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Better The Fae You Know...

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Summary: The Scooby Gang is stuck in the town of the Lost Girl crew for a few days before heading home. Little did they know that a trip to a local bar would cause so much trouble. Rating is for future parts

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8
“They are appear to be on the up and up. The official reports all say that the town collapsed after a gas line explosion opened up several underground caverns. But that isn’t the weirdest things by a long shot.” Hale was sitting at the bar trying to figure out how to explain what Dyson and he had found.

“Something was happening in that town. I know that they said it was a Hellmouth, but Trick that doesn’t even begin to explain things.” Dyson had been shocked by how blind the local police had been. “For one thing the leading cause of death was barbeque fork wounds that resulting in blood loss.”

“Yeah if barbeque forks were the weapon of choice of gangs on PCP.” Hale replied. “Trick man I’m telling you these three kids are lucky to survived high school. The year book I found online had obituary section that was larger than the senior class. And the how about the school blowing on graduation day.”

Trick listened to the two police detectives. He realized that they recognized a cover up police report when they saw on. That was the main reason the fae kept people like them in their job. They could easily lead the fae problems to dead ends so that humans wouldn’t discover the fae. Trick also knew that both men did what had to be done, but that didn’t mean they liked it. This just reminded them of their own deceptions. “How about the individuals?”

“Xander was easy. He was born and raised in Sunnydale worked construction before the town collapsed. There was a number of police reports of domestic abuse calls when he was younger. But they stopped around 98.” Hale answered. “Willow had some NSA files, they suspected her of hacking several government databases but they could never prove it. Plus if it was her she only looked at some basic reports and blueprints. Now that Buffy girl, has some issues.”

“What do you mean?” The more that Trick heard the more questions that he had.

“Her freshman year of high school she burned the gym down during a school dance in Los Angles. She did a stint in an alyssum after that. In Sunnydale things were worse. According to the police reports she fought with the gang on PCP during parent teacher night. She was questioned regarding a rocket launcher that had been stolen from a local military base used in the local mall. They never charged her for it because no one was injured the only some unexplained blue goo was found at the scene. There was a lot that she left out of her history.” Dyson wouldn’t have been able to believe half of the reports that he read if he hadn’t seen her face of with Tamsin.

“Now that’s fire power.” Of course would Kenzi would focus the rocket launcher. “I wonder if she still has it?” Tamsin grinned silently agreeing with Kenzi. If the story was true at least Buffy was willing to think outside the box to get her mark.

Trick was starting to get concerned at hearing the news that the two women had police files. “How about their families? Their parents have to be fae or they’re adopted right?” Bo asked. Of course Bo would be the one to think of this detail with her background.

“With Buffy you’re right, but I already know that Willow is sidhe. The sidhe could have fae children with humans. Even if the pairing did result in a human child they could in turn produce a sidhe further down the bloodline. It’s part of what makes them so powerful, it’s also what makes their disappearance so hard to explain.” Trick knew that hearing this would be hard for Kenzi. The young woman had a hard time recovering after the druid had finished with her. The worst part was how he had got her hopes up.

“Yeah we thought about that. Buffy’s mother, Joyce Young Summers died of cancer. Her father Hank Summers moved out east a few years back. He works in advertising but seems ordinary. No records for either in the fae databases for the light at least.” Dyson was all business. He knew that they had to be alert, the whole situation seemed off to him. There was too much missing information.

“Willow’s parents are highly respected, published psychologists. Her father Ira is from a well-respected Jewish family that immigrated after World War II. Her mother Shelia though changed her name the summer before she started attending Harvard and not just her first name. Deidre McCionaoith became Shelia McKenna. But that’s not the oddest thing, only other thing that we found on Deidre McCionaoith was a birth certificate.” Dyson even called in a few favors at that point trying to find something more on the woman. He had found pictures of the Rosenbergs thanks to the jackets of their books but he didn’t think that they would be useful in any way.

“Well it appears as if we have found an answer and yet another question.” Trick said. “Who are Deidre’s parents?”

“Mother’s name is Maeve McCionaoith and father unknown. No records for Maeve at all.” Hale answered. “How does a woman just appear to have a kid and then disappear again?”

Trick remembered a Maeve back at the Unseelie court. Maeve was the daughter of Mab the queen. Maeve had been quiet compared to her family. Her mother called her soft, always reminding her that humans were nothing more than animals. There were rumors that Maeve’s father was other human or a member of the Seelie court. Mab would admit to neither, either option was beneath her standing as queen. Trick had talked with Maeve she had taught him many things over the years. He still remembered the last time that he saw her, it was actually the last time he had seen a sidhe. He had received a message to meet her by the lake, she was secretive that day. Maeve had told him how much he taught her of humans and how things could be different if both sides worked together. He had thought it was odd at the time that she would wish him luck in his future. Trick had returned home to find that both the Seelie and Unseelie courts were empty. Maybe he had found the granddaughter of a long lost friend, if he could only prove it.

“Well at least we’re not going in blind this time. I mean the Garuda and Bo’s old man, how bad can it be?” Kenzi had confidence for whole group.

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