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Summary: The final attack, trying to take back their world. Even the best laid plans have weaknesses. Possibly a bit of Angst.

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Miscellaneous > Surprise Crossover(Current Donor)FeynorFR1311,217071,83911 May 1311 May 13Yes
BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon

V, the series belong to someone else.

This is a one-shot.

Willow checked her computer one last time.

They’d been working on this ever since the Visitors had arrived a couple of years ago. Unlike the general population, the supernatural had recognized the threat for what it was, and probably for the first time in the history of the planet that both sides decided to join forces against a common enemy.

The second time, maybe. Supposedly there were an uprising in Egypt nearly four thousand years ago, poorly documented as it were, which claimed that the joined forces ended up booting another group of false gods and extraterrestrial visitors off the planet.

The hope was that this would be the 21st century equivalent. All their soldiers were gathered around the globe, in small cells really, ready to strike against the Visitors, once she, and her team, had finished this last piece of the puzzle.

Willow looked at Xander, who was standing at a raised dias, microphone in hand.

“This is the moment we have been waiting for,” he shouted into the microphone. “Ready check!”

“Communications: Check!”

“Uplink: Check!”

It went on for another two minutes, as all departments they could talk to, checked in.

Finally Xander announced. “Remember, once we start, we are committed, we have ONE minute, starting in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...Activate!”

The room went into a state of controlled frenzy, as plans, and plans within plans were activated, and executed.

“Forty Five seconds, all systems are on target.” came the calm announcement from Xander.

They had tried the Visitor’s response times many times throughout the years, and had settled on a one minute timer, with a maximum of 15 seconds overtime. It should give them plenty of time to evacuate the base.

“Thirty seconds, all systems are on target.”

Evacuate, Had the situation been any less tense, Willow would have laughed. There were upwards of five thousand people on the base, and surrounding area, all working on this one task. There was no way they'd survive the retaliation.

She looked at her screen, and checked off the action points as they went from amber to green.

One didn’t.

She immediately went to work, and rerouted the step to the backups. and sighed when they went to green instead.

“15 seconds, plus 8, all systems within tolerances.”

That had been close. Hacking that many ships simultaneously, systems that were centuries ahead of their own in sophistication, was a gargantuan task. This wasn’t the only base of operation either but they were the central hub in a global effort.

They were the ones exposed, shielding everybody else, allowing them to hide.

They were the ones who had volunteered.

They all knew this was as good as a suicide mission.

“Timeout, plus 9 seconds, all systems are within tolerances.”

Willow kept checking her screen, there were no indication where the extra second had crept in. It didn’t matter, really.


Time slowed down. her focus on these last, crucial steps. Any of which could fail, and where they HAD to get at least half, or everything would be a moot point.


Too many. There were too many that hadn’t checked in yet.


There were more now. They were at 38% now.


Her hand felt sweaty. She had to press this button. 47%, they might make it after all.


58%, they had their minimum. She personally wanted a minimum of 75% of the objectives, in order to ensure success.

She had wanted it to be a big red button too. Xander had smiled at that, sadly the local Radio shack had been all out.


Willow hesitated.

Not because she didn’t want to do this. They had to. Even if it meant the loss of so many human lives in the process. Then again, most of those were hopelessly lost, or collaborators. Still.

No. She wanted her 75%.

She didn’t get it.

“+1, Willow.”

72%, that was as good as she would get it.

She pressed the button.

Immediately alarms started blaring throughout the base, and everybody started running for the many exits, and safe tunnels under it..

Time would tell if they had succeeded.

She let herself relax for a few moments, before getting up and started running towards Xander. They both made it outside, and ran for the escape vehicle set aside for their use.

Where Xander had found an old Bede BD-10 supersonic two seater jet, she would never know, but the tiny jet was just what the doctor had ordered for their escape.

She hated the preferential status they were getting, but the entire upper echelons of their organization had vetoed them. If they were to be here, today, they were only allowed to, if they had the best options to get out.

Willow froze when the ground shook.

That wasn’t supposed to happen.

She turned around, and looked towards LA, where the nearest Visitors ship was stationed. The most likely one to be used to launch a counterattack for what they had just done.

Only, it wasn't there.

Neither was LA for that matter.

She started fumbling with the latch on her laptop.

“Willow, please hurry, we have to get out of here.”

She looked at Xander, eyes tearing up, noticing his expression was no less horrified.

She finally started moving again, desperately holding onto her computer. Within a minute, they were in the air, barely skimming the treetops heading away from their base.

Their home.

Her eyes were glued to the mirror on the edge of the cockpit, allowing her a very small view of Sunnydale, as it disappeared behind them. Expecting it to be reduced to a smoking crater in mere minutes.

But the counterattack never came.

Ten minutes later, and having flown at Mach 1.2 for that time, they were nearing their next destination.

Ten minutes where Willow had far too much time thinking about what might have gone wrong.

From what little she could tell, the ship had not rocketed into space, with all airlocks opened, as planned. Instead it had crashed into LA. At least that was the only explanation she could find.

They landed, and was immediately greeted by a teary eyed Buffy. Willow only had to take one look at her friend to know.

She just knew, right there, that their brilliant plans had all been for nothing. They had been worse than doing nothing really.

The sight over LA had not been the only one, she was sure of it.

Willow collapsed on the road, next to the plane, desperately fumbling with her laptop again. She had to know what had gone wrong.

She barely registered when Buffy and Xander both pulled her back on her feet.

Buffy kept repeating “It’s not your fault Willow. We couldn’t have known.”

It was nearly a week later, before they managed to coax her out of her catatonic state.

The news they had for her was almost enough for her to slip right back into it.

Their engines had fired as planned. all 200 motherships, all hovering over major cities around the planet.

Their plan had worked to perfection. Their attack had taken them all out in that fateful second, where she had pressed her little blue button.

Baring one detail.

No one had told them that the Visitors’ ships were essentially hovering upside down, once in the atmosphere.

The End

You have reached the end of "Counterattack". This story is complete.

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