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Ragnos in Sunnydale

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Summary: Wonder what happens when two dead women find Sunnydale fun? Hope you like it! Might add romance later.

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HappyWonKinobiFR18414,1340184,22031 Mar 1326 Jan 14No

Chapter Two

The very core of life is chaos. When life is not moving forward, not changing, it becomes stagnant, ordered to the point of death. When change comes along, it creates chaos, no matter how small or large. You stub your toe, you get some pain and you have to jump around for a bit as you wait for the pain to stop. That's a little bit of chaos. When a single man gets killed or assassinated, it could end the world, or simply make widows and friends grieve.

But sometimes, chaos is exactly what you want. Perfect example: Sunnydale. A man who is, in other realities, called the very avatar of Chaos lives there. A woman came to live there, and she changed the world countless times. Sometimes becoming broken, sometimes becoming almost eradicated by the bliss she felt (having sex with those you love romantically can do that to you sometimes), and sometimes simply living or existing (not the same thing). Put them two together, and you practically have a force of nature, perhaps on the level of that ball of energy that floats around, pretending to be her sister.

And if you throw that into the mix, you never quite know what you'll end up with! This is Chaos after all!


In a small room in a house located on Revello Drive, Sunnydale, CA, a young woman woke up. She glanced at the clock on her bedside table, even though she already knew it was only 5 AM, and sighed. She was completely wide awake, so no chance of going back to sleep. The sun would be up soon, and so would the two dawns she has to deal with in her life. As annoying as her sister was, she loved her. She just needed to tell her every once in a while.

Question was, when was the last time she had?

She removed her blanket and her nightgown before moving over to the closet and grabbed her only pair of sneakers along with her only pair of real jeans and a simple white t-shirt. She needed a run to clear her head. It was Monday, after all, and that means school.

She headed downstairs, thinking about how oddly thankful she was of having had to 'worship the porcelain god'. Because of that and her related weakness, she'd been declared too sick for visitors, including her sister, which allowed her to sort out her head to an extent. She needed to know what she was going to tell the others. She couldn't very well tell the whole truth, now could she?


Her head snapped over towards the source of the voice, Dawn, rubbing her eyes sleepily while looking at her. She shouldn't be up for at least another two hours.

"Couldn't sleep?"

She nodded sheepishly, even though she'd had a few hours after 2 AM. "Why is there breakfast?"

Buffy looked down with slight surprise at the table. There was food. "Well, I was going to go out for a run, and so I decided to make myself breakfast." The words came automatically, and they surprised her by being the truth.

"Oh." A pause. "Can I have some?"

Buffy nodded and prepared Dawn's plate.

They sat there, eating quietly. The silence continued past when they were done and had already cleared their places at the table. When Buffy was about to leave, she paused, door in hand, and turned back to where Dawn was still waking up. "Dawn?"


"... You're my favorite sister. You know that right?"

Dawn snorted at that. "I'm your only sister."

She smiled. "Brat." She said softly. "I'll see you when I come back, okay?"

Dawn looked at her oddly, and then nodded.

Willow awoke with a start. She sat there for a moment, hyperventilating. She'd just had a nightmare, one that left all the others she'd ever had behind. It was her, attacking a ginormous creature attempting to destroy the world while living her worst fears. Failure. Loss of closest friends. Death. And in so many different ways as well.

She looked at her clock. It was 6:30 AM. She needed to get up if she wanted to get to class 5 minutes early.

She leaped out of bed and ran over to the bathroom before taking a somewhat lengthy shower, trying to keep her thoughts off of her nightmare, before toweling herself off. She dried off her hair with the blow-dryer, and then made sure to put it back exactly where it was when she'd grabbed it. She put the towel back on the rack and hurried over to her room. She wasn't really concerned about her parents. They were never really there anyway. She was just concerned about her attendance record. She didn't want a black mark on it this close to graduation. (Even though it's in two years.)

She checked on her computer before going over to her closet. She decided to be daring today, and went with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, forgoing the idea of a pair of coveralls or a sweater, not really noticing the lump of dark purple silk in one corner. She went through a somewhat long and extensive mental checklist, and once that was done, she collected her backpack (packed and double checked the night before, complete with lunch and completed homework) and began walking out the door, not really remembering to wait for Xander because of her Sunnydale Syndrome fueled focus on suppressing the memories that were trying to resurface.

Alexander L. Harris awoke with a start. He fought the urge to cry for a moment. When the urge faded to the back of his mind, he sighed. He looked at his bedside clock. 7 AM. He should probably get his shower and breakfast if he didn't want to be late.

He removed the blanket from his bed and ran for the shower, moving as quietly as possible to keep from waking his alcoholic folks. Assuming they weren't already on the couch, seeking the bottom of a bottle.

Either way, he didn't want them to notice him.

During his shower, he took the time to try to sort out his mind. An odd feeling snuck up on him when he was putting on the shampoo. Like he wasn't the only one to wake up like this. He paused for a moment. It was weird. Then he shook it off and completed his shower before grabbing an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt that he liked, a pair of jeans, and a Twinkie from his stash under his bed. He climbed out of his bedroom window before dropping down to the ground silently. Then he began running to school. He didn't need the troll's harassment and to be expelled. Not really.

Dawn smiled brightly and waved at her mother, who began driving off. Then she took a deep, fortifying breath and hurried to catch up with Buffy. She was a Freshman in the school, walking next to the Junior known as 'The social outcast who dresses well and hangs with losers' (AKA, her sister), knowing that lunch might end up being... interesting. They always spend it in the library with Giles, but last night was... different. For her especially. She didn't really want to admit why, but at least she knew of one reason that she could admit to herself.

She can fly.

It was something she'd found out on Sunday, after puking her guts out on Saturday with her sister. Joyce had had to go to the gallery to keep it running, so she'd left her children alone, undoubtedly worrying about them.

Something tickled her nose. She grabbed it and pulled it off of her shirt.

It was... Cat hair? Why is there cat hair on her shirt? They don't own a cat, and strays don't usually get all over a shirt that's hidden in a closet.

As they walked down the halls of Sunnydale High, she switched between listening to her friends (AKA Buffy's friends) talk and her own musings until one sentence penetrated her little fog.

"I'd suggest a box of Oreos dunked in apple juice, but maybe she's over that."

Both Summers girls looked up and saw, with glee for one and surprise for the other, an old friend from Hemery High. Billy Fordham.

"Ford?" Buffy asked, hopeful, but thinking she might be dreaming.

"Hey Summers." Buffy rushed up to him and he hugged her. "How ya been?" In response, Buffy babbled happily at him, which Dawn tuned out and rolled her eyes at, while reminiscing about dunking Oreos in apple juice. She did hear the response, said in a cryptic tone of voice. "Matriculating."

They separated. "Huh?"

Dawn shook her head. Academically, her sister was hopeless. "That means he's getting admitted here at Sunnydale." The 'here' part was actually just a guess.

Ford nodded. "Yep. I'm finishing out my Senior year at Sunnydale High. Dad got transferred."

"That's great!"

"Do you think so?" He asked nervously. "I didn't think you'd remember me."

"Remember you? Duh! We only went to school together for seven years! You so were my giant fifth grade crush."

Was it just Dawn's imagination, or was Buffy's voice starting to sound strained?

"So," Xander butted in. "You two know each other?"

"Oh, um, sorry." Buffy blushed at being caught like that. She introduced Xander and Willow to Ford. They talked about pre-Sunnydale life for a bit, which Dawn ignored. When he got up to leave and find the Admissions office, Buffy immediately offered herself as a guide.

Dawn decided to interrupt. "Or, Xander here could take you and while you do it, the two of you can compare egos, scars, and whatever else guys do while I take my sister aside for a talk." She grabbed her sister and began pulling her away as she gave them an apologetic smile. "I've been borrowing her shoes without asking, and one of them broke." At least that was true, as far as it went. She had been stealing her sister's shoes, and one did break, so she wasn't actually lying. She just wasn't intending on talking about shoes until after school.

As they turned the corner, she thought she heard Willow over her sister's fuming, saying, "Oh, that's what that song is about?"

When they reached the cafeteria, you could feel the chill in the air. They chose a table and sat down across from each other. You could tell that each of them wanted the other to break the silence. They stared at one another, willing the other to break. Unable to handle it any longer, Buffy broke the silence.

"How long have you been stealing my shoes?!" Buffy hissed.

"Long enough to know that you're the Vampire Slayer!" Dawn hissed back.

Buffy froze. Her secret was out; her little sister knew she was the Slayer.

Dawn hung her head, contrite. Quietly, she began. "Look, we need to talk." She crossed her arms on the tabletop and leaned her head heavily on them. "What's bothering you about Ford?"

Buffy closed her eyes, tired, then opened them and reached down to the very depths of her soul for a bit of honesty. "I don't know why, but I don't trust him. He just... I don't know. I just don't trust him."

Dawn thought about it. "Maybe we should check up on him."

Buffy raised an eyebrow conspiratorially, "You mean sneak and follow him home?"

Dawn smiled innocently. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

Buffy snickered. 'We are so bad!'

They got up together, smiling at their little impromptu plan, shoes forgotten for now.

The two Summers sisters walked into the library during lunch, like they always did. Unfortunately, this wasn't any ordinary day.

Because the second she walked in, Buffy was on the floor, writhing in pain as memories, facts, ideas, thoughts and emotions came crashing into her.

The next second, she was passed out on the floor.

When Buffy woke up, what she saw of the library was a mess. Like a tornado had just run through. Everyone (AKA, Willow, Xander, Giles, Dawn, and herself) was on the floor and either in pain or unconscious. That's all she got into her brain in that split second before...

Well, take a look.






Anger and grief.

Where've you been you worthless piece of shit?!

We're gonna be back in two weeks, so be good. And don't burn down the house while we're gone.

My sister burned down the gym! Why'd she do that?

Jesse's dead!

I don't like him.

I am so traumatized! I won't be able to sleep for 3 days unless I get to go shoe shopping, fast!

That troublesome Summers. She's up to no good, I tell ya!

I don't like her.

The new girl's beautiful.

Vampires are real!

And did you get a look at his toupee? God, it was like a water buffalo!

My sister's a hero!

He's dead!


Bang! Charlie!

Demons are real!

Cyborg! Raven!

I will do as the Clan has asked, Uncle Enyos.

Don't do this Star! Don't pull that trigger!

Loss of control.

Why not? He killed Robin. He should pay.


Not like this!

Hello Ripper. Fancy meeting you here. It's been, what, three years?


Sod off Ethan. You'll embarrass Wesley Windam-Pryce in front of his father.

Yes, well, that's what science would tell you. It would also tell you that demons who primarily live in alternate dimensions don't exist either, and yet they do. Which is incidentally why that corpse is moving and is being hurt by the cross you're wearing. And why your daughter wears one, it being a gift from her potential boyfriend notwithstanding.

Good! I think he needs an enema to get that rat out his arse!

In only 63 more years, I will be a great power in this world.

I'm sorry Charlie. Please, please, come back to me.

And how do you know that? How do you know that you'll survive the next five minutes to give me your sacrifices?


I always keep my promises. I just wish Demons were more hygienic.


Ha! The only demons that I know of that are even slightly hygienic are those stupid Goo demons, and they were banished by those cretins you call "Egyptians". Arrogant sonsa bitches.

The Sleepwalker is coming, and He demands his due!

Ya know? I think I'm gonna have ta disagree wit' ya. Those negative emotions? Fear, Hate, Rage, Despair? They aren't more powerful. They're just easier.

Trigon must die! He is coming, He has destroyed the Tower, and He is going to destroy the world, make it Hell on Earth, if we don't stop him here and now!

Yeah, well, bullets are fun. And I've always ended up playing with the family guns when I should've simply been playing in the sandbox, so to speak.

"Wolf's Bitch", Ha! The only reason I'm a Bitch, is because I am one! And since I'm actually a cat, they decided that I needed something animalistic for me. Which, I compl- OOH! Gotta go! ... Hello Mr Werewolf! And how are you this fine day?

What, do you think I'm stupid?! Of course I can find this! Just don't shoot me in the back while I'm leaving so I can bring someone to bury your corpses.





Marcie Ross.



Mayor Richard Wilkins, the third.

Sister Mary Lazarus.

Ms. Martha Robinson. Or is it Jenny Brunel? Confusing.

Janna Kalderash.


A/N: Yeah, I know, I suck. But you should tell me exactly how much I suck in a review! Among, other things... *eyebrow wiggle*

And, yes, I know I was supposed to say who was who, but I decided to stop it with my second stint of being unconscious. After that, I'd be getting excessive. For me, at least.

Though, I've got a question: Can you, my readers, guess who I sent as who? I'm not going to ask about Martha Robinson or Jenny Brunel, since those OC's are persons that you probably won't expect just yet, but the others (Buffy, Xander, Willow, Dawn, Cordelia, Aura, Harmony, Giles, Joyce, Jenny, even Snyder) are all fair game. I did throw in a few that I haven't decided on who they went as and one or two that didn't go as anything but themselves, just to mix things up, but the ones that I have decided and brought up are in there.

I'll give you a little cheat sheet for who I named as costume characters right here: Raven, Starfire, Ragnos, and Azira.
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