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Post-Event Possibilities

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Summary: First attempt at Walking Dead/BtVS - a series of "What If" scenarios, ranging from observations to introductions.

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Television > Walking Dead, ThekittenpokerFR182829031,55617 Apr 1317 Apr 13No


Y'all, if I owned either of these wonderful shows, Buffy and Daryl would be canon. Just sayin'. Please let me know what you think - any feedback is good feedback, I guess?

In this new, post-event world, silence is sacred.

If you are silent, you can hear the dead coming for you.

Being silent has saved her life on too many occasions to count – so her fascination with this group of the living might be explained by their utter lack of respect for the law of silence. She can’t tear her eyes away from these men, these strange men who fight as if there are no dead waiting around the corner, no dead that will be instantly drawn to their loud voices and casual gunfire. Being so loud is such a foreign concept to her – her! The one girl in all the world, who had been conditioned for years that in order to be heard, one had to be the loudest voice of many, clamoring above the chaos to get a word in. She watches the walkers grow closer, their shambling walks growing faster, and wonders just what it will take for these people to realize that silence is sacred, and no infractions are to be tolerated in this new world of theirs – this new world where above all, noise is an enemy you can’t afford to forget.

September 6, 2013 Author's Note - Hey y'all! Hopefully this format is a little better. I still haven't watched Season 3 (and Season 4 is coming so soon!!!), but I am still playing with some Season 2 ficlets. I hope they're enjoyable!
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