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Better The Fae You Know...

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Summary: The Scooby Gang is stuck in the town of the Lost Girl crew for a few days before heading home. Little did they know that a trip to a local bar would cause so much trouble. Rating is for future parts

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Chapter 10

Author Notes:

Sorry that it took so long for this chapter. I’ve started a new job and day is the last day of kindergarten for my only son. I want to thank all the people that have reviewed my story or are tracking it waiting for updates.

Chapter 10

Lauren looked up as the two groups walked into the lab. She scanned the newcomers quickly recognizing the three from the previous night. She was surprised to see two extra people instead of the one as planned. A quick glance at Dyson confirmed that he was not happy with the whole situation.

Faith leaned over to Willow's ear. "So who is the hottie in the white coat?" She only got a giggle and blush as a response . She figured she wouldn’t get much more than that, while Willow was with Spike she figured that Willow could still look.

The doctor choose that moment to walk over and introduce herself. “Hi, I’m Lauren, you must be Faith.” She held her hand out to the young woman standing in front of her. Lauren was reminded of Bo looking at the dark haired slayer. She thought that here was another woman that was used to keeping people at arms length. Lauren wondered what had happened in her past to harden her.

For her part Faith was taken with the blonde doctor from the start. “Yeah that’s men.” While the doctor was nice to look at, she wasn’t stupid enough to trust her.

Dyson decided they needed to get things moving. “I think it’s time to get started with the tests and examiners that Lauren has ready.”

“Huh? Wait a minute we agreed to meet with you and talk. Maybe share some info but no here is a lab experiment.” Xander was not going to stand by and watch his friends be poked and prodded. “What tests can we run on you huh? You already seem to know more about us then we do about you. So what do we get to do to you?” Xander was glaring openly by the time he finished. He had agreed to a more mutual sharing.

The fae just stared at the human shocked that he would speak to them like that. Over time they had all accepted Kenzi, but this was proof that they stiill thought humans were beneath them. For her part Kenzi started laughing, she was starting to like this guy. Clearly he didn’t care that he was out numbered.

Dyson shot Kenzi a look and growled to remind her to be quiet. It should have been low enough that only those close to him could hear it. Dyson however didn’t realize that there was a vampire with the strangers. Almost instantly Spike had moved Willow behind him and let his demon shift forward changing his face. Both Buffy and Faith shifted into fighting stance waitiing to see what was going to happen next. Xander pulled his knife ready to join the fight if needed. For her part Willow focused on the doorway behind them, they stood a better chance if she kept more people from joining.

All the Fae noticed the Scoobies reactions. Both Dyson and Bo stepped forward ready to deal with whatever that blonde man happened to be. They knew for certain that he wasn’t human. Hale had decided however to try to end this quickly, he whistled to sedate the other group. The bad news was that it succeeded in taking out three of the five but left the slayers standing. Buffy and Faith watched their friends drop to the ground. Willow’s spell on the doorway fell . the five extra guards were able to charge in.

“Looks like nine against two B. Who gets the leftovers?” Faith smiled it had been awhile since she had had a good fight.

Buffy smirked. “Let’s flip for it.” And as if they were reading each other’s thoughts Faith launched Buffy who flipped up and over the heads of Dyson and Bo. The blonde landed swiftly on her feet quickly kicking out to sweep Dyson’s feet out from under him. He managed to dodge the kick but the deflected blow knocked over Bo instead. Bo landed with a thud.

Meanwhile Faith was focusing on the guards. he first guard that attacked her appeared to blue a shifter of some kind. HIs eyes had split pupils like a cat, and he slashed at her with retractable claws. Lucky for Faith she was faster, he tore her leather jacket and just broke he skin and was able to draw blood. Faith feinted left then rolled right toward her fallen friends. She was on her feet again with Xander’s knife in her hand. Faith aimed almost instantly throwing the weapon at the ct man before turning to deliver a roundhouse kick to the head of guy that thought he could sneak up on her.With two down and out the for the count she took a moment to see how Buffy was fairing.

Bo had taken the hit personally. Both women were entirely focused on each other. Faith watched as Bo quickly picked up on Buffy’s style and adjusted for it. After Buffy was able to get a few quick punches in actually making contact she tried a kick again. Bo struck out at the same second and caught Buffy’s foot. Bo pulled her off balance, causing Buffy to fall forward. Bo leaned in towards Buffy’s mouth. Buffy could only watch as the now glowing blue eyed woman moved in to kiss her. Faith noticed a blue mst float from Buffy to Bo’s mouth, just before the blonde slayer fell to the ground.

“Wow,” was the only thing that Bo could say before she fell to the ground landing on top of Buffy.

Trick had seen enough. Faith had injured two of the Ash’s guards in mere minutes. The remaining guards were treating the shoulder wound the knife and trying to wake the unconscious one. Trick stepped forward to stand in the middle of the two groups. “Enough, this is getting us nowhere.” When he heard the growling from Dyson he simply turned to glare out the wolf. Trick approached Faith with hands out in a peace offering.”I never meant to harm you or your friends. Please allow me a chance to try to make things right with no more bloodshed.”

“You might have meant to harm, but you dog did.” Faith was angry her friends were all out cold on the floor. Then there was the fact that the short guy was talking to her lie she was in charge. Faith did not like being in charge after the accident with the potentials back in Sunnydale.Trick however was shocked that she appeared to know what Dyson was. “Don’t look so shocked I’ve seen a werewolf before, none with that much control but still a wolf.”

“So you meet other shifters before?” Trick asked.

“No other werewolves. Now why don’t you tell me what the hell is wrong with my friends.” Faith answered.

“Those there are only sleeping. You should be able to wake them shortly. Hale told her. Armed with knowledge Faith decided that she could wake at least one of the sleeping trio. She walked over and grabbed a fistful of Spike’s shirt then punched him full force in the jaw.

Spike was up the instant that her fist made contact. “Bloody hell woman, thought we were friends. Once he was over the initial shock of his wakeup call, he noticed Willow laying on the floor next to him. He immediately checked her over. Once he was satisfied that she was just asleep he looked around noticing the remains from a fight. Faith was busy with buffy, so Spike checked Xander over. “The whelp is fine just asleep.’ he grinned as he added, “Can I wake him up now?”

Faith knew exactly what Spike was thinking. She knew that the only threat that would work. “Remember what Red did the last time you hurt Xander? And at least that was only a training accident.” She smiled as she remembered that one, Willow was reading one of the Harry Potter book at the time. She had kept her pet white ferret for a week before turning him back. To this day Dawn would call him Draco whenever Willow was upset with him.

Kenzi watched this group of strangers interact. she was surpised how like their own ragged tagge group they were. She walked further into the lab clearly looking for something particular. She walked back over to where Xander and Willow lay on the floor with a large bucket in hand. Spike already knew what she had in mind and was able to get out of the way before Kenzi emptied the five gallons on the duo.

Xander shot up gasping for breath. Willow however immediately started yelling. “Xander!” her sleep addled mind thought Xander was once again trying to restart their prank war.

“Hey I didn’t do it this time look I’m wet too.” Xander tried to defend himself. The last thing he needed was Willow and Spike teaming up to get him again.

Kenzi started laughing at his outburst. She held her hand to help him up. “I think I like your style.”

Kenzi never got a chance to say anything else, because Willow had noticed Buffy and Bo. Looking directly at Faith she asked, “Why are their auras all mixy?”

“Hell if I know Red. Looked like Bo was going to kiss her and then they both fell down”

“Bo feeds on chi. It shouldn’t have touched her aura. Normally Bo will be energized after feeding not passing out.” Trick was confused and a little worried about his granddaughter.

Willow listened and remembered that they had seen this last year. She looked up at Faith, “ Remember that Tavara demon last year, he feed on chi too.”

“Yeah Red but he dropped, not me.”

“Well he didn’t get as much of your aura as Bo got of Buffy’s/ It seems that things can’t feed off a slayer's chi. You give up a small part of your aura to overwhelm the enemy. I should be able to separate them and they’ll wake up then. But i need help.” Trick stepped forward silently offering his services. “No your aura is too much like Bo’s. Are you two related somehow?” Willow was too focused on Trick to notice the shocked faces of the others. “She can help.” Willow pointed ato Kenzi. “She has some magic, she should be able to hold a protection bubble for them while i pull the auras off to untangle them.”

Kenzi was just shocked. She didn’t feel that thre was anthing special about herself aside from her fashion sense. “You sure about that I mean I don’t want to hurt BoBo or anything.”

“It’s easy just picture a bubble surrounding them. We are just preventing other energy from getting under their auras. I’ll give you the energy you just have to focus on keeping them safe,” Willow held her hand out to Kenzi. Once their hands touched Willow slowly started to feed the younger woman the magic that the earth was giving her. “Now concentrate and picture something to keep them safe.”

“Like what an egg.” Kenzi was shaking from the power that Willow was slowlyfeeding her. Her whole body was humming in her ear, while a warmth settled in the center of er body.

“An egg shell would work, it protects the baby chicks till they are strong enough to live outside it.” Willow smiled at Kenzi. She was reminded of training the slayers that had some magic abilities. And she watched with a second sight as the barrier formed around the two fallen women. She smiled at Kenzi letting her know how good the young woman was doing. Willow took a deep breath and pulled the mixed auras free of Buffy and Bo. Once that was done she started to ntagle the knot, it took her half an hour. When Willow released the final peices to each person both women shot straight up hitting the barrier Kenzi was still holding.

“Ok Kenzi it’s safe now.” Willow told her. At some point Kenzi had started to provide the energy for the barrier on her own so Willow pulling her hand awawy did nothing.

“Sorry BoBo.” Kenzi said as she let her friend out.

“Can someone explain what happened.” Bo remembered feeding from the small blonde. The power was amazing and then nothing. She knew she was missing something. Bo looked at Dyson, the relief was evident on his face.

“If I knew I would tell you.” Dyson was as curious as Bo was to know what had happened.

“Remember that Tavara demon B?”

“Not again, it took forever to clean the purple goo out of my hair. It left my hair purple for over two months. Make Spike kill it this time, he could use some color.” Buffy liked her blonde hair and was not wanting to repeat that personal nightmare.

“Chill B, it was her,” Faith pointed at Bo before continuing “not a Tavara but they say that she feeds on chi like it.”

“I passed out this time?” She knew the answer considering the fact that she had woken up on the floor.

“You both lost too much of your auras but it’s better now.Willow was uneasy now. She wante answers and this new group only wanted info, they didn’t seem to like of idea of giving anything in return.the bartender from last night seem to be the Giles of the group so she started there. “Look we’ve tried playing nice, but Xander’s right. Why would we give you anything unless you plan on sharing too? We’ve not survived this long by just giving away our secrets.” Willow was mad she hated the double standards that so many groups in the supernatural community had.
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