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Summary: You cannot choose your family

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: FaithTyphonisFR1358,93696921,46128 May 1318 Jul 13No

Chapter 4

I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer,the Stargate Franchise or the Marvel Franchise. This fic is written for the enjoyment of it's readers. I do not seek to make money from it.

More family fun in this chapter and we get to meet Faith's fun with Jack and assumptions.

Senator Robert Kinsey stared at the idiot. He could not believe what he had just heard. He did his level best to keep said shock off his face so he took a sip of water, gathered his thoughts , then spoke. “What was that again?”

The NID operative smiled at him, "The time is perfect sir. We could go in, snatch as many of these 'girls’ as possible, then get out before anyone knew what was going on. If anyone asks we claim it was a cell of mutants.”

Kinsey rubbed his forehead. OK the man was brain dead. “No.”


“I said , no. We will not be doing this.” Kinsey replied with some irritation.

“Why not , sir?” The aide asked, puzzled. “The plan is perfect. Nothing could go wrong.”

“Nothing could go wrong grabbing panicky females, who are four times stronger and faster than a base human, have enhanced senses and the instinctive ability to use weapons and martial arts. While they won’t kill the men, the area between pain and death is so big they may take it as a challenge and get inventive.”

The good senator's glare turned atomic. “This is not the SGC. That is what we are co-opting first. These people already know about us and I’m doing my best to convince the leadership that we are a bit better than we used to be. Here I am showing them the benefits of having me on their side. This is a good thing. They see us as a friend, so when we ask for help they will give it."

“Second, they are dealing with a threat we are poorly equipped to handle. They have experience doing it and the last time we stuck our nose into this mess we nearly got it bitten off. So we are going to be hands off with these ‘Slayers’. I already have one good inroad with them and I am trying to make it better.”

He leaned forward , glaring. “My granddaughter is one of them. She likes me better than her own drunkard of a father. By using guile and friendliness, we can get them on our side. The reason I want to continue to go after the SGC is because they offer us a technological edge over every other country on the damn planet. We get that and the HST problem is greatly lessened. “

He sat back down and adopted a Gendo Ikari pose. “I am going after one target at a time. First, the SGC for the tech advantage it gives us. Then maybe the Slayers but I believe we will have them on our side by then. After that, the world is our oyster. Get it?”

“Yes sir. “

“Good, now get out. I have a press conference to attend....”

“Senator Kinsey, is it true you have a granddaughter that was sent to prison?”

He winced at that question. Then ‘Hey I can use this. The best part is not a word is a lie.’

He smiled at the woman and started speaking. “Yes I do. But first let me give you a bit of history for what led up to her incarceration. Her mother ran away from home after an argument with me. Later, after her mother died. A kind woman took her in but she was tortured then murdered by a psychopath that lived in Boston. She ran to Sunnydale , yes THAT Sunnydale where she joined a group of teenagers that were trying to take back the night for decent citizens.”

“While a part of this group she accidentally killed a man.. Due to reasons,I am not a liberty to speak about, she was driven into the arms of the criminal mastermind that ran Sunnydale, Richard Wilkins the third. He coerced her into killing one other person to further his own goals.”

“Later she , of her own free will , turned herself into the authorities. She went to prison and served her sentence. My granddaughter, whom I am proud of, has served her time and repaid society the debt she owed. She has gone further than that and is now a productive member of society teaching young women physical fitness and self defense. She is also married to her longtime boyfriend and if fortune favors her may soon have a child of her own.”

“As I said I could not be prouder of her. I am thankful that I have been given a chance to be part of her life. I have lost my daughter to my own foolishness. I shall not lose her legacy. Any other questions about her?”

“Say that again , sir?”

General Hammond smiled at Colonel O'Neill. He leaned forward. “You can have your vacation after our visitors leave.”

“Um, visitors sir?”

“Yes, Jack. We have some visitors coming here from SHIELD. I want you to escort them down here. Give them a small tour of the place and answer any questions they may have about operations here.”

Jack O'Neill did his best not to look nervous in front of his commanding officer. “May I ask why, sir?”

“Well, since I won't be available during the visit. I’m afraid you will have to do it. After they are gone and I get back, then you may take some time off fishing, Colonel.”

Jack’s face fell at that. “Yes sir.” He said as he left the room.

Hammond's grin grew. Ah, the benefits of command. Besides he always thought the Colonel wanted to meet Captain America.

Tony stared at the mark on the ceiling, then at Xander. “What caused that?” He asked pointing to it.They were sitting down in the living room after the tour of Casa Harris. Tony and Pepper were in two chairs while Faith and Xander occupied the couch.

Xander blushed a bit as Faith grinned. He rubbed the back of his head and spoke. “A few months ago Faith, Dawn, Willow, and Kennedy were having a girls night in here. I was...elsewhere and well they were playing truth or dare and a bit of alcohol may have been involved.”

“Really,” The multi billionaire said. His grin grew a bit ,”What happened.”

Xander leaned back on the sofa as Faith sat beside him. He rubbed his good eye then spoke. “Faith was challenged to do the Snoopy Dance...but she put her own spin on it.”

Pepper stared at her then at Xander. “What did she do?”

Faith grinned at the two of them. “Turned it into a striptease. Boy toy here has done some stripping in the past. So I thought to see if I could do it.”

Tony stared at his daughter. “You turned the Snoopy dance into a strip tease, OK doesn’t explain the mark on the ceiling.”

“That's where her thong landed.” Xander said. “Took me three days to get it loose from up there.”

Pepper looked at Faith, then at Tony, then back to Faith. She turned one last time to look at Tony. "She is definitely your daughter.

Tony snorted at that as Faith giggled a bit. He looked over at Xander then spoke up again. “So who owns this place? It is a nice spread ,if a bit small.”

“The bank owns the mortgage. Faith and I are paying it off but it’s slow going. We’ve been here for six months,so far, and we’re getting used to the house.”

Tony leaned back stroking his beard. “The bank owns it, you are paying it off. If you could afford a larger place would you go for it?”

“Yes,” Xander replied. “However we can’t at the moment given we don't make that much..Comparable to someone teaching but still it isn’t that much.”

He held a hand up to forestall Tony’s question. “ It’s a choice on our part. In the ‘good old days’ of the council, the Slayer was lucky to get a pittance of support from the council. They received a small stipend with which to live on while they fought the forces of the night. Meanwhile the good old boys running the show could easily expect a six figure salary per year, not counting bonuses and perks.”

“Currently we are trying to reverse that trend. We supply room and board for the Slayers,a clothing allowance for lost things and some blow money. We also supply training, medical expenses, weapons, and magical support. This takes money. So Faith and I decided that the money we were being offered would be better spent on the girls. We decided to accept the smaller salaries.”

Tony nodded at that, then leaned forward. “Would you take a larger house if it was offered to you? All you had to do was shell out for utilities and taxes?”

Xander and Faith looked at Tony puzzled as Pepper shook her head. “ Yeah we would.I mean it would be nice and we are planning on having children someday. However it is outside our budget right now. The mortgage payments of this house and on my truck are well...high.”

Faith did her best to look innocent at the children part as Xander spoke. Fortunately , for her ,Tony and Pepper missed her look. A wide grin split his face. He looked over at Pepper who sighed and shook her head with a smile. He turned to look at his daughter and son in law then he spoke up.

“Which bank holds the mortgage and truck title? Also do you have a house you really want? As I said you pay utilities and taxes, I pay for the house and upkeep. I’m also paying off your truck for you. “

Faith and Xander stared at the multimillionaire in shock. “You are my daughter, I haven't been there for you. Think of this as all of the birthday, Christmas, and wedding presents I missed. I would get you a brand new car but...from the way you looked at that...ugh Beetle . I see you love the thing.”

Faith didn’t say a thing as she leapt over to hug the man. Tony smiled then winced in pain. She whispered to him,” Thanks dad. I still want to take it slow OK.”

Some time later Xander walked back into the living room. He had just finished cleaning up the kitchen. Tony and Pepper had left to go back to NYC but not without giving both young people an open invitation to visit Stark Tower at any time. Especially Christmas. He smirked when he heard Faith call out from up stairs. “Xander? Would you be a dear and come up here? I need some help washing my back.”

Xander was ready to take the stairs two at a time when the doorbell rang. He ignored the loud curse from above as he walked over to the door. He stared at the women on the other side and carefully opened it.

“Maria? What are you doing here and who is your friend?”
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