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Tailed Beasts Unleashed

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Summary: Response to my own Challenge. What happens when three complete sets of the tailed beasts are unleashed on Buffy universe.

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GeheylanFR734,4491205,8189 Mar 1320 Jul 13No

Unleash the Beasts

I don't Own any of this

Xander frowned as he saw the outfit that Buffy was heading for. It was a dress from the eighteenth century. He felt a shiver run down his back. He knew that with all that had happened since met Buffy, that he shouldn’t discount the feeling of dread he had picturing her going as someone so defenseless.

He walked over to them and whispered to them. “Just because Halloween is traditionally dead for the undead doesn’t mean that nothing will come up,” he pointed out. “If we go as ninjas we could carry weapons and no one will be wiser.”

“It’s my night off,” Buffy complained. “I don’t…”

“Exactly, and it’s the hellmouth,” Xander cut her off. “I think that nearly guarantees that something will happen. Which would you prefer, having to rely on you strength dressed in that,” he said, pointing to the gown she had been looking at. “Or having options?”

Buffy opened her mouth to refute his claims but realised that he was right. Sighing, she turned away from the gown and headed towards a ninja section.

After about half an hour of sorting through the different costumes and encouragement, Xander and Buffy convinced Willow to wear the costume of a ninja called Mei Terumi. Buffy was going as Lady Tsunade Senju and Xander as Minato Namikaze. The three didn’t notice shortly after Xander had picked his costume that Buffy’s mother had picked up a costume of her own.

As they left, a young woman entered and headed right for the ninja costumes. She searched through the costumes till she found the one she was looking for. As she headed for the counter, on the higher plane were those known as the Powers That Be screamed as their carefully laid plans for years to come shattered as something beyond their control influenced the Council trained slayer.

They screamed even louder as the guitar player from the Dingoes ate my baby picked up an acoustic guitar, cowboy hat, black clothes, cowboy boots, and a piece of plywood. They knew then that their plans were well and truly destroyed; their only hope was that the other side’s plans were just as badly destroyed.

When they see the Gypsy pick up the costumes of Mito Uzumaki and Hashirama Senju, they all looked at each other.

“Well, the Infernal Powers have just had their plans ripped to shreds even more thoroughly then we have,” one commented. “We can only wait and see what happens.”

The night of the trick or treating came and as it did, in the warehouse district, an insane seer warned her lover that things had changed that night. He decided to take the chance to finally get his third slayer and left before he could be warned against it by the seer.

He found one quite easily, but it wasn’t the blond that he had been after. She was a lot easier to defeat though. He was draining her of her life when something seemed to change about her. He felt her heart shudder before stopping. Releasing her, something seemed to explode out her, throwing the vampire Spike into a house that repelled him back towards the slayer. He hit her with enough force to restart her heart.

He got off of her and backed away from her as something seemed to seep out of her skin. The feeling that was coming off of her made him wish that he hadn’t left his hide out.

All across town, people who had dressed as ninjas looked in the direction of explosion of chakra. They all just shook their heads and went back to figuring out how they got there.

Minato shook his head at the stupidity of someone ticking off a host of one of the tailed beasts. If he was right, it was a host of the One Tail.

“There you are,” a voice that sound both familiar and not snapped. Looking towards the voice, he noticed a young kinochi. “What’s going on, Minato?” she asked. “The last thing I remember is you sealing the Nine Tail into Naruto.”

“Kushina?” he asked, shocked at the different appearance of his wife. “I think something’s wrong; you don’t look like you.”

Kushina sucked in a deep breath before stopping and frowning. “I still have the Nine Tail,” she said in shock. “And my chakra feels different.”

“Mine as well,” Minato commented with a sigh. He closed his eyes and stretched out with his senses. After a couple of seconds, his eyes snapped open and he grabbed Kushina before using his Flying Thunder God technique to go to the only seal he had in the area. He arrived in some sort of shop.

“I can feel some sort of genjutsu coming from the back,” Kushina whispered. “There’s someone there as well.”

Minato pulled out an exploding note and arched an eyebrow. “Can’t go wrong with the classics,” he commented before he channeled chakra into the note and chucked it through the door into the back room. Shortly after it exploded and the spell was ended.

Xander shook his head and looked into the back room, only to find a mangled body of the store owner and shards of a statue all over. Looking over to the one who had dressed as the wife of his costume, he was surprised to see Dawn, Buffy’s little sister, frowning.

“Um, I think we have a problem,” she whispered. “I still have the Nine Tail.”

At that time in Cheyenne Mountain, klaxons were going off as a woman appeared in the gate room. Once she was sure she had the attention of everyone in the room, she started speaking. “The tide turns and three Nines have Risen. The Nines will stand guard over humanity. The first Nine will guard the barriers between Earth and the legions of Hell. The second Nine will travel the paths between the stars and help the first team against the false ones. The Third will have a choice of their path but Guardians they are and always will be.”

As she finished speaking, she turned into a glowing being of energy and passed through the stargate, which suddenly activated without anyone controlling it.

“Well, sounds like good news and bad news all rolled into one,” commented the second in command of the facility, Colonel Jack O’Neill.

“You can say that again,” commented General Hammond.

For those who recognize who I have Oz going as, this is my tribute to him. If you recognize who it is, feel free to PM me. He was a great legend in Canada and he passed this week and will be greatly missed by all of Canada
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