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The Bazaar

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Starbuck's Odyssey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Starbuck, Angela, and Cy's pit stop at The Bazaar. They just want to reprovision, get some info, some parts, and get out. Simple, right? >psshh

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jakedamanFR1569,8420112,1691 Jun 1328 Sep 13No

The Sucker Punch!

Disclaimer: *tap*tap*tap* Is this thing still on? It is? Sweet! Here we go: As always the Characters are not owned by me. Please, please, PLEASE! R & R. That's... uh... Rate and Review.

Now! On with the show!

The Sucker Punch!

Waking slowly Angela rolled onto her back and stretched catlike, arching her back in pleasure. Slowly rising and heading to the shower she blushed, remembering how Starbuck had to show her how to use the amenity or as he called it the 'Non-TurboWash'. Luxuriating under the spray of water Angela went over the past few days recalling the relative peace and quiet of their 'Holiday'. She smiled softly, somewhat amused by the idea of a day when practically everyone took off from work and visited family and freinds celebrating... whatever the day entailed. She once again found herself wishing her people were free of the Goa'uld and hoped she could find allies in liberating them.

But first, her freinds... nay, her family of Starbuck and Cy. A fabled Colonial Warrior and a Robotic... well, drudge for lack of a better word. Two enemies no longer. Starbuck fighting for the survival of his people and Cy wanting the same as her, the liberation of his people from a Tyrannical Over-Lord.

Sighing, she stepped out clean, fresh, and ready to start her day. It was their fifth on the planet known only as The Bazaar. Dressing in work clothes, a tough yet comfortable one piece coverall with many pockets, Angela went over the past few days while slipping on her boots.

The first was establishing their identities. She; posing as a Royal Princess of a backwater planet, which Starbuck had run across in his previous travels. Starbuck was able to pass himself off as her not too smart yet roguish pilot. She smirked as Cy was the easiest, they classified him as a Worker/Warrior robot with a low level Artificial Intelligence.

Grabbing her tool belt she headed out the door. Once her tool belt was affixed she checked her Pad or as Starbuck called it the 'Pocket Computron'. Her first message informed her that Starbuck had found an all night card game. Chuckling she answered with a simple 'O.K., just let me know when you are on your way back.' Next was from Cy letting her know he was already at the ship, the Eletheria, working on the upgrades. She messaged him she was on her way and he replied in an affirmative. A short trip down the lift, a quick stop at the local grocer and she finally arrived at their berth.

Calling out she asked, "Cy! Where are you?"

"Over-here-Captain." he responed tonelessly.

Scuttling to the front of the Raider she found him re-affixing the front plating of the ship. She waited patiently, sipping her cokfa, she had fallen in love with this caffeinated drink. Angela looked over the Raider with a critical eye. The upgrades weren't too apperant to the untrained, but she knew where they where thanks in part to installing most of them herself. Her observation was interrupted by Cy finishing up his chore.

"We are alone." he quietly informed her, dropping the toneless quality to his voice. "All the upgrades are complete and the new mainframe is adjusting to the programming, running system checks."

"Good." she replied.

"Where is Starbuck?" he queried just as... something ghosted at the edges of his sensors.

"Didn't you get his message?" she asked, suppressing a yawn. Then she let loose with a full yawn surprising her and distracting Cy.

"Angela? Are you okay?" he asked striding over to her.

"Yes, I'm fine." she reiterated, yawning yet again. "I don't understand why I'm yawning as this is cokfa. Usually it wakes me up fully yet..."

Cy barely reached her in time to catch her as she passes out. Laying her down with a gentleness belaying he size Cy turned his sensors towards her cup analyzing it's contents.

He mused. "As I suspected. She has been drugged. Now why..." Startling fully upright and pulling his blaster he turned his sensors on full realizing the danger, only too late. A blast of electricity arced into his chest plate shocking his system's into shutdown mode. His last concious thought was, "Where's Starbuck?"

Several hours ago the person of interest was in the local bar he had found near the motel. It was a small, out-of-the-way place. Starbuck found he could get a few moments of quiet as well as hear the local gossip. At the moment he was enjoying a new drink called a 'Scotch-on-the-Rocks'. Chuckling to himself he enjoyed the joke about the ice being the 'rocks'. Sipping the drink he congratulated himself on a job well done. In the past four cycles (or days, as the locals called them) he and his freinds had convinced everyone of the false identities he had cooked up.

~Starbuck, ol' boy. You're a genius!~ he mentally toasted himself.

The bartender, a Jaffa, chose that moment to sidle up behind the bar and request, "Would you like another, Milord Pilot?"

"Ah thanx, but no." Starbuck replied. "I've got to... actually, on second thought. Yes, I will have another and directions to that card game you told me about the other day."

The Jaffa half bowed saying, "Certainly Milord." as he poured another drink with one hand he surreptitiously gestured off to the side with his other. Starbuck's eyes narrowed in alarmed suspicion until a familiar figure waved and gestured him over to that persons table. Paying for his drink, leaving a hefty tip with a nod of thanks, the displaced Colonial Warrior strutted to a table occupied by a human male and two very pretty hebridians.

"Dude! Where ya been Man?" the blonde fellow drawled in his strange accent. Sorta reminded Starbuck of Colonials from Cancerion. Some of the best conmen came from Cancerion he mused.

Starbuck quipped, "Hey Dude. Been around Man."

He found by parroting some words and keeping his answers short Starbuck was able to understand this fellow and be understood as well. This guy kept making odd references to that bitter cokfa drink Angela had gotten hooked on.


Starbuck forgave him for that as he had introduced him poker. Speaking of which, he asked, "Dude, you got a game setup?"

"That I have my freind, that I have," the man replied gratuitously.

"Well, lead on then Dude. Lead on." Starbuck quipped.

Sending a message to Angela about the card game, he later realized, was the last smart thing he did for that night.

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