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Summary: You cannot choose your family

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: FaithTyphonisFR1358,93696921,46128 May 1318 Jul 13No

Chapter 2

Yes I am continuing this fic. I Changed things so it will all be under one heading to make it easier to find it. I want to thank my beta, CKirk, for his efforts. I do not own Stargate, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the Marvel franchise. I wrote this story for my own amusement and the amusement of others. Thank you for reading it. Reviews are welcome. Beware of attack cabbits!

Thor pushed Loki before him. A grim smile adorned the Thunder God's face as he escorted his brother into the presence of the All Father. Boots thudded on a marble floor as they slowly made their way down the gilded hall to the throne where Odin watched them. At a respectable distance Thor forced the struggling Trickster to his knees and bowed his own head as well.

"Father, I doth bring before thee, Loki. To face thy judgment for the crimes he hath committed."

Odin nodded. His face a calm mask of indifference as he looked at Thor then at Loki. He gathered his thoughts then spoke. "Release the gag. Let him speak in his own defense."

Thor did as he was bidden to do and released the gag. Loki worked his jaw for a few seconds before Thor growled at him. "Now then brother, the All Father awaits thy report."

Loki glared at his half-brother, then smirked and bowed his head to Odin. "The mission was a complete success, Sire. As you have ordered, the Tesseract has been returned to your control. The forces of Midgard ready themselves for war with the Chitauri and even now are uncovering the secrets of their technology. My brothers ,friends, are starting to work as a team. Our own warriors are training with more diligence. The humans are in contact with the dwarves and even now are engaged in limited warfare with the False Ones. Last but not least we have distracted Thanos from your own plans."

Thor stood there thunderstruck. His mouth opened and closed as his mind warred with what he just heard. He stared at Loki trying to fathom what the Trickster had said. He tried to reason what had gone on for the last year when Odin's' reply slugged him in the proverbial gut.

"Excellent work, Loki. You have done well."

"What?" Thor asked bewildered, "What madness is this? What by the hallowed halls of Asgard doth be going on???"

"Allow me sire," Loki said as he faced Thor. Loki looked at his half-brother then spoke. "Other than your banishment, my take over of Asgard was planned. The plan was to recover the Tesseract and get it away from Earth and at the same time ready them for when they must fight Thanos the Mad. We had to be subtle, we had to make it look as real as possible or else all would have failed. Even now Thanos is working to deploy a force to destroy us. With the losses the Chitauri have suffered, those plans are set back. We have time to ready ourselves as do the humans of Earth."

"But, why not tell me? Why keepeth me in the dark?" Thor asked. Yes, he could see this as one of his fathers long-term plans, but still.

"Because brother, to borrow a human phrase, you can't act worth a damn. You wear your heart on your sleeve for all to see. They would detect the subterfuge and deception from you. I do not insult you brother. Subtlety is simply a skill you lack. I, however, am a bard and all bards do know how to act. The fact they could see your reactions to what I had done helped greatly."

Loki walked around as he spoke "I know, to them, I am a villain now and must stay so for the future. I must be the catalyst to get the Avengers to work as a team. Thanos is coming, the False Ones are coming. The humans need to be ready. If that means I am a villain , then so be it, a villain I shall be."

"Thor, my son. "

Thor turned to look at his father. He could see the age on his face as he spoke. " You must never, under any circumstance. Reveal what you have learned here to the humans. It must stay a secret."

Tony Stark had a smile on his face. He grinned at his red haired companion as they walked up to the simple, unassuming home, in Cleveland. "I have finally found you. Finally after three weeks searching I have found you Alexander L. Harris and you are going to get what you deserve."

Virginia 'Pepper' Potts, sighed at her boss. "Tony, he didn't want a reward. He did it because it was the right thing to do, not because he knew you would reward him. The only reason I'm here is because my cousin Willow asked me to look in on him while she is busy in Rio. Make sure he and his wife are doing alright."

"Well I want to reward him," Tony said with a nod. "He saved your bacon, Pepper, that deserves a reward in my book. Heck find out who owns this house if it is still under mortgage with the bank I'm buying it for him. It's the least I can do."

Pepper felt like rubbing her forehead,"Anything else?"

"Yes, this isn't our only stop here.We'll be visiting my daughter next. She is here in Cleveland so..."

Pepper froze, looked at Tony. She saw the look on his face. "Daughter?" She asked.

"Yeah a daughter. I have a daughter. A daughter that doesn't want anything to do with me. A daughter that hates my guts and is happy we are separate," Tony replied, his jovial mood gone.

He turned to face his companion. "I slept with her mother in college...we were drunk...I didn't find out about her till a few years ago. I was in a bad place at the time, she was in jail due to a mess with the police. Words were said....if anything she has my temper. I......I just want to reconnect with her."

Tony froze as she wrapped her arms around him in a hug. He slowly returned it to his secretary, personal assistant, lover. They stood there for a few minuets till they broke apart.

Pepper smiled at him. "It'll be fine sir. Now then lets go annoy Xander then go looking for your daughter. Do you even know where she is?"

"Yep," He said with a new smile on his face. "She teaches self defense at the Jenny Calender school for girls. Now that is a turnaround from convict to responsible adult teaching children."

"About as big a turnaround as from a drunk womanizer to superhero," Pepper said as she hit the doorbell.

"Hey! I resemble that remark," Tony countered with a smile. He hit the doorbell as well and waited.

They waited and waited. Tony checked his watch, looked at Pepper, checked his watch again and hit the doorbell another time. "You sure he lives here?"

"Yes sir, he lives here. I double checked before we came out here and according to Willow, both he and his wife have the next two days off." Pepper watched as Tony hit the doorbell a few more times.

"Then where the devil is he?" Tony asked. His hand reached forward to hit the doorbell one last time when the front door flew open. Both of them stared in shock at the disheveled young woman standing there clad in only a shirt a few sizes too big. Her hair was wild and unkempt , a sheen of perspiration was apparent on her skin and both adults recognized the scent she was giving off. "What the FUCK do you want?" She very nearly screamed.

Tony was about to speak, when he froze. He stared at the young woman who also stared back at him. Anger turned to shock then back to anger as she looked at him. His mouth opened and closed. Opened and closed. Till finally he was able to find the words he was looking for.

"Faith?" He asked in a shocked voice. "Honey, what are you doing here?"

Pepper turned to look at the young woman and stared as she started to recognize a few features she had in common with Tony as a knot formed in her stomach. The young woman's eyes narrowed as she glared at Tony.

"I live here, daddy" The last word spat out with a bit of venom, "We both have the next few days off and well we thought it might be fun if we screwed each others brains out. It is what married couples do you know."

"Married?" Tony asked as his daughter held her left hand up showing off two bands on her ring finger. A sickly sweet smile adorned her face at the look Tony had.

The sound of footsteps behind her and a young man with dark hair and an eye patch showed up. A pair of shorts was all he worse as he wrapped his arms around her in a hug and spoke up. "Faith, who are your friends?"

Faith's grin nearly split her face in half as she spoke up. "Xander, meet my old man, Tony Stark. Old fart meet my husband Alexander Harris. Boy Toy here is the one who has been fucking my brains out."

Pepper was about to call Faith on her language when what she had said, registered with the genius billionaire. Pepper spun when she heard her boss faint on the porch of the house. She turned to glare at the grinning Slayer and spoke in an even tone. "That was mean. Funny, but mean. Now help me get him into the house. He does want to talk to the two of you."
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