a tall blonde with short hair, and the other with shoulder length wavy teal hair were sleeping, naked under a blanket, in a car, overlooking a cliff over the sea. Its privacy had appealed to the couple, to end their night out in this same spot, aided by the good weather. Afterwards they had fallen asleep in each other arms.

The blonde one was the first to awaken, and spent several minutes just looking at her lover, who was moving in her sleep, seemingly in her way to awakening. She finally opened her eyes, saying something under her breath.

"What did you say, Michiru?" said Haruka Tenoh, Sailor Uranus, seeing the worried expression of her lover.

"I said, Haruka, that a storm is coming." Said Michiru Kaioh, Sailor Neptune, looking at her lover and partner directly in her eyes. "And I'm not talking about those clouds. Pick your clothes, we need to talk with the others."

The house shared by the Outer Senshi

Setsuna Meioh, Sailor Pluto, had felt something different from her fellow Senshi Mars and Neptune. She was not a psychic, but her domain was time itself, and she could feel the currents of time as they changed and took a new shape. And it was a shape that was fraught with great danger, both for the Princess and the future of this planet.

She checked that the doors and windows were closed, and that Hotaru was sleeping peacefully. She changed into Sailor Pluto and left a note for Haruka and Michiru, before opening a portal to the Moon Palace. The loneliness of the place had always appealed to her, and the fact that there was an access there to the spacetime gate allowed her time senses to focus better.


SG-17 and SG-19 had established a defense perimeter around the gate and were successfully holding out the Jaffa... at the moment. If reinforcements arrived their defense would crumble like wet tissue.

"Can't you do it more quickly, doc?" said Captain Martha Mason to the team scientist, Karen Takahashi, who was the one keying the address in the DHD, as she used suppression fire to keep the Jaffa cowed.

"It's not easy to press the keys while dodging staff blasts, you know!" she shouted as she pressed the last symbol, and the wormhole opened. Just in time, as a Death Glider appeared on the horizon

"Come on!" said Major Dixon, the acting head of the team as they scrambled to the gate, dodging the blasts, some of which impacted onto the Stargate.

Doctor Takahashi, started to run up the stairs, but she mistepped and stumbled, only for Mason to pick her and jump into the wormhole, just as the Death Glider gun bolts impacted on the gate.

Stargate Command Infirmary

Major Dixon awoke to find General Hammond and Doctor Frasier, looking at him with concern.

"Sir!" he tried to stand, but his body was aching all over, specially the left half of his face, where he could feel, barely, a bandage over a good part of his face.

"At ease, Major." Said the general, "Now, what happened in the planet?"

Dixon closed his eyes, took a deep breath and started to speak

"Colonel Keller is dead, sir. We run into an ambush from Anubis' Jaffa, we think that they were Anubis, at least, and he got killed..." he got silent for a moment remembering his superior officer, a man he deeply respected, die before his eyes, blown to pieces by the simultaneous impact of several staff blasts.

"Major, if this is..." started to say Hammond

"I can do it, sir. Allow me a moment to collect my thoughts." Said Dixon, who then continued talking "I assumed command and we ran back to the 'gate. I managed to get a security perimeter around it, but we were under heavy fire... We lost Maxwell and Sorkin..." his voice nearly broke for a moment, before he steeled himself and continued speaking "We had barely managed to get the gate open when they got a Death Glider to strafe on us. We ran toward the gate as the Glider shot at us, and when we got in the room we were flying... and I don't remember any more, until I awakened here."

"Thank you, Major. " Said the general, who then turned to leave as the doctor adjusted the IV that was attached to the Major's arm.

He went to Carter's lab them who he had put to analyze the data collected by the dialing computer when both teams returned. He found her frowning as she was using some program with the raw data collected by the computer.

"Any news, Major?" said the general, startling Sam, who obviously hadn't heard him enter the lab.

"Sort of, sir. It seems that Sergeant Harriman's hunch that we are facing a repeat of the events that led to the discovery of the Antarctica gate was correct." said Sam, pointing to the screen "From the recordings of the feedback that the gate gave during the incident, the wormhole was redirected to another gate, and between the signals should be the address of the gate they were redirected."

"Should be, Major?" asked Hammond. He remembered that something had been done to rectify that problem.

"Unfortunately the software upgrade that would recognize that signal, and add other security features from an standard DHD, was to be installed next Tuesday." She said sheepishly. "Just now our computer only record it as a unidentified signal, I was processing the raw data to isolate and decode the address."

"Good job, Major, regardless." Said Hammond, diplomatically "When do you estimate that you could retrieve the address?"

"Um... between three and six hours, sir." Said Sam, a bit uncertain. "May be less if we are lucky." She added.

Hammond nodded, he had gathered as much from Harriman's explanation. The man in the station was not a genius like Carter, but his practical knowledge of the gate operation was at least as great as the Major's. So at the moment, they were going to retry the strategy that Doctor Jackson had proposed when then Captain Carter and Colonel O'Neill had suffered the same fate, sending teams to the world nearest to the path of the wormhole. That made him remember a petition that Sam had made before the incident.

"Ah, Major. I passed you petition to the Tok'ra, and there are good news. Jacob is in a nearby system and will come by ship tonight." Said General Hammond "If we have managed to get this crisis managed, you can go to retrieve him at Patterson."

"Thank you, sir" said Sam, smiling despite the grimness of the situation.


"My head..." moaned Karen Takahasi, as she tried to get up, only to be kept in the ground by a gentle, but strong hand. She had her eyes open, but she didn't see anything.

"Don't move, doc." said the voice of Martha Mason, over her. Karen then felt something moving near her face "How many fingers do I have here?"

Karen groaned as Mason's weird humor sense reared its ugly head again.

"How the hell can I know? I can't see anything!' said Karen, as the darkness didn't alleviate as her head cleared and the details of the mission came back to her.

"Okay, okay. And you're right, Karen, it's pitch black down here." said Mason, rummaging in her pockets. "Wherever it is."

"Wherever? I was dialing the SGC!" said Karen, a bit of panic seeping into her voice.

"Have you read how we discovered the gate in Antarctica, you know the one that the SGC was using for some time." Said Mason, as she kept messing with her pockets.

"Something involving the SG-1 trying to cross the gate under heavy... oh." she said as she realized what Mason was trying to say. 'Damn it! I studied the physics involved when I joined the program. Why didn't I remembered it?' she thought, and said aloud, analyzing the situation "The energy bolts from the Jaffa and that Death Glider must have overloaded the wormhole and deviated it to another gate."

"Pretty much. Ah, here it is!" she said as she produced something from her pockets, she twisted it, breaking something inside and shook it, revealing that it was a glow stick. "Better to conserve the flashlight batteries, besides, I have like two dozen of these things, good for like twelve hours or so. How many have you?"

"Uh... Standard load?" ventured Karen, she didn't remember how many did she had, honestly.

"That makes another dozen, good." Said Mason. "At least we won't be sitting in the darkness." Using the light, Karen checked her own pockets. She had packed the standard load, indeed. And given how much a pack rat Mason was, they shouldn't have to worry for food for some time, so she looked around.

The dim light of the glow stick revealed a rather spacious room, with the gate in an end and an open door in the other. The Stargate was different to any that they had seen, being darker and smaller with different looking chevrons. The symbols, though, looked like cruder versions of the ones in the normal Stargate. On one side, of the gate a control panel could be seen, pretty intact, for what she could see.

She went to the control panel, but it looked like even if it was intact, it had no energy to operate, but the signs on the different controls made identifying its origin quite easy.

"Martha, I can be wrong, after all I'm not an archeologist, but I think that this is Ancient." Said Karen with a frown

"The gates were build by the Ancients, so what..." started to say Mason

"I mean that all of this." interrupted Karen, waving her hand around, "This installation was built by the Ancients, not the Goauld, and this..." she said, pointing to the Stargate "...could be a prototype Stargate."

"Jumping a bit ahead, aren't we?" said Mason

"Well, maybe." She conceded "But I want to explore these installations, who knows what could be here in the other rooms. Why don't you come with me?"

"Are you mad?" said Mason looking at her like she effectively was mad "To go wandering around when they could find us in any moment?"

"We have the radios to communicate and..." started to say Karen

"And we don't know if they work through the walls of this place, or if there is some kind of dampening field in this place that could make them useless." interrupted Mason.

"It has an easy solution. We can test, and I can use the glow sticks as bread crumbs to guide me back." Said Karen, reasonably.

"But..." she started to say, but she stopped, as she didn't really had no counter to that.

"But what?" said Karen, recognizing the sign.

Mason sighed and raised her hand in surrender.

"Very well, you can go to explore this, but I'm going with you. After all..." she said collecting her weapon"...we don't know what could be here. But remember, the moment that we find something remotely weird or dangerous, we come back."


"What?" said Mason as she got her notebook and scribbled a message to their would be rescuers.

"...All right." Conceded Karen.

Mason didn't answer, as she was leaving the note under the glow stick, and the glow stick in the control panel, in case that a rescue party came, and followed the scientist through the corridors. She thanked her stars that the younger woman was quite coordinated, remembering stories about Daniel Jackson clumsiness back in the first days of the SGC.

"So, what do you think that the planet looks like?" said Mason to make a bit conversation as they checked empty rooms along the corridor.

"Small, thin atmosphere, probably quite arid..." said Karen

"And how do you know that?" asked Mason

"Well, gravity seems to be weaker than home, 0.8 times Earth gravity more or less, and..." she said as they opened another door and found a machine that seemed to be working. Karen went quickly to the control panel, and looking at the signs.

"Ok, I rectify, this planet, if its a planet, is probably uninhabitable." Said Karen, and pointed to the machine 'I have to thank Daniel for that Ancient lexicon that he compiled for the other SG teams' "That, if I'm reading this correctly, is an artificial gravity generator."

"And that means..." said Mason in an interrogative tone

"That if it have a functioning gravity generator, but it still 0.8 g, the planetoid must be quite small."

"All right" said Mason, looking around, and finding a thing that looked suspiciously like an access hatch, with a manual opening. She opened it, and saw... a ladder, but what was more important, it seemed like there was light up.

"I'm going up." said Karen "At least we'll get a glimpse of this world..."

"All right." Said Mason, leaving space for the scientist to climb up the ladder.

When she climbed all the way up, she found herself in a small observation post. Looking around, she was about to pass it when what she had just seen registered in her mind, the very familiar sight in front of her.

"No... way..." said Karen.

"What is the..." started to say Mason, stopping herself when she saw the same thing that Karen had seen. Because outside, hanging over an arid, whitish landscape, they could see a blue and green globe, a planet, a very familiar planet.

Earth, as seen from the Moon.


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