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Life Without A Heartbeat

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Summary: The day started as any other, until an accident changes everything and she wakes up with a painful burning her throat, a thirst that cannot be denied... (Non-Buffy. OC/Julian. Rated for future content)

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Television > Kindred: the EmbracedcloudleonsgurlFR21523,4330161,15430 Apr 1324 Sep 13No

NOTE: This story is rated FR21 which is above your chosen filter level. You can set your preferred maximum rating using the drop-down list in the top right corner of every page.

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is for amusement, and Kindred and any of it’s characters, belong to their respected owner which I am not. OCs are mind.


One: Vampire’s have pulses when feeding and after feeding for brief period of time while fresh blood is in their veins. I have my reasons for this, don’t like it, ignore it or don’t read.

Two: (In the show vampires can go out in sunlight after consuming blood) this differs from the game. I’m going with the show’s way for plot purposes, adding that vampires can go out in the sun (without blood) for a brief period of time, before the burning becomes too much.

Pairings: Eventually JulianOC, mentions of Julian and others, mentions of OC and others, CashSasha, Sonny?, Frank?, Lilli?, Kevin?

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‘In Which the Main Character Bites it!’

She was dying.

She was dying and all she could think was: Three leaf clovers weren’t lucky.

In fact, she was pretty certain they were the just the opposite, cursed with bad lucky. Why did she think this? Here she was dying, not even five minutes after getting one. The sweet gesture didn’t seem so sweet anymore. With all the searing pain and broken bones, she could find anything sweet in this.

Perhaps she should backpedal here and explain.

Running, she was running as fast as her feet could take her. Her heart was racing, and she was running. Because if she didn’t…if she didn’t… Raelyn Evans didn’t know what woke her up, nor could she remember the nightmare that had plagued her. All she knew was that her cobalt eyes shot open, and she forced down the sudden bile rising in her throat. Tears trickled down the sides of her face and she tried to shake off the feeling of blind panic.

‘Deep breaths, in…out…and repeat…’ Slowly the tightening in her chest eased and she just felt exhausted. “What time is it?” She wiped her the tears on the back of her hand, then glanced over at the clock. It was only five o’clock in the morning.

God, no wonder she felt like crap. This was earlier then she ever woke up. Pushing herself up, she stretched much like a cat running her fingers through her wavy dark auburn hair and threw the covers off when suddenly a noise echoed through the small home. Her eyes snapped to the doorway and her body froze, breath catching in her throat. Tilting her head, she strained to hear something amongst the silence…

Her shoulders went to relax, and she was about to shrug it off when…Ekkk. The noise happened again.

Someone was in her house. Reaching down, she grabbed the bat she kept by her bedside ever since she moved to San Francisco in fear of someone breaking in. Like they were now. She quietly made her way off the bed and opened her bedroom door just as quietly. Mentally she applauded herself for wearing socks to bed for her feet made no noise against the hallways floor as she shuffled towards the noises and movement. Her eyes narrow angrily and she paused, as a shadow was cast on the opposite side of the hallway. Someone was coming towards the hallway!

She pressed herself up the opposing wall watching the shadow grow and held up the baseball bat like she was going to swing a home run. Come on you mother fu--, the thought was cut off when saw shoes, and she swung.

There was a loud scream and a expensive camera dropped to the floor. A blonde man stood his hands held up in the air and he stared at her in horror. She sighed dropping her bat to her side, “Don’t you know how to knock or were you raised in a barn? Or better yet how did you get into my house without a key?”

“I used the spare you keep in the old, moldy shoe on the porch. What are you doing? Playing Babe Ruth?” The man asked, his green eyes dropping to the bat at her side.

“What are you doing here, Kevin?” She asked, glaring.

“I came to take pictures of the bridge since you have such a good view from your roof,” Keven informed her.

“And you couldn’t do that, oh, I don’t know? At a reasonable hour and without breaking and entering?” She sarcastically shot at him.

“I wanted to catch the sunrise,” he explained, then glanced at his camera then sent her glare. “If it’s broke, I’ll kill you.”

“Not my fault you’re a creeper,” Raelyn stated, moving past him and down the hallway. She walked into her kitchen putting down the bat in order to pick up the cat food dish off the floor and as soon it clinked on the counter top a loud meow erupted from under the couch. Out from underneath, a black blur shot out and the cat stopped in front of its blow, its green eyes peering soulfully up at Raelyn. She raised an eyebrow then got a can of cat food, and poured into the bowl. “Baelfire, you demanding little thing,” she murmured, giving him a gentle pat on the head. She then made her way to cabinets and pulled out two cups.

“You know,” Kevin said, coming into the kitchen checking his camera all the while, “you shouldn’t be throwing stone at people who have surprises in store for you.”

She paused in making coffee and slowly craned her head at him, eyeing him warily. “What kind of surprise? A good one or a bad one?”

“A good one,” he admitted easily. “I figure it’s a nice change of pace from the bad ones I always leave around for you to find.”

To celebrate her move to San Francisco, a drunken Kevin had decided to hide eggs…all around her house. For two months, she found them and the house smelt like rotting eggs for even longer. Raelyn crossed her arms over her chest, “Really?”

“Really,” he promised, taking the cup of coffee she offered and the two set towards the stairs. They crawled out her bedroom window and onto the roof. Raelyn had to admit, she saw why Kevin wanted pictures of the sunrise.

It was breathtaking.

The morning light glistening on the San Francisco Bay. The Golden Gate Bridge looked like liquid fire from the sunlight beaming off of it. “Wow,” she admired, sipping on her coffee with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

Kevin was busily clicking away at his camera.

She sighed closing her eyes, taking in the nice California air. There was something to be said about the West Coast, it gave her a sense of peace and wistfulness that she hadn’t felt for a long time. It was moments like these where she was happy that she took the risk and made the move. It was exactly what she needed.

“It’s a far cry from little old Brilliance, ain’t it?” Kevin grinned catching her serene look and even took a picture before she opened her eyes. He quickly turned the camera back to the sunset.

Raelyn nodded. “It sure is.”

Kevin and her had grew up together in Brilliance, Kentucky. It had been a small town with a population barely raking over a thousand people. And in that town, Kevin and Raelyn had met when they were children and had been friends ever since. Kevin being the older of the two moved away years before she ever took the steps. It was only five months ago, that Raelyn finally managed to break away from her small Kentucky home and branch out. And when she got to San Francisco, Kevin had been her welcoming committee.

“Say cheese.”

She shot him a look before rapidly blinking when a bright flash blinded her. Realizing what happened, she scowled swiping a hand at him half-heartedly, “Hey!”

“Ow!” He rubbed his arm where she got him. “You are so abusive. Okay, Okay?” He held up his hands in surrender. “No more pictures.”

Raelyn sniffed. “Good. You know I hate my pictures being taken. Especially this early in the morning. I probably look like a raccoon.” She reached up rubbing her tired eyes. “You mention something about a surprise?”

“Oh! Yea,” he grinned broadly at her. “I got you an interview.”

“Really?” She turned wide eyes on him.

“Yep. I know how you’ve been looking for something so you can quit the gas station since you’re boss is a dick. So, I got you an interview at Luna Corp for tomorrow morning at 11.” He gave a little tilt to his head, and shrugged. “You have the necessary qualifications with computers and typing, I told a buddy of mine about you and he told me yesterday you got an interview!”

“Kevin,” Raelyn looked at him in shock, and touched, “I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, thank you would be a good start,” he teased.

“Thank you!” She threw her arms around him in a tight hug.

“Ah! Careful! I did not plan for falling off a roof today!”

The sun had long since risen in the sky, and Raelyn had gotten ready for work. She slipped on her coat and grabbed her purse before heading towards the door where Kevin lingered. He complained, “I wish you would let me drive you to work.”

“You can’t afford to be late to your photo shoot, it’s a big thing for you and I am not letting you possibly mess that up, big sister,” she laughed when he grimaced at his nickname. “Besides, I don’t trust you’re driving skills.”

“Hey, I have my permit,” Kevin defended.

“Yea, key word there,” she shut the front door behind them and locking it. “Permit.”

“Hey, San Francisco driving test are a lot different than the one back in Brilliance,” he defended himself.

“How different is it? Red means stop, green means go, you park in a drive way, you drive in park way and you just have make sure you don’t run over anyone suddenly jumps in front of you,” Raelyn teased, chuckling as Kevin stuck his tongue out at her.

“No. I’ve changed my mind, I’m not giving you a ride to work,” Kevin raised his nose into the air and sniffed. “You can sit on the stinky, smelly bus for all I care.”

“That’s was always the plan.”

“I know, but I’m pretending it wasn’t, so I feel like I’m getting one over on you to make myself feel better,” he stated.

“You go ahead and do that,” Raelyn chuckled.

“I will--hey! Looky!” He suddenly pointed at something on the ground. Raelyn blinked and looked down.

“Looky what?” She asked bemused. She followed his pointed finger and raised an eyebrow in amusement. In the cracked sidewalk a lonely little three leaf clover had somehow managed to blossom. Trust the artist to be excited over a clover, she shook her head fondly.

“It’s a three leaf clover, all by it’s lonesome,” Kevin knelt down towards it and plucked it from the cracked concrete.

Puzzled by what he was doing, she felt the need to point out, “Three leaf clovers aren’t lucky.”

“I believe that people make their own luck,” Kevin held it out. She looked at it then at him, putting on what she hoped was a sincere smile. Kevin was far too sweet sometimes, and she thinks that sometimes he wants to be more than friends. But that’s something Raelyn could never see him that way, he was practically family and it would be weird. She took it and said, “Thank you.”

“Your welcome,” the brilliant smile and he held up his camera. “Smile.”

“Kevin!” She yelped, a smile stretching across her face and she threw out on hand. It was too late. He had already snapped the picture and cackled about it. “I will get you back for that!”

“Yea, yea,” he shook his head, with a smarmy grin. “Now, what are hoping that good luck is going to work on?”

“Hmm,” she gave thoughtful pause as Kevin opened his car door. “I don’t know.”

“Want to know what I’d want luck on?”

“Hmm?” She lifted her eyes to meet the dirty blond.

“That I find fifty dollars on the ground.”

“Oh,” she chuckled, “I’d thought you’d say something dirtier than that.”

“Well, I was thinking it, but you’d hit me.” Her hand shot out a swatted him and he protested, “Hey! I didn’t say it!”

“But you thought it.” Her lips quirked into a half smile as he tried to think of something clever to say. Finally he sputtered out, “Haha, you’re so funny.”

“I know I am,” she smirked.

He got into his car and turned in on. He rolled down the window, before pulling away, “Good luck on your interview, Raelyn.”

“Thanks, Kevin,” she smiled. “I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. You are really good friend.”
His smile slightly wan at the term friend, but it regained quickly. “Aw, shucks, you keep up that sweet talk and you’ll make me blush.”

“Bye, Kevin,” Raelyn smiled and waved at him.

“See ya, Rae,” he rolled up the windows and drove away.

Raelyn stood there for a moment before releasing a deep breath. She looked at the clover clasped between her fingers and said, “So…were you by chance a four leaf clover and just lost a leaf and you might have some good luck?”

The clover did not reply. Which was actual okay because if it did, Raelyn would have started screaming. Making your own luck, huh? She bit her chin in thought. Well, hopefully I make some today. For myself to get this job…for Kevin to find a girl, so I can go on a date without feeling like a total biatch, she was taken out of her thoughts when the bus pulled up. She climbed into the bus, smiling at the driver.

“Good morning, Raelyn.”

“Morning, Patricia.”

She paid the toll and found her customary seat in the center of the bus and put her back to the windows. She slipped a hand into her purse pulling out her Edgar Allen Poe book and her walkman. Slipping the earphones over her ears, the song started playing and she cracked open her book.

For a brief moment, she wondered her therapist would say about listening to Tracie Chapman’s ‘Give Me One Reason to Stay Here’ while reading the House of Usher meant. Then immediately shrugged it off. She was passed the stage in her life where she needed outside help. She was independent, and on her own two feet. What some else thought of her taste in music and books meant squat.

Raelyn’s head bobbed to the beat and then she noticed the guy across from her was tapping his foot to the beat as well. She paused, eyebrows rose in perplexity. She watched a moment longer to realize, he was tapping his for the song. But there was no way he possibly hear it? Was there? She raised her gaze and saw the attractive man, blonde hair and green eyed and gorgeous. He caught her gaze and smiled charmingly.

She put on a polite smile hoping she hadn’t offended him by her staring and that her face wasn’t the shade of tomato.

He pointed at her book and said something.

Raelyn reached up sliding her earphones off and asked, “Pardon?”

“House of Usher,” he repeated. “Interesting choice.”

“Interesting…isn’t what most would say,” she admitted with a slightly sheepish grin. She was proud that her voice didn’t even stutter. She opened her mouth to say something when suddenly the world imploded. Raelyn was thrown, in every direction. Her body slamming into metal and glass. Her book and trackman long gone.

Everything seconds later came to a screeching halt. Raelyn was lying on her back, her right twisted at a painful and awkward angle. Her forehead stung, and her vision was blurry. She opened her mouth to say, “Oh.” But her lips barely even trembled, the effort exceeding her strength. All around her she heard, cried and moans and she could hear people trying to move.

The bus crashed. The bus crashed…she was able to put the thought together, but in no way could she comprehend it. Blinking her eyes, she stared. Above her, pinned with by poles and twisted metal was the handsome man that tapped his foot to her trackman. That doesn’t…look comfortable…

A choking cough rose in her throat, and the taste of pennies hit the back of her tongue. Her chest rose shakily and her heart beat thundered in her ears as she came to the really scary epiphany.

She was dying.

She was dying and all she could think now was: Three leaf clovers weren’t lucky.

In fact, she was pretty certain they were the just the opposite, cursed with bad lucky. Why did she think this? Here she was dying, not even five minutes after getting one. The sweet gesture didn’t seem so sweet anymore. With all the searing pain and broken bones, she couldn’t find anything sweet in this. Her eyes flickered to man struggling above her and she opened her mouth maybe to call for help. Maybe someone would hear them and get them out of here.

Are…are his eyes…glowing? Her brows furrowed, sure that his eyes were glowing and his teeth looked a little sharper too. But she was pretty sure she was bleeding from somewhere vital and this could just be a weird ass hallucination. Voices drifted towards them. Help? She wondered.

The man above her, his face darkened and he struggled to get free even more, but he was bleeding from everywhere and making it worse with each movement. The metal bent away slightly and he fell forward slightly. His face was only a foot away from hers. He looked her in the eyes, his determined face coming to some solemn and terrible conclusion. He asked her something.

She really tried to listen. Tried hear, because she knew whatever he was saying was important. His words sounded like a garbled mess and he closed his mouth. His jaw clenched in pain and he reached out for her.
Oh…kay…why do I always like the freaky ones? I guess this is sorta…romantic in that tragic ’I didn’t even get to know you kinda of way‘…’ Even in the face of death her sarcasm couldn’t be stopped. She couldn’t even move as his hand reached out and forced her mouth open. Dude…what are you doing?

Then he opened his mouth and blood came oozing out in a waterfall. If Raelyn had been in control of all her facilities, she would have gagged or scream. But she wasn’t and all she could do was whimper as the blood slid into her mouth. Tears filled her eyes, and she just thought, This is the way I go out? With some stranger swapping bloody spit with me?

The man closed his mouth, licking away the blood on his lips quickly and pressed the palm of his against her mouth then pinched her nose shut with two fingers. She stared at him, nothing else she could do. She couldn’t spit the blood out like she wished to and her lungs were screaming for oxygen. He wanted her to swallow, ignoring the Kevin’s voice from the back of her head that screamed ‘that’s what she said’, his blood.

Raelyn halfhearted shook her head, trying to pry her face free, but the man’s grip tightened. He said one word that broke through her shock, “Please!”

Her heart was jolted by the sudden urgent cry that had been little more than a whisper. Her wide blue eyes stare up at him, taking in his earnest, pleading look that she knew was a foreign emotion to grace his strong face. She stare a second long trying to understand.

She would never know what compelled her, but she swallowed the blood. His hand immediately released her as if she were burned. She sucked in a deep, grimacing as the twinge of copper raked across her tongue. All sense of reason and thought left her mind. Her body becoming cold and numb. Raelyn’s vision was being eaten away by blackness, she could barely make the two figures who appeared above her. She heard there voice, fading in and out like a radio station that you couldn’t quite get to come in.


“…hurry…before ambulances…”

“what…her…blood…could have…turned…”

“His wrists…leave her…”

Her vision cleared up for one brief moment and she found herself staring at the handsome man’s eyes. One of the black figures above them, brought down and ax right on the handsome man’s head. That’s when everything faded to black.

She was pulled into conscious. Suddenly and abruptly, everything coming into awareness way too much and way too fast. The world came into focus. It was as if every detail, every sight, every smell, even the wind that shifted around her, pressed in on her. She shuddered out a blood tainted breath, her wide eyes looking around.

But unlike her sight, hearing and touch, her mind felt fuzzy. Full of cobwebs and she couldn’t understand anything. Nothing made since. Why was she lying here? Where was here? All she was sure of was that she was alive.

She ran a hand over the ashes that covered her body, and slowly rose from the mess. Her eyes raked over the wreck, the red and blue lights flashing against the metal and glass. Putting one foot in front of the other, she slowly made her way out of the giant ball of metal that was one a bus.

Her shoe, singular for the one on her right foot was gone, clapped nosily against the wet road. It was raining. She looked around at all the police and emergency workers running around. People were getting checked out, one was lifted into an ambulance and drove off. And it was all moving in slow motion.

Every noise, the police man vainly trying to write down statement on a wet note pad to the woman sobbing and the crowd who stood on the outer edges of the yellow police line. Their whispers…


“People dead…”

“Happened hours ago…just now cleaning it up?”

“Miss,” a person asked her jolting her back to the present, “were you in that bus crash?”

“No,” the lie fell off her lips unconsciously and she walked under the yellow easily. In mess and chaos of people, she slipped by without notice. She didn’t know where she was going, just knew that she needed to get further away from here.

She kept walking for…she did not know. Time felt like it meant nothing. Raelyn finally drew herself to a stop in an alley, between a small little tire store and someone’s house. She leaned against the brick wall and took in a deep breath. What...what..., she couldn't even compose the thought inside her mind and the noise of tires squealing against slick asphalt made her jump and whirl around.

A wave of relief fell over her as she saw it was just a child riding his bike as fast as he could. A smile graced her lips, as the boy popped a wheelie. A sense of nostalgia filled her even if the memory was not one she could place at the very moment. The wistfulness was very short lived, for the boy’s bike as his wheel came down was at an awkward angle and the small boy was thrown off balance. The bike fell on top of him, pinning his leg against the ground and the asphalt torn into it.

Raelyn’s spine stiffened, suddenly standing on the balls of her feet. Her pulse--or was it the boy's--jumped in her throat as she walked the boy pull himself away from the bike, curling his knee to his chest. In the back of her mind, Raelyn knew this feeling that surged through her wasn’t panic. Or fear.

It was something that made her feel sick, and yet she couldn’t find it. The scent wafted off the boy, brought to her by a small tremble of wind and suddenly all reason left her mind.

The scent was so sweet. And she found herself inexplicably hungry. Her mouth shifted, and her tongue flicked out running against her lower lip and she started forward eyes locked onto the bloody knee as if it were a glass of water in a forsaken never ending desert. Each step drew her closer and closer to the sobbing child and when she was ten feet away, a shriek drew her to a halt.

A woman launched herself out of a house, the screen door slamming against the house with abandon. “Michael! Michael!”

The mother’s hysterical shouts burnt her ears and the woman flung her arms around her son cradling him to her bosom. Raelyn took a step back, her chest rising and falling at a rapid pace. Her mind was torn with a sudden indecision to run forward and…her stomach twisted in disgust and hunger. She needed to run, she wanted to run.

And she did, flee that was. She ran and ran until the painful hunger literally brought her to her knees. Dry sobs ripped from the back of her throat and her fingers dug into the grass and flowers, ripping it from their roots. Her heart--was it her heart beat, it felt like more than one, too many pressing in on her like a siren's song. A slow thundering beat rising into a crescendo in her ear lobs.

Raelyn was so hungry. She could never remember being so hungry. It felt like it was gnawing and tearing her from the inside out. She took in another painful breath and gritted her teeth which shifted in agony. The last thing before her world went black, was her reflection in puddle.

Her eyes were glowing.

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