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AOD- The return of Hostess

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Summary: Xander saves the world in an unexpected way

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > ComedyFireWolfeFR71650281,77512 Mar 1312 Mar 13No
Disclaimer: Don’t own the BTVS or Hostess sadly both belong to others
By: Fire Star

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A/N: One Shot intended to celebrate the return of the Twinkie Thank God!!!

AOD- The return of the Golden Goodness

“Xander are you insane?” Buffy asked as she watched her best male friend sign a dozen papers.”This has to be one of your craziest ideas ever.”

“Nope not at all, look Buffy this is just an investment. You know Giles is always on about us planning for the future. Plus it is kind of saving the world in a weird way.”
“Really and how is this planning for that? Look I don’t mind lending you the money cause you earned it. Hell if you would let me I’d just sign the check and hand it over but, this idea is really crazy. I guess I can get why in a way but really it’s going to take a lot of work. How’s it saving the world again?”

“No crazy was attacking the Mayor with Humas. I mean messy and way to healthy for a demon, which come to think of it might have worked because it’s a wholesome food and all but you know Buffy I need to do this. It’s a matter of sanity for me. I mean I paid over 2000.00 dollars for my last box and it’s gone. In the end t his is far more economical. Plus the demon world they all love the Hostess. I mean last week there was a major fight over Ho Hos what was it that Ilrya said oh yeah Hostess was the one good thing about humans and without it we should all become entrees. She said the snacks meant demons would not eat humans cause the hostess stuff was way better then blood and guts.”

“Ok but, really not seeing the world endage here. I mean it was only Hostess. Ok I get they made sugary goodness….all right point. “Buffy said as fond memories flooded her of many a research party with the surgary goodness that was Hostess in all its wonderful forms. “I guess it is vital to slaying and that we should invest. You sure a 100 million will be enough cause upon reflection I do so miss the mini donuts. But buying the whole company and hiring the staff you plan on its kind of radical. Of course Blue has a point as the mini slayers have been breaking up fights over the left over supplies and hell the demons are using them to bribe and stuff ok it qualifies.”

“Oh yeah we got this. I just signed the last papers. Hostess is mine and the all mighty Twinkie will be back in less than three months. I even got the perfect plant manager. Clem’s Cousin Charles. He loves to bake and he won’t let the workers slack off. We have hired a lot of demons to work for us and if they are making the golden goodness they can’t work on world endage. Win; win for us I would say.”

“Ok I guess but I never thought you’d go the corporate route.” Buffy said.”I mean you in suits and ties and boardrooms.”

“Buffy its Hostess and Twinkies and….I kind of owe it to her yeah know. Anya, she’d have loved this idea and it’s partly her money funding it. She loved the golden cakes too you know. She said it was the second best thing about being human.”

“So what’s the company’s new name going to be?” Buffy asked. She really did not need to know the first because it was way too much info on her friends personal life.
Xander smiled. “Well that was not so easy. I thought about keeping it the same but…I’, calling it AOD.”


“Anya’s Orgasm Delight because she thought that….well you know. That they were a great food for use after or even during sex.”

Buffy rolled her eyes and decided that was one acronym s she never wanted to explain.


The End?

You have reached the end of "AOD- The return of Hostess" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Mar 13.

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