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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Television > Rizzoli & IslesFireWolfeFR73786,61028418,67527 Feb 1313 Dec 14No

Part 22 Reconnecting.

Boston is burning

Disclaimer: Please see part one

Part 22 Reconnecting.

Jane was surprised at Maura’s suddenly being so aggressive. She however found the idea of it arousing. She loved her wife dearly and hardly could complain about her showing her desire. The sudden fire was clearly something different. However Jane lost that train of thought as her wife pinned her. Whatever caused this Jane was going to enjoy it. She let Maura be the aggressor and decided it was so going to be worth it.

The slayer stirred inside Maura. She had felt so many things in the past few hours but underlying it all was the deep abiding need and desire for her wife. The need to protect and claim was nearly overwhelming. She was a bit shocked that Jane was allowing this but decided it did not matter. Her kiss was deep and filled with longing and lust. Under normal circumstances she let Jane take the lead but ever since earlier when she had seen Hope and Caylin in danger she was feeling decidedly aggressive. It was as if she was suddenly filled with far more primitive urges. Well this was one urge and desire she did not fear. It was powerful but not dark or evil merely a heighted need. Jane let her pull her to their bed and she wasted no time at all stripping her beloved. Under normal circumstances she would show far more care for hers and Jane’s clothing but not now. Now there was simply the need to be closer to her wife. Jane giggled at this but it was cut off as she was pushed back into the bed. The look Maura gave her was clearly not one of amusement. It was pure fire.

Jane giggled not because of her beloveds actions but because she was suddenly shy and nervous. It was not like Maura to be so aggressive. She caught Maura up and returned the passionate kiss giggles now gone. A part of Jane was worried but the slayer in her welcomed her beloved’s need. It rose to the challenge and gave Maura her passion.

The Isles had long been in love. Constance loved William deeply and they had always had a very active is somewhat restrictive love life. Unlike many in upper society they really did care and love each other. If they were apart the reunions had always been filled with love and laughter. The pattern of their lives had been set long before Maura came into it and upon reflection probably was at least part of the reason for their distance. That along with the fear that Maura would be called had led them to isolating the daughter they both loved deeply. However that was a discussion for another day. Now they were both far more interested in each other. They knew that for the moment or night Maura would hardly need them. She was likely to be very busy with her wife.

That thought made Constance giggle like a school girl which had William growling. He stalked her but the slayer inside was no one’s prey. She jumped back giggling and then before he could come closer jumped across the room tackling him and they both fell back. Thankfully onto the King size bed. William could only grab onto his wife. “So you want to play do you?”

She laughed and said. “Hell yes it’s been months William, I have so missed this.” She kissed him deeply and his hands went to her head weaving his fingers through her hair.

“I have to. I was…so afraid…afraid I lost you.” He relived the message she had been injured in that instant. Constance however was not about to let him panic or remember that they had almost lost each other.

She kissed him reminding him that even if being a slayer would bring danger to her and him it had also given them her back the ability share this joy with him again. Unlike her husband she was almost grateful that she had been called. It gave her back her energy and allowed her to be pain free for the first time in months. Plus if she was totally honest she was grateful that she and not some young child called. While it could end her life at least some young potential would have a little more time to be a child. Maybe they could be blissfully unaware of what could happen. Besides she had her husband and daughter back and they were a real family for once it was so worth it.

Sean and Frankie walked around the house checking the defenses. Frost and Korsak were doing the same on the inside.

“So you’ve known Doyle a long time?”

“Yes, since I was a kid. He and my Da are lifelong friends for all of Uncle Paddy being a bit of a mobster. I never really knew about that stuff until I was in high school. Then I only learned about it when I was thinking about joining up. It was part of the background check they did when I was going into some of the classified training. It was a bit of a shock but even so Paddy’s got a code. It’s hard for those not in the life to get but its solid. He doesn’t hurt innocents.”

Frankie gave him a hard look. “He cost our Lieutenant his family.”

Sean gave Frankie a hard look. “Did he was it made to look like that?”

Frankie stopped and said. “What do you mean?”

“Uncle Paddy’s Da was an evil bastard. He would think nothing of killing and entire orphanage if it got him his way. He considered normal humans below him and as cannon fodder. Many of the things Paddy is accused of doing early on were all on him.”

“Look Marshal I get he’s family and you want to believe he’s a stand up guy but we had proof. It was all in his trial.”

Sean laughed and said. “Yeah someone saw it right. Saw Paddy Doyle set that fire. Sean reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo. It made Frankie blink. It was impossible.

“Yeah they could have been twins. Paddy’s the dead ringer for the old man. At a distance you could easily mistake them for being one in the same and the old man he went to ground making everyone think he was dead. Hell even Paddy thought so….until he put a bullet into the bastard’s head for killing your that policeman’s family. It was the one and only time my Da broke the law. Well not exactly but he was the one who told Uncle Paddy where his old man was. I was there when he did so. Paddy had just returned from that apartment building he was all bandaged up. Hope had put the bandages on and he come over to talk to my father about the fire. My Da took a swing at Paddy thinking he was the one responsible. But, then Paddy stopped him. He looked at Paddy and said.

“You didn’t do it. You aren’t wearing the right cloths? What the hell is going on? How come you changed?”

“So Paddy was there?” Frankie said.

“Yeah he tried to get to the apartment with the officer’s family but the fire was already engulfing the building. If he took the blame it was likely because he felt guilty for his old man’s sins and for not being able to save Cavanaugh family. I will tell you that Da told him where he saw his old man go.”

“So he killed his old man? How does that make him a good guy? He should have turned him over to the police.”

Sean laughed at that. “They would never have been able to hold him. He was a very powerful man who used magic as easily as he did breathing. He ruled with an iron fist. He would have killed Hope and Maura just because he wanted to. Killing the Cavanaugh’s did not bother him at all other then he lost the building which he owned. Then he even laughed and said it was insured. He did not care. Paddy caught him off guard and shot him in the face. It was messy. Not that my Da or Paddy know I saw it. I followed them you see. I was just a kid and they both would have been angry to know me and Matty followed them.”

Frankie nodded not sure what to say. “So then Hope’s testimony was not right? Doyle must be pissed at her?”

“No, I don’t think so. He loves her and Maura deeply. He would never hold that against either of them because really it was a logical conclusion and he hoped that testifying against him would mean his enemies would no longer seek to use either of them against him. He can be coldly logical and like I said he felt bad for not anticipating that move by his old man. We all thought he was dead.”

Frankie nodded not sure what to think. Instead he changed the subject. “So what do you think about these new comers. They aren’t exactly lawmen er women. I am not sure they should be involved in this investigation.”

That made Sean laugh deeply he could not believe anyone would say something so amusing, “That’s funny as they could easily say the same for us. As for being officers of the law well they are. They are the law for the supernatural. I also know that if anyone checks all the women will have diplomatic immunity and carry badges for Interpol.”

That last bit of news had Frankie stumbling. “What? How? Why?”

“They work all around the world and the women who are here are the best of the best. Buffy Summers is the longest serving slayer with Faith Lehane only being slightly behind her and Kennedy well she’s a Sunnydale Slayer as well. The red head is the most powerful witch in the country maybe the world. Dawn Summers she may be young but she grew up with the others and I would bet she in her own way is every bit as well trained. No they are here to keep this from becoming a bigger mess. If someone is hunting slayers and witches it is going to take the best to stop them. If we fail well we might as well resign ourselves to hell on earth and I mean that literally.”

Frankie fell silent having nothing to say to that. He moved to the right to check out the gates. They were of course locked tight. Sean sighed and knew it would take time for the BPD team to get that this was not normal homicides he just hoped they had a steep learning curve or it could get messy quickly.

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