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Jedi Potter

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Summary: Harry escapes from Voldemort and meets Yoda?

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Chapter 1

Planet Dagobah, Tirith Galaxy, Star Wars Dimension, 1 Dagobah Year (1095 Earth days) later

Harry walked into an open clearing with Yoda by his side. In a backpack he carried enough shrunken high tech equipment to outfit and equip over six dozen Jedi, as well as two dozen X-Wings hidden at the end of the clone war and reclaimed from the frozen shell of the planet Kamino along with enough weapons to outfit a battalion of Rebel Soldiers. The fifty shrunken holocrons that resided in a hidden section of his trunk in his front pocket were important enough that Yoda and Harry both were a little nervous about the trip. Stopping at the center of the clearing, Yoda coughed and said, “Fully trained are you. This Sith you face will not vanquished easily be. A long path do I see before you, Jedi Potter, may the Force be with you.” At that Yoda flourished his lightsaber and saluted with the green blade. Harry returned the salute with his silver bladed lightsabers and bowed then stowed the silver tubes on his belt.

“Master Yoda, I wish you luck with your Sith. Maybe I will return. May the Force be with you.” Harry grinned and activated the portal that had brought him here so long ago. This time, the portal opened up into an alley set beside Ollivander's Wand Shop. Harry walked through and turned to watch as Yoda watched impassively as the portal closed.

Diagon Alley, London, England August 14th, 1995, 12:31 AM

Harry walked to the entrance of the alley and looked out. While not overpopulated, Diagon was definitely not deserted. Gringotts Bank was open, Harry mused as he walked towards the entrance. as he entered Gringotts, Harry was gratified to see several tellers open. Walking to the nearest one he asked, “May I please see the Potter Account Manager and the Inheritance Director?”

The Goblin in question merely looked at him and asked, “Name?”

Harry smiled and stated, “Harold James Potter the twenty-fourth.”

The teller said in a bored tone, “If you lie about your identity, then Gringotts is allowed to feed you to our tunnel dragons. Name?”

Harry held up his wand and said, “I swear on my magic that I am Harold James Potter, the son of James Reginald and Lily Marie Evans Potter.” A white light flashed from his wand and he said, “Luminos.” Causing a small light to glow at the end of his wand.

The Goblin nodded and said, “Very well Lord Potter I will inform them please follow me.” With that he led the way to a door set in to the side. Opening it he revealed a small waiting room. “Wait here and I will be back shortly.” With that he closed the door. Ten minutes later the young Goblin escorted Harry to a conference room with a pair of middle-aged goblins.

“Lord Potter I am Snaphaft the Potter Account Manager. This is Hookbill the Inheritance Director for Gringotts. How may we help you?” The younger of the two asked.

Harry kept his face serious and bowed. “Masters Goblin, I am in need of knowledge. I need to know who has access to my accounts and as the last of my line what I need to do to inherit.”

Snaphaft leaned forward in his seat. “As to access,” here he consulted a small scroll, “You have access to your trust vault and limited access to the Potter Family vault. For the family accounts only you have authorization to make major changes. By Goblin custom and Wizard Law no other may access your affairs without incurring severe penalties. Albus Dumbledore held your only key for you as he was your Magical Guardian. You will have full access to all properties and vaults upon being declared the Heir to the Potter estate.” Snaphaft leaned back in his chair.

Hookbill took his turn next. “Lord Potter, you should have been given your proper inheritance after the affair with the Sorcerer's Stone. By Wizard Law when a male heir proves capable of magic he is invested as the heir to whatever may come his way.” Hookbill turned towards a wall and gestured with a small knife. Part of the wall shimmered and became a massive tapestry. Walking over to it, Hookbill expanded a section to be readable. “As you can see the Wizard Families Tapestry records you as heir to the Potters. It also notes that your mother Lily Evans was the first witch in twelve generations of non-mages.” The goblin peered closely at the names displayed and said in a puzzled tone, “That's odd. The Tapestry identifies people by titles they've earned or by heredity. Your entry says 'Harold James Potter XXIV, Jedi.' Most puzzling.” Hookbill straightened up, “However your genealogy and accomplishments aside I can declare you Heir to Clan Potter and permit access to properties. However I cannot allow more than access to the Potter Family Vault. There are specific things that you may remove from your Family Vault: any personal correspondence, and the Head of Family Ring that only you may wear.”

Harry looked at Snaphaft. Snaphaft nodded and said, "Your father anticipated that he might not survive, and was most careful with his money. As of the beginning of August, your trust vault held the standard five hundred thousand Galleons. This fund is renewed every July 31st as per your fathers wishes. There are annual deposits into your Family Vault from the publishers of the 'Boy Who lived' books, they generate between one and two million galleons for you per year. In addition each of the pictures generated by the Creevy boys has had fifty percent of the proceeds deposited. Now as to funds, you personally have generated fifteen million galleons total. The Vault holds other than the five million galleons it started with, a sum of twenty-five million galleons, and the entire contents of your home in Godric's Hollow. The additional ten million is the price the Ministry was forced to pay your estate when they illegally attempted to make a monument out of your home. Now as to properties, there is the destroyed home in Godric's Hollow, Potter Manor, and Potter Keep. All three properties are in Wales.

Harry sat for a moment thinking furiously. "I need two elf keys for my trust vault and I need to visit my family vault." Harry said.

Snaphaft nodded and handed over two vault keys, "These will allow the elves to draw directly from your account."

After a short visit to the family vault, Harry walked out of Gringotts and into the street where he placed his fingers over the Head of the Potter Family ring he wore and twisted the dial to point the arrow at the rune for 'castle', thank the Force for the note attached to the ring, without it he would've never been able to use it. With a muffled 'pop' Harry disappeared from Diagon Alley.

Potter Family Keep Western Wales

Harry reappeared in a tiny valley facing across a deep chasm. Looking around he saw a trail across the chasm, leading around a bend. A look behind him showed a sheer cliff ending where he was and leading up hundreds if not thousands of feet. A post next to his position stated 'Welcome to Potter Keep. Please present proof of Identity before proceeding.' Below that was a round indentation. Harry shrugged and placed his ring in the indent. A grinding noise alerted Harry that something was happening. When Harry turned his attention back to the chasm he saw a massive bridge with moss growing on the posts across it. Harry removed the ring and waited a few minutes. When nothing happened (except for a few birds chirping), Harry walked across the bridge. As he walked on the trail, Harry looked around. The trail looked like it had been blasted through the surroundings. However the visible traces were worn indicating centuries if not millennia had passed since the trail was created. As Harry turned the third corner, the Keep itself came into view.

Potter Keep looked similar to Hogwarts, however where Hogwarts was first and foremost a center of learning, the Keep was a castle first and a house second. There was a massive moat full of water with what looked like a stream or small river coming out of and disappearing back into the mountain feeding directly into it. To the side of the castle, a grassy field extended down to a large beach and a stone wharf. The trail split in front of the castle with one end leading to the moat and the other leading to the wharf. Harry walked slowly around the moat seeing a huge paddock and a set of barns or stables set in a semicircle. He smiled that would with a little work be perfect for the X-Wings, there was plenty of room.

Harry walked to the end of the trail at the moat, discovering a post identical to the one at the arrival point; the only difference was the sign that simply stated 'Potter Keep'. As before Harry pressed his ring to the indent. This time he watched as the bridge shimmered into place. Harry walked over the bridge, as he drew close to the massive gates he saw a hand print in the middle of the gates. Harry shrugged mentally and placed his right hand in the print. He felt the Force around him shift in response and the gates started swinging open. The tunnel revealed would have fit in anywhere in the middle ages. After five minutes of walking, Harry walked into an open area bigger than the entire outer area of the castle. The keep itself was on the far side of the courtyard which had more than enough room for all of the X-Wings on one side and a firing range on the other with enough room to spar or exercise without interfering.

As Harry opened the doors to the keep he noticed that everything was spotless and easy to access. The entry hall was twenty feet wide with a thirty foot length and four pair of doors in the noon, three o'clock, six o'clock (that he had entered by), and nine o'clock positions. Harry saw three House-Elves standing with one in front of the others.

"I's is Head House Elf Toppy. You's is Lord Potter or You's couldn't have opened the doors. Tippy and Grissy is the only two other elves here still alive."

Harry smiled, "I am Harold James Potter the Twenty fourth, current Lord Potter. I am a Jedi Knight. As such my title is Jedi Potter or Jedi. You may if you wish call me Harry or Jedi Potter where appropriate. How many Elves do you need to run this castle and Potter Manor, Toppy?"

Toppy frowned and spoke, "I's needing at least ten young elves's. Potter Manor needs four and six more for the Keep."

"Very well, spread the word that I am hiring any elves that wish to work. Also any elves that wish families may do so." Harry replied. Harry had done research into the house elves, while it was true that most elves were bonded, a significant number were free. Also the elves could only be dismissed or fired by the head of house.

Toppy bowed and with that they all got to work.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Jedi Potter" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Apr 13.

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