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Better The Fae You Know...

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Summary: The Scooby Gang is stuck in the town of the Lost Girl crew for a few days before heading home. Little did they know that a trip to a local bar would cause so much trouble. Rating is for future parts

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Spike I need to answer that. Its Giles maybe he found something useful.” Willow was stretching over Spike trying to reach her cell phone on the nightstand on his side of the bed.

“I know that it’s the Watcher. Xander gave him that ringtone from the show X-Files that he’s always watching. He can wait.” Spike was not done with Willow. His demon demanded that he remind her not to leave him for that long again. He wasn’t hurting her his soul would let him, but he would make sure that she never wanted to be away from him. The phone had gone silent, “See I told y…” but before he could finish the sentence the phone rang again. That was the final straw for Spike he answered but before Giles could even realize that he had he was told to, “Sod off!” And with that the line went dead as Spike ended the call.

“You do know that he will Buffy or Faith come over now right?” Willow tried to glare at Spike but it was hard to stay mad at him. They had a fight about a year ago when she first found that he was alive again. Angel called to tell them the Wolfram & Hart was gone. Willow had showed up in LA talk to Angel about setting up a training house for slayers and found Spike there too.

“The old man won’t call Buffy, and Faith just spent 6 hours with me in a car. She won’t come near me till it’s time for our fieldtrip.” Spike leered at Willow lunging forward capturing her, kissing her neck. “That reminds me. It was a long trip with the slayer and she arrived in one piece. Do I get a present for my good behavior?” His attention never left that smooth column of skin, she relaxed under the light pressure of his mouth and hands.

They were both shocked back into their surroundings due to the voice coming through the door. “Open now are so help me Spike I will introduce you to Mr. Pointy. “

“Told you.” Willow got up from the bed and let Buffy in the room. “I only ask that you only injure him. He can’t train with the slayers if he became a big pile of dust.” She asked her friend.

“Answer your phone, so Giles won’t call mine for you. And please control your puppy, I don’t know what he said to Giles but I’m surprised that he hasn’t rubbed his glasses away by now. You’re the one that decided to keep him.”

“You know that I’m sitting right here slayer.”

“Yeah, I’m trying to ignore that. And by the way ….Put some clothes on.” Buffy picked up his jeans from the floor and managed to hit him in the head with them.

Willow just shook her head. This was such a change from when Buffy had first found out that Spike was still
alive, and no less in a relationship with Willow.

13 Months Ago

Willow walked into the Hyperion hoping that Angel and team were willing to join the new Watcher’s Council payroll. They needed a place on the west coast to house and train some of the younger slayers, plus LA was close enough to the Sunnydale crater to make sure that everything stayed closed. The military already tried to dig through the rumble, but that had been quick to solve. “Anyone home?” She called out.

Spike had heard the voice and thought that he was hearing things. He looked across the desk at Angel waiting to see if the other man had heard her too. Angel was enjoying watching Spike fidget, as Willow started walking through the hotel opening doors. He knew that he was going be in trouble once Willow found he had been lying to her. But his grandchilde had wanted to remind hidden from the Scoobies, but Spike should have realized that he couldn’t hide forever from them.

Slowly the doorknob to the room opened, “There you are Ang…SPIKE?” She was frozen in her tracks, Buffy had told her how he died in the pit closing the Hellmouth.

“Hello Red,” was the only thing that he could think to say.

“Well why don’t I let you two catch up.” Angel retreated from the room.

“How? Why didn’t you call? You know that Buffy wasn’t the only one that mourned your death?” Willow was near tears. She hadn’t realized how much of a friend Spike had become over the years till she told that he was gone. In his own way Spike had helped her after Oz had left and that she wouldn’t have been able to make it through the last year in Sunnydale without him. He had helped her try to live with the knowledge that she had almost ended the world. In returned she helped him accept his soul. He decided that she deserved the truth and started the story.

Once she had finished Willow looked him in the eye. “You should have called.” With that she walked out looking for Angel. She still had business with him, but that didn’t mean that she had to talk to Spike. Over the next week they reached a deal, Faith was arriving with a slayer team in another week. She would be staying to run things with Angel.

One morning Angel walked in the kitchen and found Willow finishing up her breakfast. “You should know that he was afraid. At first it was the thought of seeing Buffy, he knew that why she cared for him in the end it wasn’t love. He couldn’t face that.” Angel was tired of watching Spike brood about Willow avoiding him, he finally understood what everyone meant about himself. Angel knew Spike well enough to know why Willow’s silent treatment was bothering the younger vampire so much. “You should know how much your friendship met to him. You were the only reason that the others agreed to help him after he got the chip. I owe you for taking care of my family when I failed him.”

“Fine, I understand the Buffy thing. But if I meant so much to him why wouldn’t he let me know that he was alive again. I needed him and he left me but I forgave him because he died saving us, saving the world. I pulled major mojo activating all the slayers. I still struggle with my magic I feel the pull of both the light and the dark. I needed someone that would understand and he was gone.” Willow was crying she never planned to let anyone know how much she had grown to love Spike. Unrequited love was something that she could deal with, she had years of experience. She turned her back to Angel to hide the emotions in her face.

Willow didn’t have to say it out loud for Angel to know how she felt. One thing that Spike had taught him as Angelus was love. He knew that given half a chance that Spike would love her in return, if only she would give him half a chance. “If you needed him then maybe he could still help.” He was gone before she turned around.

Willow sought out Spike after that. “I feel the power and sometimes I think I could do it know you know, bring her back to me. But I it not’s fair, she’s at peace now it would be wrong to do that to her. I needed to have just one person to remind me that I wasn’t alone, someone not afraid or using me for my power. Even now the Buffy and Xander still get a little freaked out when I use magic.”

Spike looked up as she started speaking unsure of how to respond. It reminded of the months in the basement before the final fight with the First. She told him things that the others were afraid to hear, how could they understand the pull of that much power. “You’re right she deserves to be at peace. She was a good person Red, she never belonged on the Hellmouth she was better than that place.”

“Yeah she was, wasn’t she?” Willow whispered around the tears now freely falling. “I glow now sometimes when I do major magics like what I did with the scythe, but you didn’t see that did you?”

Spike realized why she had changed the subject and it wouldn’t help either of them to continue. “No I didn’t, maybe you can show me sometime. Blue thinks that I’m her pet. So things change we just have to learn to change with them.”

He moved forward to hug her but once she was in his arms he couldn’t stop himself. The kiss was soft and hesitant at first but deepen. They both needed the unquestionable acceptance of another. Illyria found them several hours later asleep together on the couch, she didn’t understand why but she was glad to see someone caring for her pet. There were things that Spike needed that she could not give him, hopefully the red head wouldn’t hurt him.

The next week went well the new couple spend all their free time together. But they still hadn’t talked about the elephant in the room till the night before Faith’s arrival. “We have to tell her. We can’t hide from her forever.”

“And why not?” Spike was not happy being reminded that with slayers coming Buffy would found out about him, about them.

“It will be easier if we tell her instead of hearing about it from one of the kids. You know that we can’t forbid them to talk about it, which will only make it worse.”

“Fine but you know she won’t be happy. And I reserve the right to tell you I told you so.”
With a kiss to his check she answered, “I would disappointed if you didn’t. So how about a shower before we tell her.”

After they were dressed for the night she called Buffy. “Hey Buff yeah I needed to talk to you. Are you alone right now? Good there’s something that you need to know but I need you to promise to hear me out ok?” Once Willow had received reassurances from her friend she tighten her grip on Spike’s hand and they disappeared from the Hyperion. Spike suddenly found himself standing in Buffy’s private rooms in the Cleveland house.

“Please don’t hurt him.” was the first thing out of Willow’s mouth. She was afraid of how Buffy would react to seeing Spike.

“Why because he wouldn’t tell me that he was back or that he let Andrew know first?” Buffy had a feeling as to what Willow was going to tell her. Andrew wasn’t able to keep secrets, but she had figured that he would see her when he was ready. “Andrew was only able to avoid me for about two days before he told me that you and Angel been in Rome.”

“Oh right, about that I tried to see you but you were out on a date so…” Spike didn’t know what to say. He had loved Buffy but she hadn’t loved him back. That didn’t mean that she didn’t care just that she had meant more to him than he did to her. Willow on the other already loved him and he was falling for her. They shared a desire to be better than the darkness that called to them. He moved forward toward Buffy, having to let go Willow’s hand.

That movement drew the blonde’s eyes to watch as the couple let the other go. Buffy realized then why Willow had teleported them to her instead of just doing this over the phone. “So was it ever real Spike? Did you mean anything that you said to me?”

“Of course I did. But I know now that I was just a substitute for Angel. You needed to prove that it wasn’t your fault that it wouldn’t work with him, but his. You needed a vampire to prove your theory.” Spike was bitter. He was right Buffy had used him in many ways. It had hurt him so he lashed out and hurt her with his words.

“Willow’s just a way to prove that it was my fault than. I mean if you can have something with her than I’m the one that’s broken right?” Buffy had pulled Mr. Pointy from somewhere and stood before Spike ready to rid herself and the world of the bleached menace. She risked a look and Willow and realized her mistake. “Just leave before one of us makes things any worse. I’ll call you Wills, I just need time.” With that said she left her room. Buffy knew that her friendship would survive with both of them but first she had to get over her own feelings of betrayal.

“Just call him back he sounded like he had found something info for you. I’ll you two in Xander’s room with Faith so we can get lunch before we deal with these people.”

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