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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Part 23 A new Day

Boston's Witch Burning
Disclaimer: Please see Part One
By: Fire Wolfe

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Part 23 A new Day

A new He sat back and sipped his cognac. It was a rare indulgence after such a trying day. Not that ridding the world of such abominations was an unworthy task but it had been messy. He hated messy. While disposing of the pretenders and their evil witch supporters was rewarding it did tend to soil ones hands and clothing. He would have to remember to wear something less important next time. Perhaps it would be wise to invest in some workman’s gear. What did they call those one piece monstrosities again? Ah yes overhauls or cover-all or some such. It might also aide in his blending into the area better as well. He had felt decidedly out of place in his Armani suit. Wearing such a kit in that area was sure to draw unwanted attention and the assumption that he was involved with the local criminal element. That would never do to be considered some common thug. While dressing as a common laborer was not dignified it was far better to blend in. Not that he was overly worried but why take chances. He had a lot more work to do and he certainly did not want to have to delay it because moving about became complicated. Yes he would pick up the work gear tomorrow. The American Police are not nearly as sophisticated and as competent as Scotland Yard but why make it too easy on them just on case they got lucky. With that last thought he set his drink down. The maid would gather it up in the morning. He had to get some rest he had a city to purify and a plan to carry out. Soon the slayer line would be restored and there would once again only be one as the shadow men had intended and Buffy Summers and her traitorous gang would fall under the rightful rule of the Council his Council.

The morning came all too quickly for Constance. She rolled over and noted her beloved was sleeping curled around her protectively. She smiled at this habit of William’s. It was one of his most endearing traits his deep desire for her and his protective nature. It had always been so as if he always was afraid to wake and find her to be gone. Years ago it had been his fear of her being called and his fear that the Council would somehow snatch her away from him. While he was a powerful man from a powerful and influential family his fears had been grounded in fact. The old council had made Paddy Doyle’s mob even under his father seem tame in their actions and reactions. The passion well that was a gift one she never took for granted and in hindsight it had also probably made them seem inaccessible to Maura as a young child. She sighed it was too early to be having regrets. Today was a new day and miraculously she had reconnected with her daughter and her wife and wasting this gift was wrong. She carefully slipped out of William’s arms and headed for her morning absolutions. She had a lot to do today and as much as she wanted to stay in bed with her beloved she had work to do. Maura and Caylin’s lives might depend on it. She had to have a long over do talk with both Hope and Paddy. They all had to be united or their children would become problematic which could and would endanger them and that was not something she was about to allow.

Paddy awoke and rolled out of bed. He was sore and stiff and if he would admit it only to himself lonely. He hated that Hope was so close yet so far away from him. He hated that she believed him to be a monster even if it had been in her and Maura’s best interests to believe that. He ran his hands through his hair and sighed. Wishing life was different would not make it so. Instead he had to prove he was not the man everyone believed him to be. Ok he was a mobster and killer but he had a code and rules. He was also a Druid King and that had responsibilities to it. All too often his perceived crimes were merely his acting in his role as king. The idea of Americans ruling his people or the supernatural was laughable at best and downright insane at the worst. Druids had always protected humanity and his branch of it stayed true to that goal. He could admit that killing was often a part of it but, the creatures he killed were not human or even if they were they all chose to do evil. The common law of man would never be able to judge them much less hold them. So it was his job to provide justice. He just prayed that the women in his life could accept this. He wanted a relationship with his daughter and heaven help him he wanted his mate back. Patrick Doyle gathered his resolve and forced himself to move it was time to stop a killer and if that meant this time he had to work with the Council and the BPD he would do so.

Barold “Barry” Frost woke with a start. It took him a moment to realize where he was and what was going on. He almost jumped out of bed at Korsak’s snoring. He sighed deeply and got up stumbling to the attached bath to shower dragging his clothing with him. The down side of being at the Isles was the bed was the most comfortable he had ever slept in. He knew he would hate his own bed after this one. Of course it might just be he had not slept for a while so deeply. He pushed that aside and he climbed into the shower. Well at least I know why Jane always spent so much time at Maura’s even before they were a couple. He grinned at that turning on the water. The hot jets soothed his protesting muscles. Yes one could get used to this.

Angela woke early it was her habit to do so. Years of being a wife and mother made waking early a habit. She showered quickly and then dressed. She had a feeling today was going to be a busy one. She grabbed her phone and called in. Stanly was not going to be happy but she knew going into work was not an option given the situation. Plus if she was honest she wanted to be in the thick of things. This time she was so not allowing anyone to push her to the side. Family stuck together.

Maura padded down the steps of her childhood home with ease. She enjoyed the early mornings and knew her mother would likely be in the kitchen. She wanted to talk to Constance alone before the others awoke. She did not want her mother to feel uncomfortable in her own home so she make sure she was all right with Hope, Paddy and Caylin being here. She knew her mother well enough to know that the others the Rizzoli’s and her teammates were now considered family and as such would not be an issue. She also wanted to know why. Why had her parents treated her like they had?

As she entered the kitchen she found Constance making the morning coffee having shooed off the staff.

“Good morning mother.” She said.

“Good morning darling.” Constance said moving to her side.

“Yes it really is a lovely day.” Maura said looking out and enjoying the rising sun. It was exceptionally beautiful today or maybe it was just because she had such a close call last evening. In any case it b brightened her darker mood almost instantly.

Constance handed Maura a cup of coffee which she sipped almost reflexively. It was a surprise to Maura that it was perfect. She raised a brow at her mother.

“I am not totally unobservant my dear.”

Maura nodded at that. “Thank you it is perfect.”

Constance said nothing but rather picked up her own hot beverage and took a sip. The two women stood in silence for a moment before they both headed toward the back door off the kitchen. The morning sun rose and its beauty was enough to observe in silence. This was one thing that they had often shared when in the same house. Mornings looking out at the rising sun and it brought back some happy memories for Maura allowing her to consider that perhaps her mother had did the best she could.

Constance could almost see the wheels moving in her daughter’s brilliant mind. It was of course making excuses for her and William and at one time she might have been grateful for that. Now however she wanted to own her life including her mistakes.

“We did try Maura but to be honest we ….we failed you on so many levels.”

Maura would have protested but Constance was having none of it. “We gave you material comfort and neglected the most vital part of being a parent. Emotions are not easy to use or learn and I admit that perhaps I followed my own family’s methods to much. I was scared of losing you and because of that I closed you off and pushed you away. I never considered my actions would still not protect me and that they would harm you. William and I love you dearly Maura but we were very poor at showing it. Perhaps it is because we were too absorbed in each other and we were afraid.”

Maura sipped her coffee and nodded. “When I was younger I hated it. I never understood how you could be so caught up with father and leave me alone so much.”

Constance winced at this painful truth.

“Now however I do understand. It was love. You love father deeply and completely and sometimes you forgot to love me.”

Constance began to deny that then stopped. Sadly she reflected it was true William was her touchstone her everything. She would be lost without him. “I know, it became clear this morning to me how deeply I hurt you and how I was selfish. There is no excuse.”

“No there isn’t.” Maura said softly “However as I said I am older, wiser and I do understand love that deep. I …Jane is my everything and I could easily shut the world out. If I could I would take her away someplace safe and secure and never let her out of bed. If you and father feel half as much then so much of our family life makes sense. Added to it your fears about me becoming a slayer, well you tried to wrap yourself up in safety and security and still you took me in. I know you both love me and that it was fear and a lack of understanding about how a family works that caused the distance. Now however you and father are working hard to make it up to us. So I forgive you and I ask you to forgive me for not being able to communicate well enough to explain my needs. Maybe it was all about communication because the love was always there even if I did not recognize it at the time.”

Constance set down her cup and went to Maura giving her a deep hug. Slayer strength forgotten for the moment, Maura smiled at this and hugged her mother back. They would make this work.
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