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Jedi Potter

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Summary: Harry escapes from Voldemort and meets Yoda?

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Jedi Potter


Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Stargate SG-1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Star Wars. Those belong to JK Rowling, George Lucas, whoever owns Stargate and BtVS.

Timelines: Star Wars, Ten years before A New Hope. Two weeks after Harry's return to Privet Drive, after year 4. Stargate SG-1, the end of the first season, Buffy LONG after Chosen. The first part of the story will not have BtVS in it so until I bring them in it will be classed as a non cross.

Summary: After Harry's return to #4 Privet Drive, after the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Voldemort attacks and Harry escapes through use of a portal spell in a travel book that Hermione gave him.

Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England

At precisely midnight, June 30th, 1995, a series of muffled CRACKs split the night outside of #4 Privet Drive. Those 'in the know' would recognize them as telltale signs of apparition. Unfortunately for the residents of Little Whinging, only two people in the entire town knew anything about wizards and thanks to the efforts of Vernon Dursley and his family there was little chance that they would have been believed. In any event survivors of this night would have their memories adjusted and few would miss the four people whom as chance has it would disappear. The intruders were numbered five, all wore dark cloaks, and four wore white masks as well. The fifth member looked at #4 Privet Drive with his glaring red eyes. “I can feel him, Wormtail. Fetch him for me!”

“Yes, Master!” replied a short pudgy Death-Eater. Running onto the lawn he got only a half step in before he impacted the wards and they ejected him from the area with prejudice sending his pin-wheeling body across the street to slam into a freestanding tree. All four of the others chuckled or hissed with laughter at Wormtail's foolishness.

Voldemort allowed the laughter to continue for a few more moments and then quit abruptly. “Stay here,” He snarled as he walked up to the now visible wards. Voldemort placed his hand within a few tenths of an inch from the slowly fading ward, and gradually moved his hand into contact. When he touched the ward, it recognized the blood as an authorized user and allowed him to walk inside the wards. With a pleased hiss he turned to the other four (Wormtail looking worse for wear had rejoined them) and ordered, “Come here, Lucius.”

With something of a resigned expression (his shoulders slumped) Lucius Malfoy walked onto the lawn and again within a half step in the wards activated and this time Lucius flew into the opposite houses front window with a crash. Ignoring the noise of Lucius disentangling himself from the empty houses curtains (The previous owners had recently moved away, and the Dursley's were the main reason it hadn't resold), Voldemort glided around the yard searching for specific items.

Inside, Harry who had awoken with his scar hurting, frantically threw all of his goods into his trunk, only leaving out his wand, Hedwig's cage, and a book that he had bought before his third year. That done he frantically wrote notes to Hermione, Ron, Sirius, and Professor Dumbledore. The first two notes were functionally identical.

Dear Hermione/Ron

Just a quick note to tell you that I'm attempting to stay safe. Voldemort (quit flinching Ron) is outside searching for the ward stones in the Dursley's yard. I'm going to attempt a type of transport that I read in Ancient Methods of Magical Transport. He only has four DE's with him so I'm going to tell the Dursley's to sneak out the back. With luck I'll see you at the Burrow before Hedwig gets there. Hermione I'm telling Hedwig to return to you, keep her safe 'till I can get her.

Best Wishes

The other two letters were even shorter and to the point. They as well were functionally identical.

Professor Dumbledore/Sirius

As I write this Voldemort is walking around my front yard. He has Lucius Malfoy, Wormtail and two unidentified DE's with him. He WALKED right through your precious blood wards, Professor! Keep the Ministry off my back. I'm attempting to magically transport myself out of here. I'm also telling the Dursley's to try to sneak out the back.


Harry gave the notes to Hedwig and told her “The first two go to Ron and Hermione, the third to Sirius and last Dumbledore, return to Hermione after you finish delivery of all notes.” CRACK! The first wardstone gave way under Voldemort’s assault. Harry shrunk his trunk and placed it into his pocket, then he opened the door with an unlocking spell and he walked into his Aunt's bedroom. Petunia was starting to blink awake when Harry entered her vision. “Don't say a word, that insane Dark Lord of Dumbledore's is outside. Get your lazy husband and son and keep quiet while you sneak out the back. He's after me. I'll try to keep his attention up here but you've got to hurry!” Petunia only nodded frantically while getting dressed quickly. CRACK! The second wardstone broke. Harry frantically rifled through the book until he found the spell he was looking for. CRACK! There went the third ward stone the one set into the front steps to shield the front of the house. Harry heard the back door close quietly. The last three wardstones were set into the middle of the back steps and the sides of the back yard and without the other three only protected the back half of the house. BOOM! The front door exploded into thirty pieces and #4 Privet Drive was invaded by no less than five hostile wizards.

“Quickly! Bring me the boy!” Voldemort hissed malevolently. His four minions immediately spread out and started searching the house. It was quickly discovered that they could not reach the top step of the stairs and likewise the back half of the dining room and kitchen were still warded. Voldemort’s hiss of rage carried clearly to the smallest bedroom as he stalked through the back door to start searching for the rest of the wardstones. Harry merely smirked to himself and continued practicing the wand movements the spell required. He'd only get one shot at this and he wanted it to work. Harry snarled as he reread the page.

The Portal of Knowledge

Users of the Portal of Knowledge must know what it is they seek, as it is the desires of the caster that govern the destination of the Portal while it is the power of the individual that governs the ability of the Portal to form. To create a Portal simply draw a sufficiently large circle in the air, jab the center while stating in a clear voice 'Portalis'. The accent is on the 'Tal' like so 'por-TAL-is'. Keep your destination in mind while creating the circle and using the incantation. Publishers note: the usage of this spell was widespread until the late 1400's when apparition became widely used.

Harry concentrated and started drawing a circle as he felt the last of the blood-wards fall. With a quarter of the circle done he felt a probing, with a half done he heard a question, 'Where?' in his mind at three-quarters he thought 'someplace I can train and be safe' when the circle was done he felt a waiting, then he jabbed the center of the circle and intoned, “Portalis!” Harry heard “DONE!” in his mind. And with a flash the circle cleared to show a foggy landscape. Harry grabbed the book and jumped through with the portal closing after him. Milliseconds after his departure Voldemort burst through the closed door. His scream of rage woke everybody for four blocks in every direction. Five minutes afterward, Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall burst through the shattered front door and stopped. Number four Privet Drive looked like a Muggle bomb had been dropped on it. The house after a brief but through search proved to be empty. Voldemort and his Death-Eaters had apparently Apparated away; the only trace of Harry was a fading signature in the smallest bedroom.

Planet Dagobah, Tirith Galaxy, Star Wars Dimension, (Four Galaxy's over and two to the left)

With a sound like a thousand Rancor's roaring a line slid vertically from a point six feet in the air to two inches from the ground and split into a perfect circle that cleared to reveal a simple bedroom with a medium sized black haired male human in his middle teens. As soon as it was reasonably safe the boy grabbed a book and leapt through the disc. Landing on the ground, Harry turned and watched as the portal closed just as his bedroom door was opening. Looking around he saw that he was at the edge of a large swamp with trees twice the size of those in the forbidden forest growing all over. Across the water he saw a small dwelling. Harry sighed and started to walk around the swamp to the round house. He had traveled around half the distance when a voice spoke from behind him.

“Strong in the Force, you are, hmmm? Belong to this dimension you do not, no?” The voice was both strong and old, reminding Harry of several wizards including Dumbledore when he was not feeling mischievous. Harry turned with his wand pointed along his line of sight and he saw a short non-human creature that reminded him strongly of Dobby, only better fed and with normal eyes. Then the creature straightened up and Harry could feel his energy. “Sanctuary and training you seek. Yoda I am, Jedi Grandmaster of the Council and I will help you.”

Author's Note: Yes, Voldemort could have gone searching for Potter himself. When in the books has he ever done anything except the most important things for himself? It's always 'Lucius do this", and "Wormtail do that". Oh and he hands out Crucio's and Adavra Kevadra's like their going out of style. Seriously they never were IN to begin with. Also I never understood why Albus never moved Harry after all if Voldie could touch Harry the blood wards would be useless.
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