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A Marvel-ous Haloween

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Summary: Buffy, Xander, and Willow decide to try a theme for Halloween

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DC Universe > Captain MarveljakedamanFR1544,74202010,1149 May 1325 Jun 13No

Getting in character

Disclaimer: Yadda, yadda, yadda. I don't own any of the characters. I'm just playing in their sandbox. I'm will try to update as often as possible, but ya know... Real Life...

Buffy was confused. Contrary to popular belief that didn't really happen too much. She had to ask, even though she didn't really want to, “So, why are we doing this again?”

'Duh,” Xander quipped, “'cause Snyder is making us escort kids?”

She shot Xander her best 'I'm not an idiot' look.

“Xander?” Willow got his attention as she was much quieter than usual. “Please tell her... but be nice.”

That stopped Xander in his tracks. He hugged willow, his only other best friend since kindergarten. Buffy almost felt like she was intruding until she was pulled into the group hug by her Xander-shaped friend.

Whispering, Xander informed Buffy, “Because of Jessie.”

Surprise stiffened her at first, but at that name Buffy crossed her arms over her chest and leaned into the warmth of her friends embrace. All three reveled in the closeness of family and friends until Buffy quipped, “No Xander, Jesse would NOT want you to grab my but!”

“You sure?” he leered, wagging his eyebrows lecherously.

Willow playfully slapped his already broad chest giggling, “Xander! Be nice.”

“Yeow! Why you hit so haarrrrddd?” Xander whined, over reacting and pretending he was in great pain. While he rubbed his chest as if he was bruised, battered, and broken Buffy and Willow strolled on ignoring the teens antics.

“Xander, Jessie, and I” Willow explained “were saving up our money to go as Superheroes this year. I was gonna go as Ghost Girl from the Legionnaires of Superheroes and Xander as Ultra Boy. Jessie...” her voice choked on his name “was going to be Super Boy.”

Xander caught up with them and jumped in with, “What Willow doesn't know is Jes and I were gonna surprise her by going as the Marvel Family. Captain, Mary, and Junior. We had the costumes and everything!”

“So why, if you have the outfits, are we going to the costume shop?” Buffy inquired. Hey, even Slayers have inquiring minds.

“Simple Buffster. We need parts and boots if you're gonna pull off a female Captain Marvel!” Xander answered with a flourish.

“Oooh, new shoes! Yay!' Buffy squealed, clapping her hands in unrestrained glee.

Leaning over to his best bud Xander stage whispered, “Should I be afraid?”

Hollow voiced, Willow quipped, “Be afraid. Very, very afraid.”

“That was scary and creepy.” Xander stated staring from the corner of his eye. Then he wiped a faux-tear, “I'm so proud!”

Willow blushed and Buffy smirked at his antics. Then, “Oh, we're here.”

“Oh.” said Willow.

“Ah.” stated Xander.

Xander was, once again, impressed with his red-head friends skill with the sewing machine. Dressed in their costumes they all met in the library as was their wont.

“Hail, hail! The gangs all... here?” Xander finished lamely.

“Eeeew!” escaped from Buffy making gagging noises while Willow blushed, her face turning as red as her hair.

Giles and Ms. Calender jumped apart from their kiss slightly embarrassed to having been caught. The wicked gleam in their eyes showed they weren't sorry for the kiss, just for getting caught.

“Okay. So.” Xander began, “they were kissing. Adults do that when they are... aannnd I really don't want to finish that sentence!” He couldn't help shuddering at the following mental images.

“I'm scarred for life!” Buffy, hands protectively covering hers and willows eyes, exclaimed horrifically.

“Buffy...” Giles began, but was interrupted by Jenny, “Wow, you guys really did it! You look great in red as Captain Marvel Buffy. The one piece without the leggings really suits you and glad you kept the boots! Willow, I see you kept the blue outfit simple, but Xander! Wow! You are totally rocking the white outfit with the top and leggings! But, uh, you can't call yourself Mary Marvel...”

“I told you Ms. Calender.” Giles pontificated “he is calling himself 'Mike' Marvel. Simply genius really, I wholeheartedly approve.”

The three teens started to slowly back up as Xander stage whispered, “Don't show fear! They can smell fear. Just watch out for the Ibis-Stick, there’s no telling where that has been!”

“Hardee-bloody-har!” Giles snarled. Gesturing with his so-called Ibis-Stick he ordered, “Go on, the lot of you. Get to your assigned groups before Snyder comes looking for you.”

The girls hurried out fast as they could in their high-heeled boots while Xander started bowing at the waist intoning, “Yes, O-Mighty Wielder of the Wondrous Ibis-Stick. We are not worthy!”

As soon as they were out the door Giles and Jenny shared a look and then simply cracked up laughing.

“Shall we Ms. Calender? Or should I say Taia?” Giles said offering his arm.

Jenny, with lidded eyes made up in kohl, tittered and responded, “Why, yes we shall My Lord Ibis.” and taking his arm they headed out to attend the Teacher Halloween party. Jenny couldn't help but think Giles looked very sharp in this 3-piece suit with the red turban and the Ibis-Stick prop completing the costume.

“My thanks, my lady.” and Giles could hardly keep his eyes off this rare beauty in her green velvet dress. Her golden heels complementing the golden torc adorning her lovely neck.

Stepping out the library doors they were surprised to see the three teens on their knees waiting for them. The three trouble makers immediately genuflected, calling out, “We are not worthy!” over and over again.

“Bloody Hell.” was the only thing Rubert Giles could think to say.

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