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Boston’s witch burnings

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Summary: Challenge 6746: Boston Witches OR Why does Maura Isles know so much about magic? I have recently discovered the show 'Rizzoli & Isles' about the tough female homicide detective Jane Rizzoli and her best friend, quirky and genius-level smart Chief Medical

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Part 24 So it begins….

Friday, November 01, 2013

Boston’s is Burning

Disclaimers: Please See Part One

Part 24 So it begins….

Rupert Giles walked off the Council plane pulling along his bag. He knew that this situation was suddenly so much more serious then they had first thought. The addition of a Master Vampire always complicated matters deeply but add a long lost Druid King and it changed everything. He was very glad he had already decided to come to Boston. There was no way in hell he was allowing his family to face this danger along.

He wondered what gods they had offended to always end up so deep in it? The only small respite he had was the fact that Xander would be remaining in England with Andrew to overlook the Council. While Andrew had come a long way he was by no means ready to handle even the day to day affairs of the worldwide organization. So Xander’s arrival from Africa had been most fortuitous.

Convincing his to stay in the United Kingdom had not been easy but, it was a needed thing. While some of the wounds of the past had healed Xander’s stubborn nature and the deep hurt he had repeatedly inflicted on Buffy meant that for now at least he was better an ocean away. Giles knew Buffy still loved her friend but hurts still had to heal and until the white knight apologized he had a feeling they would remain friends but that Buffy at least would want distance in that friendship. In a way he understood but, he also understood that Xander had chosen to do what he had for reasons he believed were valid.

Rupert was not such a hypocrite as to not admit he had considered lying to Buffy about Willow’s restoration spell and letting her just dust the bastard Angelus. However in the end he loved her like a daughter and would not could not deny her a chance at happiness. He sighed and knew that Buffy had forgiven him that youthful folly if never forgetting it. However the betrayal they all inflicted on her in the last days of Sunnydale went beyond that. Only Xander had yet to apologize for his role in it and that was the thing Buffy could not forget and was clearly having issues with forgiving. So for now until Xander admitted he was wrong and until Buffy fully forgave him he was better off at headquarters. There was also the fact that Giles needed him there as well. Giles moved forward through the immigration Que and handed the officer his passport. The agent brow rose but he stamped it without a word.

“Thank you.” Giles said.

“Have a nice visit.” Was the routine if monotone reply from the agent.

Giles nodded at him and headed out. He just hoped the car and driver were waiting for him because he honestly did not want to try to find his way around in a city he was unfamiliar with. He had a lot of information for his team and delays would not do.


Vince Korsak tied his shoes. He had to admit he slept well. He noted Barry was already gone down. Oh well it was still early. He grabbed his phone and called his team in. There was no point in their heading to the station until they had a full briefing here. He had a feeling that they would need a secure place to have the conversation. Hell he knew if someone like Crow got wind of this it be in the papers in no time and they all be having to field uncomfortable questions.

Dealing with Doyle was always walking a line. Vince Korsak was an honest cop. He loved his job and liked to think he was one of the best and most decent one’s on the BPD. However that being said when it came to family and Maura, Jane, Barry and Frankie were that he would and could do anything to protect them. He did not have children other than Josh is step son but these young people were family to him. Hell if he was honest he even considered Cavanah a brother. He would do what he had to, to keep them safe. If that made him dirty well, he could live with it. However that being said he still wanted no questions asked if possible because while he and Sean was close to retiring he knew the others still had long careers ahead of them. He did not want to do anything to endanger them. He called Sean and gave him the heads up. His boss would help cover them he was a good man and he too considered them family.

The last few years since the arrival of Maura Isles had dramatically changed the dynamic of the station house. Oh they were all still dedicated cops but they were more now. It was as if inside the station a family lived and worked as one. Sean would give them cover and check them in. It was all good in the end. Hopefully Paddy would not complicate matters to much because even if Sean loved Maura Korsak knew that Sean still longed to shoot Doyle.

Susie Chang ran the test on the victim’s blood with care. She frowned as the results came back. The chemical mix was highly unusual. She wondered if it would mean anything to Dr. Isles? She made careful notes recognizing part of the mixture as a highly dangerous and powerful sedative. It was the other compounds in it she was having difficulty with. She wrote them down and then set her work aside. She would have to research them. Taking the list to her desk she began to look them up in the computer. With luck their data base would have some more details. She hated to give and incomplete report to Dr. Isles.

As she sent then information into the computer for a search she typed out a quick email to a friend’s at NCIS and the crime lab in Los Vegas. Maybe Abby and Catherine have a clue what this stuff was. After all those ladies were some of the best. If they did not have some clue maybe the lab in Miami would. Hornito Cain’s team might have information as well. Besides these three teams tended to get the wild stuff as often as they did, with luck someone would have something if t he data base came up empty.

Willow watched as Kennedy moved with lithe grace. It always fascinated her to watch her beloved go through her morning Ti Chi. It was like a dance. She was so damned graceful. Not that Buffy and Faith were not grace and beauty but she was biased because she loved Kennedy. It was completely different. It made her want to hold her close forever and never let her out to fight the baddies. She had taken a long time to really love again and it still surprised her that Kennedy had been so patient with her. She would be lying if she said she had been easy to love. Yet Kennedy had stuck through it all. Yes she still loved Tara deeply and a part of her had died with her lover. However Kennedy had helped her be reborn as it were. She was a reminder that there still was life and love after such a loss. She was her personal miracle. Willow would always mourn Tara and she could be honest enough to say she still loved Oz deeply but Kennedy was her salvation and her chance at a life partner and she would forever be glad her beloved had the courage and willingness to be patient with her.

“What?” Kennedy asked.

“I love you.”

The dark haired slayer smiled shyly not something that happened often. She moved to Willow’s side. “I love you too…” A kiss soon turned passionate.

Oh well who needs breakfast was Willow’s last thought.

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