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Not The Princess Type

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Summary: Faith and Spike are in a little town in Maine for an interesting reason, but there's no way the town could be interesting. Emma is really sick of tourists. She especially doesn't trust these two.

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Television > Once Upon a TimeStrangeBintzFR15728,996073,8815 Apr 136 Aug 13No

Not The Princess Part II: Something to Use

It was night. The sky was black over her town. The house was quiet. Completely dead quiet. Well, it wasn’t as if there was anyone here nor would there be if Regina didn’t think of something new. Henry was with them. Even though Regina destroyed the spell to make him love her, he hadn’t magically come back to her. Magically. She was a fool to think that Henry would come back to her just because she had proven- twice- without magic- that she was willing to love him the way her own mother never had.

But, that wasn’t Mother’s fault. Her heart was gone. So, Regina had gotten back for her. Gotten it back so her mother could love her without magik, and that’s what killed her. Snow had killed Regina’s mother with magik, but Regina knew it was her foolish attempt to undo magik that had really killed Mother.

Regina was weighing her options. She knew all the voices of reason would tell her to give Henry time. She had nothing but time. That was part of the problem. She would always be in this town. She would always be Regina and she would always have time. Evan had shown her that by showing up as a grown man. It was when she did nothing with time things went dead- She went dead. There had to be something else she could do. Something to get back Henry. If Henry ever looked at her the way Evan had…

Suddenly the black vines on her white wallpaper moved. At first, this made Regina’s heart shaped mouth make an “O” in surprise. She had almost forgotten. It had been years since the vines did this.

They shifted and separated and made a map of Storybrooke. They were alerting her as she had created them to do. They were showing her that there was something in her town. Something from the outside world that was magik. How dare something from this world and its sad excuse for magik come here to challenge her!

No matter, she was ready for a fight! This was something she could kill- destroy-immediately. She wouldn’t have to lay out threats and wait as if she was some powerless nothing. Was it storming up to her home?

No, the map showed it was out by the lake. What in the world would it be doing there? She saw that the spot on the map was actually two spots, two spots dancing…connecting… One was red and orange like fire. It had a beating beacon of a heart like a wild ember.

This was no tired witch or worn-out warlock. That heart! The heart had traces of black around it that slowly diluted in the red like nothing more than spilled ink in a sea of electric blood. The core of the heart was rich with cherry red. This was something powerful, something grandly powerful and raw.

Then, there was the other spot. It was black like the vines themselves and it didn’t seem to have a heart. Where a heart should be it had a lilac swirling orb like a wrongly colored fire-fly. Regina knew she should have been more focused on what this being was. What is unknown could be more of a threat, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of the heart with the muted darkness.

Regina used a great deal of power to bring out the voices to the spots on her wall. In her world she would have just sent out a crow, but she didn’t feel like searching the house for a feather and some strangled virgin pixie dust to create an eavesdropping bird. It was too bad she couldn’t just use an ordinary old phone tap. But, she had to hear that heart’s.

“Dude! Dude! Dude! Stop!” the voice was strained with struggle to speak and it giggled.

“Make me,” a man’s voice thick with desire said.

“We have to get some sleep or we’ll miss it. We came here so you could stick your head out ---Oooh!—not have it in me. C’mon, you can do that anytime. You gotta live, man. Since you decided to age with me, which I think is bullshit. Lemme get a good look at how old you’re lookin’ these days.”

The heart was a young woman, with a sultry voice. She had smoked too many cigarettes in this world. She didn’t sound like anyone who had any class. She sounded like Emma. Was she nothing more than a clueless New England girl? No, that heart had to have something.

“Is the spell making me look too old for you? Want me to turn it down a notch, just say the word. I’ll be your boy toy, cougar.”

The man. That was the other being, the one with no beating heart. He sounded like he was from The North Kingdom, or London, in this world.

He was talking about spells. Yes, this world did have their simple ones. Regina wondered what he was. Maybe he was some sort of creature disguised as a lover that set out to devour her heart. Or were they here to steal magik?

“Ha!” the woman said, “I knew that would get you to stop, you vain bastard. You look all of 36 and—Wait! You could only look as young as you really look. I do not look anywhere near older than you and it’s gonna be a while before I start approaching the age of cougar! You dick!”

There was smacking and crashing and the sound of the man-being laughing.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” he was whining now.

Regina was by no means a prude. She had no problem imagining what was happening between these two creatures nor was she the least bit ashamed to be eavesdropping on anything that was happening in her town. But, there was something about what she was hearing that made a pit in her chest.

“I surrender,” the man laughed, “Do with me what you will, old girl.”

“Damn straight, and I’m not Bella fucking Swan,” the sultry voice said, “I could give a shit that I’m a couple years older than you now. Not that people didn’t look really old back then anyway. But, you know I’ll be hot….hot…Mmmm…hot forever.”

There were kissing sounds between her words, heavy breathing. Regina felt the pit in her chest deepen and wondered what was happening to her. She could barely focus on what the woman was saying and why the name Bella Swan sounded vaguely familiar. Regina knew what was wrong. As ridiculous as it was, all this prattle reminded her of being with Daniel.

“Of course, love,” the man said, “So hot I’ll drink your wrinkled bath water and lick your Depends.”

“You’re wicked gross, you know!”

She and Daniel never spoke to each other this way, but, they had laughed and kissed and…If she could have had Daniel in this world he wouldn’t have been really human. He wouldn’t have had his heart. Maybe there was something like that happening with in this creature.

“I think I do know it. I’ve eaten plenty a’ veal. Drained lil’ girls dry. Never got me off as much as been with you. Least sick thing I’ve done is have a stiffer for an aging woman such as yourse---OW! Oh, you bitch!“

This thing was evil! It had eaten children! At her worst Regina would never dream of doing such a thing.

“You dirty little whore. That was cheating. You don’t mess with a man’s---“

There was nothing but kissing again and moaning. Regina didn’t care why the woman had such an intriguing heart. She wasn’t letting them into her town. What if they went near Henry?

“You know I mean it, love. I’m in for life and not because I know you’ll always be beautiful.”

The woman with the rich red heart just let out a moaning sigh. It wasn’t fair. Regina and Daniel had been innocent and in love and yet they could never have what these vile people did.

“You better be, Billy Boy” the woman said, “The spell is more for her than it is for me. I look like freak no matter what. At least--- at least you can make yourself normal for her. You’re her only chance.”

The child eating beast let out a serious sigh now.

“So, you’re ready to talk about this,” he said.

“No,” the woman said. It sounded like she was holding back tears.

Well, at least she knew some pain. Pain over a girl. Regina could relate.

“Love, I know I’m probably asking for another ball flick, but it really wasn’t that bad. You’re her mother. You love her. These things---“

“I—I don’t know. I—“ the woman stammered, “What if—what if she hates me one day for what I am. For what I did.”

Regina concentrated, reached into the air and closed her fist and brought it down. This made the sound of the voices stop. She was grateful for her power and even more grateful for the silence. She would have run from the room to prevent herself from hearing more. She stared at the wall where the map showing the two beings was displayed. One killed children and had no heart. One had a heart with washed out black and a child. They had love and they had lust. They had things Regina wanted. They had everything she wanted and they deserved none of it. She was having second thoughts about letting them into town.

First, she had to figure out just what that man-thing was. She decided to start how her mother always told her back in her world. Take what you do know and decided if it can work to your advantage. So, she looked up the name Bella Swan, that the woman had mentioned. The woman was so adamant that she was not Bella fucking Swan it had to mean that she was in some way like this person.

Regina was furious to see that it was only a ridiculous movie- a vampire movie but not an ordinary one. Well, at least it was original. It seemed like every movie was a remake of a movie of when she first came to this world. This movie was about…about a girl in love with a vampire. Vampires had no heartbeat. No heartbeat, but they still had hearts. Regina smiled. A vampire in her town. Something she could use.
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