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Another kind of princess

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Summary: Buffy gets a slightly different princess costume

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Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS or Gladius. Btvs is Joss Whedon's,Fable belongs to Lionhead Studios and Gladius belongs to LucasArts.

A/N:Gladius is a very good game and should recieve the Xbox Live Arcade treatment or
be backwards compatible on the 360.
A sequel would be great but it doesnt seem to be in the cards.

Buffy was flipping through the costumes at Ethan's, Snyder had forced the Scoobies to escort kids
in costume. She wasn't overly upset as she had some money lying around for a costume, it was just
she wanted to spend it with Angel.

Well, she kept flipping through the rack and gave up for now. Maybe she'd find Willow a good
costume first and then an idea would hit her. Buffy walked up to Willow and smacked her hand as
she was reaching for a ghost costume.

"No! Willow you'll never get noticed if you keep hiding under a sheet." Buffy exclaimed.

"But Buffy! It's a classic!" Willow exclaimed.

"Willow,Halloween is come as you aren't night. It's the one night where a girl can look sexy and
have no consequences." Buffy stated dragging her friend over to a Little Red Riding Hood costume.

"But, wild and sexy on me equals spaz." Willow said struggling.

Harmony brushed by the girls carrying a princess dress.

Buffy looked at Willow stating.

"Harmony got what I wanted to wear, thus you are wearing this." The Slayer thrust the outfit into
the redhead's arms.

"Excuse me, but did you say you didn't get your choice?" A voice behind Buffy said.

The Blonde Slayer yelped and spun; only to come face to face with a shopkeeper.

"I always try to get my customers the costumes they want. Tell me did you want to go as a princess
perchance?" the shopkeeper drawled.

"Yes,yes I did. But Harmony took the last dress."Buffy said.

"Well, some princesses never wore dresses. I happen to have the furs worn by a barbarian princess."
the shopkeeper said.

"Great! I'll go as that instead."Buffy said.

"Good. I'll wrap it up and have it at the counter for you." the shopkeeper smiled as he retreated
behind the counter, at least this would cause chaos. Not as much as a eighteenth century noblewoman,
but enough to make Janus happy.

Several hours later.

Ursula was sure this was a trick, maybe a Galdr trick for she had never seen trees that shone like daylight.
Nor had she ever seen mounds of metal in strange shapes, some had names like Ford or Chevy on them.
Right now she needed to focus on battle tactics, maybe she'd find Jeanne or Urlan quickly.
Or she could run into Katre or Kaethe, that would be better than running into spear-in-the-mud Lampolo.

Ursula couldn't hear the familiar battle cries of her new bodyguard's school so she kept walking along the roads
that seemed to be cleansed for a local celebration.

A scream erupted from a side street and she took off towards the source figuring her brother to be there.

No it was a woman cowering from one of the lumps of metal.

Ursula grimmaced and walked over to the woman.

"You do know it's just an inanimate hulk of metal right?" she said to the simpering blonde.

"What does it want?" The blonde asked.

Ursula did something she had seen Master Usus do many a time, she palmed her face with her hand.

"It does not want anything, it is a lump of metal." she said exasperated.

Shakily, the blonde stood even in height with Ursula.

"Then if you'll point me in the direction of my father's castle I'll journey towards it." the blonde said.

"Well it seems we are both in a strange place, I am Princess Ursula of Nordagh." Ursula said extending her hand.

"It seems nobility should stick together, I am Lady Elizabeth Noseworthy the Second." the newly named Lady Elizabeth curtsied, whilst ignoring the proferred arm.

"We need to find a dwelling to secure ourselves in while we figure out what to do next." Ursula said.

Barely a minute later, a redhead in a red cloak carrying a picnic basket walked up to Ursula.

"You seem like you need help, let's go to my Grandmother's maybe she can help you; she is very wise." the redhead said before skipping off in the direction of Casa de Summers.

Ursula and Lady Elizabeth looked at each other and followed the redhead.

"Hear that boys? Somewhere out there is the sweetest meat you ever tasted and tonight it's easy to get." Spike said as he let out a wolf howl.

A pack of mini-demons followed him, cackling amongst themselves.

Little Red Riding Hood opened the door in front of the group and pranced in. The lady and the princess followed, not expecting Little Red Riding Hood to set down her basket and pull out a woodsman's axe.

"Ladies, barricade the door; we must prepare to defend ourselves against Balverines." the formerly frolicking femme said as she sprinkled silver dust on the axe and said several words before the axe glowed.

Ursula barricaded the doors and windows like her father's men had taught her and searched for a suitable weapon. Finding a decent sword, she raised it into the air and intoned a short prayer to the Affinity Gods.

Shortly there was a banging at the door and in flew a green skinned thing. Disdaining the use of the sword, she kicked it and it flew back out the door. Which she slammed shut, only to notice

Lady Elizabeth had fled. Muttering under her breath she ran out the door, and she saw Lady Elizabeth in the grip of a blonde haired bandit of some kind.

"Oi bint! I just want me another Slayer on me belt no need to fight." Spike said. Ursula didn't care, she threw her sword, which hit Spike in the arm and failed to stick in.

Normally, you'd just have one pissed vampire and you'd be short a weapon, however Ursula had channelled the power of the Light Affinity into it so once it hit Spike he recoiled from the now holy sword. When Spike recoiled, he dropped Harmony and that was when a wave of magic decided to wash over Sunnydale.

Old personalities surfaced and Spike fled before the Slayer who had pitched a holy sword at him recovered.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Another kind of princess" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Apr 13.

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