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Cape Boy

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Summary: Buffy and Dawn move to Palm City. Crossover with The Cape. Series of drabbles.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it belongs to 20th Century Fox and created by Joss Whedon. I neither own The Cape, it belongs to Universal Network Television LLC and created by Tom Wheeler. Takes place after "Chosen" for 'Buffy' and "Endgame" for 'Cape.' And yes, the title is a play on "Reptile Boy."

Foreword: I was inspired by Jaded's "May Any Power Protect You" series, entirely written in drabbles. Frankly, I'm surprised no one's written any Cape crossover fic before, so here goes.

I know some of you would prefer another installment of "To Live Again", but I have writer's block. I know how to end it, but the middle is giving me fits. I started this to hopefully unblock it and give me inspiration to finish it. Comments, critique, and suggestions are always welcome.

Palm City

Buffy tilted her head back, letting the afternoon sun soak into the pores. It was nice; Palm City had all the sunny goodness of Sunnydale but hardly any vamps or demons. The constant sunshine made things brighter and optimistic.

She closed her eyes. Florida was surprisingly demon-free, or they kept an extremely low profile. She'd staked a few vampires in the first couple days upon moving, but nothing in the past couple of months. Even Dawn was surprised at that.

However another subject caught her attention. He didn't register on her Slayer radar, but he was someone nonetheless.

The Cape.

Red Baron

"How do you know this Cape guy is trying to bring down Peter Fleming?" Buffy pulled on an oven mitt. "And how do you know he's a good guy?"

"I don't," Dawn shrugged, putting her laptop away. "But this Orwell guy thinks so."

"Same old media vs. corrupt politician battle." Buffy pulled the Red Baron pizza from the oven and put it on the table. "Just outside the law."

"So says the Queen of 'hit first, talk later.'" Dawn countered, getting up. At Buffy's glare, she changed course. "So how was work?"

"Same old. Less cult sacrifices, more angst."


Buffy didn't need to hunt down The Cape herself. He interrupted a would-be mugger during her nightly patrols. Feeling a cold barrel against her back, she hit the gunman's wrist as she pivoted into a roundhouse kick.

It wasn't until she heard a sound like a towel whipping to and fro, disarming another guy flanking her with pinpoint accuracy, that she turned around.

The guy did remind her of Batman a little. Reasonably tall, with a medieval chestplate and a leather mask. And of course, the item that earned him his name. 

To her, it looked more silly than imposing.


Buffy's lips thinned. "I was fine."

His eyes narrowed. "You were nearly robbed."

"I don't need saving. I handle things myself."

"Well, ah…" The Cape faltered at the look on her face. 

"I'm not chasing criminals at night in a silly outfit," Buffy countered. 

"It's not safe out here."

"Look who's calling the kettle black." Her tone softened. "You're not Bruce Wayne, are you?"

He laughed humorlessly. "That man had it easy. I don't."

"Nothing in life is easy." Buffy shrugged.

"You're telling me?"

"You don't know me." She turned to head back to her apartment. "I'll be seeing you."

Underestimate v. Overestimate

Max Malini's eyebrow quirked as Vince recanted his encounter with the blonde woman earlier that night.

"The thing is, Max, she was pretty strong." Vince untied his mask and folded his cape away. "I was lucky to get that second guy while she was busy with the other one."

"Sounds like your type." Max poured Jack Daniels into his wine glass. 

"I'm serious," Vince sank next to Max's chair. "She could be another ARK experiment gone wrong. Remember Tracey?"

"The trick of a magician," Max took a fortifying swig from his glass, "is to never underestimate or overestimate your audience."
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