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Curioser and Curioser

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Summary: Xander meets George and The Man in the Yellow Hat. Craziness ensues. Xander/Ted (The Man in the Yellow Hat) *For those of you wondering I did NOT make up the name Ted Shackelford. You can thank the new movies for that one.*

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Television > Curious GeorgeKiyleeeeFR18714,7262162,5853 May 1324 Jun 13No

A Good Little Monkey

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Please don't sue. I have no money.

A/N: This is a result of my children watching George on repeat. I know...I'm working on too many stories, but have another. I will try to update this and the others every week or so.

George was a good little monkey, and always very curious.

When the sun shone through George’s bedroom window it gently kissed him awake with warmth. He smiled and stretched immediately bouncing wide awake. His brown fur shone a golden bronze in the morning light. He smiled to himself and knew just what he would do with his morning. Quickly, he made his bed and scurried out of the bedroom on all fours toward the kitchen. Today, he wanted to cook the man in the yellow hat a nice breakfast. It was the big day the man had been talking about all week. He was going to officially take over as Director (whatever that is) of the big museum where he works. George likes to go there because he gets to play while he waits for the man to be done with paperwork in his office. Afterwards, they always go out and play in the park or jog or sometimes go to a movie. If George is very lucky he and the man will eat at their favorite Italian Restorante! George was bouncing in place as he thought of all the fun he’d had with the man. So, this would be a celebration breakfast. The man often told George breakfast is the most important meal of the day. George went to the fridge and pulled the door hard with both hands.

“Oooh ooh, Ah!” George softly uttered with excitement as the door popped open. He could barely wait to get started. The man would be so surprised!
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