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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Television > Rizzoli & IslesFireWolfeFR73786,61028418,67727 Feb 1313 Dec 14No

Part 16 dinner

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters or series I am just borrowing them from their awesome creators.

Boston’s witch burnings

By: Fire Wolfe

A/N: ‘Telepathy or thoughts’, “Speech”


Part 16

Korsak was a little annoyed at the lack of invitation into the Isle’s home. ‘He did not expect the red carpet treatment but the lack of any acknowledgement pissed him off. They did not deserve it hell Jane did not given how she was family to Maura. Even now the Isles family that is the elders seemed distant and cold. He wondered once more how someone as loving and sweet as Maura had ever came from such people. As much as he hated to admit it Paddy Doyle showed more love and affection then the Isles for all their being the so called “Good People”’.

Constance Isles noted the thunderous look on Detective Korsak’s face the man was clearly not happy with them. ‘She understood that but there was no way she was ever going to openly invite anyone into their home as long as this case was going on. She and William had to be careful because these detectives dealt with the dark side of life and their being turned was always a possibility. She hated that it made them seem cold and cruel but safety had to come first because they were not the only people living in the house.’ “Please come into the lounge we will have some food brought in. We can sit and eat then the explainations can be given, well at least what we think is going on. No one is trying to keep anyone in the dark.”

Korsak gave her a look that said ‘Yeah right sell me another.’ However he did manage to keep his option to himself for which Constance was grateful. Anything that made this easier was a plus in her view. This was going to be complicated and painful enough as it was.

“I have some being sent over Constance.” Paddy said. “I know you all planned on having dinner at my place. Your usual orders will be here in about ten minutes along with an assortment of your favorite beverages. It’s the least I can do.” He gave her a sympathetic look. He might not always like the way the Isles had raise Maura but he did understand and he was honest enough to know he had stayed out of her direct life for similar reason, oh he could convince his conscious that it was all about keeping Maura safe but, and a big but he too knew she was a potential so maybe it had been as much about protecting his own heart for her.

Constance Isles nodded grateful. It was perhaps just as well that they were all creatures of habit when dining out. “Thank you I am sure it will be excellent as always. The one thing I love is the ribs, they always are delicious.”

That made Paddy smile he always got a chuckle out of watching her eat. She was so refined eating ribs so did not fit the picture he had of her. The look Maura had said she agreed, then again Constance always tried to be the refined lady around her daughter living up to what she thought Maura wanted and needed in a mother. Yes they had all made mistakes but maybe just maybe this case would give them a chance to fix that. He looked over at William and saw the same deep worry and desires. Yes whatever else the Isles were or weren’t now like then Paddy Doyle knew deep in his heart and soul they loved Maura as deeply as he did.

Just then the doorbell rang out.

“It seems the food is here.” William said as he went to get it. He led the waiters into the house again not inviting them in. However unlike Detective Korsak they took no offence. Each was sadly more than familiar with the dark side of life. If anything the careful actions of the elder Isles raised their respect for the man a man who had raised their boss’s eldest daughter.

Jane watched the whole scene and realized that it was not intended to slight them. ‘The lack of invitation seemed to be almost a protective action.’ She motioned to Korsak to cool it. He nodded still not happy but these people were Janie and Maura’s family so he keep it civil even if he wanted to shoot them all for causing Maura and Jane pain. ‘His gut was screaming that there was so much more going on then he and his team knew. He had a feeling that the answers were not going to be simple or easy and that they were going to cause issues. Well it did not matter as he had Jane’s back and Maura’s they were family.’

“What is going on Janie?” Frankie asked clearly not willing to worry about food at a time like this. He might be hungry but food was not as important as answers.
“We are about to find out.” Jane said giving her brother a hard look. The look that said watch out this is not safe or secure despite where we are and I have no idea what the hell is going on.

Frankie nodded clearly now on alert and worried.

Faith spotted the young officer and barely stopped herself from whistling at him. ‘He was hot. She looked over and noted that Buffy seemed frozen struck still by the cop. Oh wow this could be fun. He looked human but he so pinged her slaydar. Buffy always did like the less then human. Then again so do I.’ She look over at Sean and winked. The United States Marshal almost began to laugh at that.

Softly she whispered to her sister slayers “He feels different.”

“Yeah, ah he has power It’s kind of …intoxicating.” Buffy whispered back. “He feels like a good guy though?” The last was a question as she was a little worried about her interest. Meeting guys on a case always made her wary.

Kennedy chuckled softly. “He’s hot for a male. Ah, he feels sorta like Paddy or Willow.”
“Ah huh, so the cop’s powerful, his sis is a slayer think that is why?” Faith asked.”I’m thinking she may not be a mini exactly. She’s feels a little like you Kennedy.”

Kennedy nodded and took that as a compliment. Yes she had been called at Sunnydale but she and those who fought there were different from the others called at the same time just as Faith and Buffy were different from them. It was not something any of them talked about they just all knew. It was sort of like who was the older… and most powerful.

“I don’t know. Willow replied she looked at the young police officer and reached out with her senses only to be pushed back when he looked up and locked eyes with her.
“Back the hell off!” He said pushing Jane behind him. His eyes flashed and glowed shocking everyone not the least of which was his sister. He raised his hand. “Don’t try that again.”

“Shit, Red what did you do?” Faith demanded. She wanted answers but not if it pissed these people off they had to work with them after all.

Willow blushed. “I just tried to look to see who and what he is. I meant no offence Officer. I merely wish to keep my family safe.”

Frankie Rizzoli glared at Willow however he could understand the reason if not the invasion. “Fair enough Witch but don’t push it. Were I of a different nature I could take offence.”

Willow nodded it had been a long time since she had been put in her place and twice in one afternoon was a bit much. Of course she could admit if only to herself she had been a bit casual in her power. Maybe that was a warning one she should consider. Getting to casual could lead her down a dark path and she never wanted that again. However she would never apologize for trying to keep her loved ones safe. “It’s just looking no more than you would do Officer. I bet you had your teams try to run us. Of course I am certain you found nothing we did not want you to know.”

“Hey back off lady.”Jane warned coming to Frankie’s defense she had no idea what the red head had done to set her brother off but she would have his back. Jane always had her brother’s back even more so now that he too was a cop. Her mother never let her live it down if he got hurt again.

Angela glared at the red head and at her children why did they always find trouble?
Just then her phone rang. She pulled it out and said. “Rizzolli, what’s going on?”
“Janie its Tommy there a big mess here I just got to your and Maura’s place and someone broke in. They trashed the place. I checked on Ma and she’s not here. I’m worried.”

“Tommy Mom’s here with us. Have you called it in yet?”

“No, ah, I didn’t think of it. Had to be sure Ma and you guys were ok.”

“Ok, Tommy come to Maura’s folks place bring Lydia and TJ. This is not good.” Jane pushed her hair back and spun to face the Isles. “Get here as fast as you safely can. I’ll call this in.”

“Sure sis, we are on our way. Lydia in the car with T.J., She wanted to be sure it was safe yeah know. I had to check though, you know why…. I maybe should have waited. But she has her cell and could have called for help.”

Jane rolled her eyes. She was touched by Tommy’s concern but his entering a broken into house was so not wise. However she not take him to task for checking on their ma. Tommy might not be a cop but he had courage and he loved their Ma too. Her only real concern was that Lydia and T.J. Might have been in danger. Oh well she talk to him later about that one.

“Someone broke into our place.” She said looking at Maura. “Ok what the hell is going on!”

“Jane!” Maura said calling her wife in. She moved to her side and hugged her to stop her anger. They needed answers but losing control would not solve their problems.
Jane spun around and glared at Maura worry showing on her face. Maura suddenly felt really badly about dragging her beloved into this. She dropped her hands and pulled away.

Jane was stunned Maura never pulled away from her. “Maur please I should not have yelled. I’m sorry. Please can you help me and the guys understand what is going on. This is just so out there. I want to solve this murder your friends deserve that you know. So please baby; help me understand.” Jane moved close and pulled Maura to her not allowing her to put even a foot of distance between them. Whatever was happening Jane Rizzoli had Maura Isle’s back she was her heart and soul and she would not let her wife pull away to try to protect her. “Please Baby explain this craziness to me.” She kissed Maura forehead softly. Each action reminding Maura she loved her.

Jane did not care if the actions were not exactly professional. Her partners would never report her and the Isles, Martins and Doyle were family. She could care less about the strangers no one would believe them over her family anyway.

Maura arms caught her and held her tightly. Her fear melted away. Jane was not running away she was here as always. “I don’t understand everything Jane. We need to ask them what they are here for and what they think. I…we need my father’s assistance with those runes and if this is a serial case we need information on the other victims.”

“Ok, I get that but I want answers Maura no evasions or anything.”

“Jane you know I can not lie about anything.”

Jane gave her a look that said ‘no but you cannot give information.’

Maura blushed and sometimes wished her beloved did not know her so well. “I never lie nor do I speculate Jane.”

Jane smirked but said nothing. They all moved into the dining room which was now set up for dinner. Jane had to give it to Paddy his people were very well organized. She briefly wondered if maybe their lives would have been easier if the Mobster had simply remained a high powered chef. Then again she would never have met Maura if he was legitimate. That thought was very disturbing because there was no way Jane Rizzoli would have dated a chef’s daughter. Only their longtime friendship and innate trust in each other allowed her to lower her guard and accept she loved Maura. Even then she had almost blown it.

“I’m certain you have questions and they will all be answered to the best of our ability and as honestly as we can.” William Isles explained. “That being said we should all get some dinner and recharge. Nothing will change in the half hour or so break we take. It might also allow us to all calm down as it has been a stressful few days.”

Frankie wanted to protest that but Jane silenced him with a look as well as warning off her team. “Fair enough William but I want answers or there will be hell to pay. This day has been long and my patience is not endless nor can we stall this investigation several people have been murdered rather horribly and if this is a serial case time is of the essence, our home was broken into. I am just glad my mother was on her way here and not at home.”

“Jane more is going on then you or we ever suspected.”William Isles said. He gave his daughter in law a hard look. “This is a serial case I was told of at least three other incidents. The Council has come to Boston to end it.” He looked over at Doyle who seemed to look worried now.

Angela watched the situation with some trepitation. She had no idea what was going on but she worried for her family all of them. Tommy could have been hurt he should have called the police as soon as he saw the door hanging open but he was impulsive and protective as his brother and sister. He had a good heart even if he did not always think things through. She was just glad he, Lydia and T.J. were on their way here they would be safer. Well she hoped so anyway. Another serial killer could her family never catch a break, well at least they had help this time. She might not like Doyle but he added protection for her Janie and Maura.

Jane was about to protest and demand answers when Maura caught her arm. “Jane let’s eat first. We all need to calm down and trying to work when we are angry and hungry won’t solve anything. Please let’s just eat maybe they can fill us in on the details while we do.”

“We can do that. Look it is vital we all work together there is a lot going on. Some of which even Dr. Isles er your father does not know.” Buffy said. “We are not going to lie or try to evade answering your questions and concerns. However none of us has eaten in over 12 hours and frankly its telling on our tempers.”

Jane could understand that so she nodded and they all took their places. She just hoped Tommy and Lydia got here soon. She had a feeling they needed to eat too.

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