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This story is No. 3 in the series "I Choose You". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A semi prequel to my story, I choose You. How the Slayers & Watchers Council International met the SGC It also fleshes out my OC, Eddie Mullen a bit more.

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredVTBrowncoatFR1839,263093,86926 Apr 1326 Apr 13No

Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Joss, Owns em’. I’m just playing. No money being made.


A/N: A semi prequel to my story, I choose You. How the Slayers&Watchers Council International met the SGC It also fleshes out my OC, Eddie Mullen a bit more.




Chapter Three


Lieutenant General Jonathan 'Jack' O’Neill sighed and rubbed his face. Why the hell had he taken this posting? Head of Homeworld Security? He could have retired and be fishing right now. Maybe with Sam if she had leave. Instead he had some meeting with an NGO he had never heard of before. And the orders to reveal the Stargate program to them came from the top. Not only the President but from the IOA as well.

The intercom on his desk buzzed, “Colonel Davis to see you, Sir,”

“Send him in, Robert,” Jack replied. He was fairly informal with his staff. At least the air force members. He still gave Major Miller a bit of a hard time. Being a marine and all.

The door opened and Col. Davis stepped inside. Standing at attention. Jack sighed, “Have a seat, Paul.”

The colonel sat down and relaxed slightly. He and Jack had known each other for years, “Col. Carter and most of SG-1 will be arriving shortly. The Hammond is in orbit and just beamed them up.”

Jack nodded. The only good thing about this disruption of his normally hectic day was that he'd get to at least see and talk with Sam. And, well he always had time for Danny. He looked his aide in the eye, “Just who the hell is this SWCI and why does the IOA and President Ryan think they need to know about the SGC?”

Paul took a deep breath to organize his thoughts, “Because, the SWCI is just as important as the SGC is for keeping the world spinning.”

“Say again?”

Col. Davis handed the General a manilla folder. The outside edges outlined in red and white tape. A 'TOP SECRET' stamp was also splashed over the cover. He looked at his hands for a moment and then in his boss' eyes, “What you will read inside that file is not a joke. It's all too real. Not only is it something that only the President and Vice president are briefed on. Along with a few select others. I have personal knowledge about what is in there.”

Jack nodded and began to read. Col Davis could tell where the General was in his reading by the slowly darkening expression on his face. After about twenty minutes. Jack looked up. His face thunderous.

“Tell me this... Initiative was an NID op... not the regular military...”

“NID all the way.”

“And this... Buffy Summers? Who names their kid Buffy?”

“She is the Co- Director of the SWCI. You'll be meeting her at sixteen hundred.”

“And she started doing this at fifteen? Heck, your niece is fifteen.”

The colonel nodded, “Yes sir.”


“About sums it up, Sir.”

“What about your personal knowledge, Paul?”

Col. Davis took a nervous breath. Jack had to have mentioned Margie, “As you read, Sir. Slayers are called as teens... Margie... is a Slayer...”

“WHAT!” Jack thundered. Outside in the outer office, Jess Cavendish winced slightly as her slayer hearing picked up the General's bellow.

“The magic that called all the slayers during the fall of Sunnydale is still out there. About fifteen to twenty new girls are called every year. The SWCI trains them.”

“They have an army of super powered teenage girls...”

“Essentially. An army that fights the supernatural.”

“And you let your god damn niece go out there and fight these... monsters?”

“Margie doesn't go out alone,” Paul replied sternly, “Minimum is two. There are only three slayers in the immediate DC area. One is the DC lead slayer, her deputy and then Margie.”

“Who's the deputy... if you can tell me, that is...”

“She said I could, Sir. It's Captain Cavendish...”

Jack blinked hard then looked at his aide, “You don't mean, Lieutenant Cavendish...”

“Per presidential order, Jessica Cavendish has been promoted to Captain. She is to be the new SWCI Liaison Officer.”

“And when were you going to tell me my PA and helicopter pilot had been promoted? And she's one of these... Slayers?”

“I'm informing you now, Sir. And yes... Captain Cavendish is a Slayer.”

“Oh for crying out loud!”

A slightly flushed Eddie left his and Buffy's room while Buffy availed herself of a little mouthwash in the bathroom. On the sofa, Jon smirked at the older man, “Nooner?”

Eddie sighed, “You know that plan we had?”

Jon's face fell, “You asked her?”

“She found the ring...”


Eddie looked at the slightly crestfallen look on his friend's face. A small smile spread across his own, “She said yes...”

Jon's eyes lit up and a slow grin appeared on his face, “Congratulations.”


“Thanks for what?” Dawn asked as she entered the living room from her and Jon's bedroom in the suite.

“Just a compliment,” Eddie replied slyly.

“Uh-huh,” Dawn scowled, “Pull the other one...”

“Dawn!” Buffy's voice called out from the bedroom, “Get in here!”

“Cat's outta the bag,” Jon whispered so that only Eddie could hear him as Dawn turned on her heel and headed in Buffy's direction.

“Gotta happen sometime. Not like that rock is hard to miss...”

“One I got Dawn is bigger,” Jon grinned.

“By a quarter carat...”

Eddie was cut off by a girlish squeal from the master bedroom followed by Dawn yelling, “Jon! Eddie proposed! And Buffy said YES!”

Eddie was then tackle hugged by Dawn as she ran into the room, “Now you'll really by my brother... well brother in law anyway.”

Eddie returned the hug, “Guess so.”

Dawn released Eddie and turned her attention to her boyfriend, “So... when are you going to ask me?”

Eddie snorted in amusement while Jon looked like a deer caught in a set of headlights, “Uhhhhhh...”

“I know you got the ring, Dufus. I saw the receipt from the jewelry store...”

“Busted,” Eddie grinned.

Dawn glared at Jon, tapping her foot, “Well?”

“Tomorrow night...” Jon trailed off.

“We had a plan,” Eddie interjected, “Which Buffy disrupted slightly by finding her ring...”

“Yes,” Dawn stated.


“I said, yes,” Dawn smiled.

“You mean...” Jon stammered.

“Go get the damn thing, Jon... before I change my mind!” Dawn ordered.

Jon was off the sofa in a flash. Seconds later he returned with a small ring box. With a nervous grin, Jon dropped to one knee, “Dawn Summers. Would you marry me?”

Dawn grinned, even though a tear was running down her cheek, “I already said yes.”

Jon grinned, “Just making sure.”

Buffy slid up next to her brand new Fiancee, “Seems to be going around.”

Yup,” Eddie grinned before giving Buffy a quick kiss.

Jon slid the ring onto Dawn's finger before standing back up. Dawn through her arms around him and kissed him soundly, “Wasn't so hard.”

Jon smiled back, “Not as hard as the first time...”

Buffy's face suddenly clouded, “What do you mean, not as hard as the first time?”

“Oops,” Jon smiled.

“Don't worry about it, Buffy,” Dawn replied at her scowling sister, “Jon's just the clone of the Air Force general we're meeting. Jon was cloned by aliens...”

Buffy blinked. Then blinked again, “What?”

“Dawwwwn,” Jon drawled.

“Just like I'm really a modified clone of you, sister dear,” Dawn grinned.

“What?” Eddie gasped.

Dawn grinned, “If we were home, Xander, Willow and Kennedy would be watching and eating popcorn right now...”

“And Rupert would be polishing his glasses to a new prescription,” Eddie chuckled.

“Aliens?” Buffy squeaked.

“That's what This meeting we're going to is all about I think. Should be a hoot when I walk into Jack's office as a rep of the SWCI...” Jon grinned.

“Homeworld Security,” Dawn mused, “Hey... Isn't Jess Cavendish working in that office?”

“Who?” Jon asked.

“Jess Cavendish,” Buffy replied, “Second oldest Slayer called when Willow cast the spell. She was at the Air Force Academy. She's the deputy for the DC Slayer house.”

“Isn't Rona training down here?” Eddie asked.

“Yeah,” Buffy nodded, “Getting a handle on the admin side before taking over Detroit.”

“And finishing the field training for Margie Davis.”

“Who?” Jon asked. It was just too much of a coincidence that Lt. Colonel Paul “Disaster” Davis' niece whom the colonel and his wife had cared for since the death of the girl's parents, was named Margie.

“Margie Davis. She got called two years ago. When she was thirteen. After her parents were attacked and killed by a Yoclo'toth Demon.”

“Ohhh Shit,” Jon muttered, “Does Margie live with her aunt and uncle?” Uncle is in the Air Force?”

“Yeah...” Dawn replied.

“Crap,” Jon swore, “I know Margie. Paul Davis, her Uncle used to be the Pentagon liaison for the... project I'm assuming you are going to be read in about today.”

Buffy scowled. She remembered meeting the colonel a couple of times. He seemed a good man and didn't give her any Initiative like vibes, “This... Davis...”

Jon interrupted, “Paul is one of the good guys.”

Buffy then looked hard at Jon, “I trust you... or I did. Clone?”

“Not my fault. Alien cloned me as a replacement for Jack. But something in Jack's DNA screwed it up. Instead of coming out as a 47 year old Colonel. I came out as a fifteen year old teenager with the memories of said colonel.”

“So that's how you know how to fly damn near everything...” Eddie replied.

“And why you, Eddie and Giles get along so well,” Dawn replied with a smile, “You're all mentally, contemporaries.”

“Dawn's your clone?” Eddie asked.

“Sort of... it's all kind of a... thing...” Buffy said in an unsure tone of voice.

Further conversation was interrupted by a knock at the door. With a sigh Eddie went to the peep hole and then opened the door, “Riley, Sam.”

The two officers entered, “You guys all ready to go?” Samantha Fin asked.

Buffy took a deep breath and nodded, “This can wait,” She said to Eddie, Dawn and Jon, “Lets go meet the General.”

“Kind of hard to believe, Sir,” Samantha Carter said to her superior.

“Mankind has had stories and myths about the undead and demons for as long as there has been history,” Daniel observed. “Even cultures as diverse as the Aborigines and Celts. All of them have quite similar themes.”

“Magic?” Sam replied, “I can't...”

“Believe it, Sam,” Paul Davis interjected, “I've seen what a powerful witch can do first hand.”

“But...” Sam started to protest.

“Willow Rosenberg is, according to consensus, the most powerful magic practitioner on the planet.”

Jack scoffed, “She sounds like a witch... Willow?” Sam smiled and nodded in agreement

Col. Davis smirked, “Willow Rosenberg has an IQ of 148. Has a masters in computer engineering and is currently working on her doctorate in the same. She also has a bachelors in physics. Hell, with her qualifications, we should be recruiting her for the SGC. Microsoft tried to poach her in high school.”

Sam was surprised, “How old is she?” imagining a hippie like woman in her late thirties.

“Rosenberg is twenty six. As is Ms. Summers.”

“Just kids,” Daniel replied.

Vala just sat in her chair. Remaining quiet for the most part. Cam Mitchel was still going over the files Davis had handed out.

“Any comments, Mitchel?” the general asked.

“Not really sir. Other than I'd love to have a couple of slayers in the SGC.”

“Hank said the same,” Jack replied. Referring to Hank Landry. The current commander of the SGC.

“Are they all little girls?” Vala asked.

“Not all,” Paul replied. But the youngest I've heard of was called at age nine.”

“Son of a bitch,” Cameron whispered.

“I refuse to believe it until I see proof,” Sam stated.

“The SWCI has already arranged for a little show and tell tonight.”

“That's why I wanted you all to bring some civies,” Jack added.

“I wondered about that, Sir. Unless we were going out after the meeting...” Sam smiled at Jack.

“Might need a drink or two after anyway,” Jack smiled back. Meanwhile Daniel, Vala, Paul and Cam all mentally rolled their eyes at the not so subtle flirting between Jack and Sam.

“I don't know why you all insist on these stupid, non-fraternization rules,” Vala huffed while looking pointedly at Daniel. The archeologist blushed slightly.

Jack grinned at the discomfort his friend was showing at Vala's comment. Then he saw the slight blush on Sam's face and mentally sighed. He needed to retire and then he could actually chase after Sam... Another year... maybe.

“The SWCI representatives should be arriving in a few minutes,” Col. Davis stated, “I'll take Captain Cavendish and meet them first. Buffy is very distrustful of the military. A few friendly faces should help.”

“After that mess of the Initiative, I don't blame her,” Cameron stated.

“Ditto,” Jack agreed, “Paul. Go get em.”

“Sir,” the colonel replied as he stood to attention and then left the office.

Jack grinned at Danny, “Play with any cool rocks lately, Danny?”

Dr. Daniel Jackson just rolled his eyes.

Buffy, Eddie, Dawn and Jon stepped out of the van. Followed a moment later by Riley and Sam. Waiting for them were two USAF officers.

“Jessie!” Dawn called out to the female officer waiting.

“Hey, Dawn,” Jessica Cavendish said as she accepted a hug from the woman. She turned to Buffy, “Hiya Boss.”

Buffy just rolled her eyes, “Hi, Jess.”

“Boss?” Sam asked.

Jessica stood straighter, “What most of us call her, Ma'am.”

Sam just grinned while Buffy sighed, “Better than what some of the other girls call me...”

“Queen bitch?” Dawn teased.

Eddie shook his head and shared a look with the grinning Riley. He then held out his hand, “Colonel Davis. Nice to see you again.”

“Mr. Mullen,” Paul replied, shaking the offered hand.

“Heya, Paul,” Jon said with a smirk. A smirk that was all Jack O'Neill.


“Sir,” Jess began, “We need to get a move on. The General is waiting.”

“Right, Captain,” Paul replied, “If you would all follow me?”

Falling into line, the group followed the Colonel into the edifice that was the Pentagon.

“You gotta be kidding me!” Jack exclaimed as he saw who led the way into the small conference room next to his office.

“Hiya, Jack” Jon grinned.

“Jon?” Sam asked as the group filed into the room.

“Hi, Sam,” Jon replied before giving her a quick hug. Dawn only growled slightly. Jon then turned, “Danny. You're looking good.”

“You too.”

“Introductions, Jon?” Eddie asked.

“Right,” Jon said with a smile, “May I present, Ms. Buffy Summers. Deputy Director of the SWCI. Dawn Summers, Head Researcher. Edward Mullen, Assistant Operations Manager and SWCI Chief Pilot. Major Riley Finn and Lt. Commander Samantha Finn. DRI.”

The group all sat down. Including Colonel Davis and Captain Cavendish, “What are you doing at the SWCI, Jon?” Daniel asked.

“Deputy Chief Pilot.”

“And starting Monday, teaching the girls small unit tactics,” Buffy said with a glare.

“Buffy...” Jon whined.

“I asked you if you had any other skills besides being a pilot when you were briefed in...”

“Fine... after my Monday classes.”

Jack cleared his throat,” Are we done?”

“Sorry, general,” Buffy apologized, “We tend to be a little informal.”

“More fun that way,” Vala said with a grin.

“You told them?” Jack thundered.

Jon rolled his eyes, “Relax, Jack. I told them this morning. Since my... status came up.”

“Perhaps we can get on with the briefing,” Col Davis said.

Jack sighed, “Fine... Danny? Your show...”

Daniel cleared his throat, “In 1928. At Giza...”



The End?

You have reached the end of "Meetings" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Apr 13.

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