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Fall of the Republic, Revised

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Rise and Fall of Darth Mortalis". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Revision of original story by 'grd', based on 'Jedi Harris' and 'Terran Jedi' by Scribbler -- Two years later, Darth Mortalis lives on to continue his plans for domination.

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Star Wars > Xander-Centered
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories
DarthTenebrusFR182578,40433314,65726 Mar 132 Feb 14No

Foreword and Prologue

Fall of the Republic

Original Story by grd, downloaded from:

Revision and Additional Chapters by DarthTenebrus

Author's Note - Foreword by DarthTenebrus...

I saw this story after reading the Jedi Harris stories by Scribbler, and I thought it was one amazing piece of work, well thought out and well put together. As you know from reading my other stories, I have a thing for dark fiction that centers on themes of dystopian and oppressive regimes, with a bit of philosophy and desperate heroes against nigh-impossible odds mixed in, and a dash of mil-fic for flavor. When I realized that this had not been updated for some time, I contacted grd and asked for his permission to continue the story, and he gave me the go ahead to add some new chapters, which I did. After a while the thing grew stale, and I realized that as it stood this thing of ours would be dead in the water unless there was a major revision. I emailed grd with my take on the story, and he consented with this updated version of the story.

So here it is, and I hope you all enjoy, dear readers and true believers, this new version of Fall of the Republic...

Thank you all,



This is for those who have not read Jedi Harris or Terran Jedi.

In 1997 on Halloween, Ethan Rayne cast a spell turning all people who had bought costumes from his store into their costumes. For a few hours, Xander Harris in the "Jedi Harris" time-line, became Obi-wan Kenobi.

In 1998, Cordelia Chase unwittingly made a rash wish, that Buffy Summers had never come to Sunnydale, to a Vengeance Demon named Anyanka. What followed was that Xander Harris instead wore the costume of Darth Vader. Matching his anger and hateful mood as the year before, the ancient vampire known as the Master escaped his prison during the events of the Harvest and slew his best friend, Jesse.

After the Halloween incident, he retained the abilities of a Sith and took the name Darth Mortalis. Willow Rosenberg discovered this horrible truth and was subsequently killed by Xander. Soon afterwards, he was recruited by Mayor Wilkins, having figured heavily into his plans for Ascension. He moved upward through the ranks of city administration, eventually becoming Deputy Mayor. Unbeknownst to Wilkins, however, Xander discovered his plans and one day confronted him in his office, killing him with the Dark Side of the Force. In a special election, Xander/Mortalis became Mayor of Sunnydale. Almost immediately after taking office, Xander used his skills and position to defeat the Master (nailing his skeleton to a tree in front of the high school as a warning), then began a campaign to hunt down and eradicate most of the demons in Sunnydale. When the US government started looking into setting up the Initiative, he offered his knowledge of advanced technology and was appointed to work with Professor Walsh at the facility. Eventually, he outstripped her expertise and became head of the Initiative base.

In the original time-line, Colonel Harry Maybourne, chief liaison to the National Intelligence Directorate, arrived at the Initiative to investigate strange reports of demon harvesting and unauthorized cloning operations and worked against Harris. However, he was discovered in the facility by Mortalis’s clone soldiers and imprisoned. Maybourne, having anticipated the possibility, had previously sent word to Colonel Jack O'Neill of SG-1, who came to Sunnydale in search of Maybourne. They became involved instead with Rupert Giles, Ethan Rayne and the White Hats, who fought against Harris with the knowledge that he was a Sith. Then US Army soldiers CPT Riley Finn, CW2 Graham Miller and CW2 Forrest Gates rescued Maybourne and joined Giles' resistance group.

A combined SG-1 and White Hat attack successfully slew Xander and destroyed most of the Initiative. Meanwhile, Cordelia revealed all she knew of the previous time-line and Giles managed to summon the Vengeance Demon, Anyanka, to force her to reverse the wish. He succeeded in destroying her amulet with a Blastech E-11 blaster rifle, which reversed the wish, restoring history as they knew it with Xander becoming a Jedi instead of a Sith.

This tale explores one possibility with slight changes on what could have happened if Xander, the Sith Lord Darth Mortalis had not been defeated, but lived on to continue his plans.
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