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A Marvel-ous Haloween

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Summary: Buffy, Xander, and Willow decide to try a theme for Halloween

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DC Universe > Captain MarveljakedamanFR1544,74202010,1169 May 1325 Jun 13No

Well Shazam! There's an idea!

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffyverse, Josh owns that. I don't own Shazam! and I think DC owns that! I'm just playing in their sandbox. Enjoy!
P.S. I've re-read, edited, added, and hopefully made this a better story. Please review, it is mother's milk to one such as I!


“Hey guys.” Buffy called out sadly, entering the Library. Shuffling to her favorite chair she flopped into it leaning over the table. With a final, heavy sigh her forehead sank onto her folded, yet well-manicured, hands. Taking notice, and pity, on her friend Willow reached out, patting Buffy's head.

“Poor Buffy, still haven't figured out what to wear on Halloween?”

Buffy glared at Willow trying to fry her brain with smoldering eyes. After fruitless seconds she gave up the ghost and her head dropped back down with a resigned groan. As Willow resumed stroking her friends blond hair, Xander burst in with his usual exuberance calling out, “I used my brain and I got it!”

Buffy sadly raised her head as Willow asked, “I hope it didn't hurt?”

“Naw.” Xander quipped “You know me and my hard head!” as he mimed knocking it with his fist.

The silence was so deep they could almost hear crickets chirping. Buffy just simply resumed her previous position, adding a roll to her heavy head while again issuing another hopeless moan. Xander scratched his ear in confusion at the Slayers antics as he sat at the end of the table. Willow simply reached out to resume petting her bemoaned friend.

“There, there Buffy. It'll be all right.” Willow commiserated.

“How can you say that?!” Buffy cried out slightly muffled.

Xander smirked, “Really easily Buffster. She breathes out using her vocal cords and mouth to form words.”

Again Xander could hear imaginary crickets. Ignoring the silence and before Buffy could possibly become more despondent he announced, “I know what we are going to dress up as for Halloween!”

“Eh?” Buffy tiredly questioned.

“Do tell!” Willow enthused.

“SHAZAM!” Xander shouted, standing and throwing his arms up in the air.

“Gesundheit!” Giles blessed exiting his tiny office. “Buffy? Willow? Why are you two cowering under the table?”

“Xander said a magic word...” Willow began and Buffy finished, “ And Xander? Magic? Un-mixy things!”

Giles sighed pinching the bridge of his nose then shared a long suffering glance with Xander as the boy shrugged his shoulders in resigned agreement.

“They have a point there G-man.” Xander pointed out.

Grinding his teeth Giles growled, “Do desist with that insufferable nickname Alexander!”

Willow whispered to Buffy under the table, “Somebodies got their knickers in a twist.”

“What are knickers? And why do they twist?” Buffy asked querously.

Xander, so irrepressible, perked up, realizing, “Buffy! You know about Billy Batson?”

Buffy scuttled further into the shadow under the table letting out a small, meek, “Yes?”

Cackling evilly Xander hunched his broad shoulders, steepled his fingers, and hissed, “Egggsseellent!”

“D'oh!” came from Giles, giving himself a face palm to his forehead. Xander used his index fingers to make the sign of the cross while Willow and Buffy pretended to keen and wail about signs of the Apocalypse. Or is that Apocalypsi?

“Har-de-bloody-har!” Giles snarked, “I do watch T.V. some of the time.”

This time everyone did hear crickets in the ensuing shocked silence.

Glancing at the library doors they noticed a student holding a box with holes poked in the top. The high schooler under their intense gaze nervously stated, “Science project.” ending in a nervous laugh.

“Jon-no!” Xander crowed holding his arms out to him in friendship. “Good to see ya! You would make the perfect Freddy A.K.A. Captain Marvel Jr.!”

“Really?” Jonathon's eyes lit up in nervous excitement “You think so?”

“Of course I do! I'll be Captain Marvel, you're Junior, and Buffy will be Mary Marvel!” Xander magnanimously explained. He prepared to run hearing the shuffling of one mystically empowered Slayer starting to slide gracefully out from under the table in preparation of laying the 'smack-down' on her Xander-shaped friend. The short little nerd-man named Jon-no stopped her cold.

“Oh... uh... sorry Xander. But, I'm going as a Jedi. Got my costume from that new shop in town.” Jonathon explained. Everyone else took a step back, except for Buffy who was still under the table, as the gleam in Jonathon's eyes was fighting the daylight and close to winning. After a short, distracted daydream where Jonno was the Jedi Hero responsible for single handed saving the Republic, he snapped back to reality and excused himself, “Uh, sorry! Gotta go! Science!” and he scampered out of the library.

“Okay!” Xander exclaimed with a clap of his hands spinning to face his friends once again. Everyone jumped in surprise at the unexpected sound of thunder. That was probably why there was a thump as the table bounced, followed by a pitiful “Ooowww.” from a startled Slayer.

Trying his utmost not to guffaw like a boorish American, Giles called out, “Buffy, do get out from under the table and sit in your chair like a proper lady.”

As Buffy flounced into her chair, arms crossed muttering dark imprecations about stuffy Watchers, Xander outlined his idea.

“G-man, are you familiar with the Captain Marvel family?”

Giles nodded, shooting a glare at an impertinent slayer while stating, “Please stop calling me that and, yes, I am familiar with Captain Marvel.”

“Good! But we are the Scoobies so we'll do it with a twist!”

Willow put on her sunglasses so she wasn't blinded by the gleam in Xander's eyes. In trepidation she asked her bestest bud since Kindergarten, “Um, Xander? You're not suggesting what I think... you are, aren't you. OhxanderIdon'tknowaboutthat.Doyoureally...”

“Willow! Breath!” the others all shouted in unison.

“Oh! Sorry.” Willow blushed scarlet taking several deep, calming breaths.

“So Xander. Would you care to enlighten us?” Giles asked in a deceptively mild tone.

“It's simple really. I planned this all along, but we'll need Willow's skill with a sewing machine.” Xander replied.

“Xaaannderrr.” Buffy singsonged warningly.

Gulping Xander hurried, “Buffy goes as Captain Marvel, Willow goes as Lieutenant Captain Marvel, and I go as Michael Marvel!”

“Cross sex versions of the original?” Giles asked wonderingly. “I like it! That will work quite well.”

The three students stared open mouthed at the Librarian as if seeing him for the first time.

“Wot?” he asked, accent coming through.

“Well, G-man... first with the Homer Simpson reference and now... this?” Xander clarified looking around in wonder. “We're just a little stunned is all.”

Sniffing disdainfully he pointed out, “I do have a life you know.” as he strode toward his office.

“Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.” Buffy pointed out. “So you're saying you weren't always so stuffy and British.”

Just before he disappeared into his cubbyhole Giles peaked out and undeniably stated, “My dear girl, I assure you, I have ALWAYS been British.”
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