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The Bazaar

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Starbuck's Odyssey". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Starbuck, Angela, and Cy's pit stop at The Bazaar. They just want to reprovision, get some info, some parts, and get out. Simple, right? >psshh

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jakedamanFR1569,8420112,1701 Jun 1328 Sep 13No

New Friends, Fiends, and Revenge

Disclaimer; I don't own Buffy, SG-1, or BSG:TOS. Wish to God I did! Oh well.

According to the Bazaar Guide book there are only two ways to move from the surface of the planet to the Way Station in geosynchronous orbit. The first and quickest is using the teleport rings. The second is to take a shuttle. It's a little slower; but this way supplies and other Black Market items are easier to smuggle to and from the station. Not just items but, sometimes, people as well.

Starbuck already knew the shuttle was the way to go. Question was, how to cover himself if the Inspectors couldn't be paid off? That's when he came up with his Master Plan. Whistling tunelessly he headed off in the direction of the nearest spaceport.

Cy couldn't believe his digital eyes. He watched Angela rip the restraints off, jump away from the Vampire before it could blink! Grabbing the hospital bed Angela pushed it against the creature shoving it into the far wall. Pre No Rata hissed, "Die you unnatural... THING!"

Conjuring controls from the electronic ether the A.I. manipulated the lighting in Angela's room to emit higher than normal U.V. Rays. Cy created a communications console yelling out over the speaker in his friends room, "Angela!"

"Cy?" Angela wondered, looking around for the source of his voice.

"Angela! Close your eyes and cover yourself with the blanket!"

Angela wondered at the absurdity of his request. That is, until she noticed the Vampire was burning.

"Oh Felgercarb!" she cried, pulling the blanket over her, dropping to the floor.

The sun flared to life behind her closed eyes as a wave of heat washed over her body. There was an unearthly scream that ended abruptly. A 'pooft' and the Vampire was dust.

As the room dimmed she shot to her feet while throwing the blanket to the side. A quick look around and she whispered, "Cy." hoping she was alone in the room.

"Angela." Cy whispered at a level too low for even Jaffa to hear.

"I hear you Cy. What has happened?" she asked, not realizing that she should have been able to hear her friend.

"I'll explain as you get dressed," he said while manipulating the controls to open the closet door that held a non-descript one-piece outfit, “Hurry now!"

Angela moved as quickly as possible donning the strange garment while Cy brought her up to speed.

"...and that is when you woke up, Thank the Maker!"

"Thank you Cy." Angela blushed slightly at his concern. A thought then occurred to her, "Have you heard from Starbuck? Do you know where he is?"

"By Slyth'yn!" he exclaimed, "I had forgotten about him... let's see... Um, okay Angela grab that pad..." she looked to her left just as she finished zipping her suit shut. Snatching the pad it's display showed a map to an unknown destination as Cy said, "follow the map please while I see what I can find out about our erstwhile Pilot."

"Um... Cy?" she asked, "Where does this-?"

"To my physical body Angela." he interjected, "It would seem I was being dissected. Whomever abducted wants to learn the secrets of Cylonian Technology." chuckling in dry humor he added sarcastically, "I will have to set a reminder to 'thank' them at some point in the future."


"I've learned a few things about myself and my kind. Things that if it became known... it wouldn't be pretty."

"I see." Angela said. Furrowing her brow in confusion she added, "I think."

"Main Control, shuttle 4NOT requesting docking instructions." the pilot called in, waiting for a response.

A minute later, the lone pilot began to sweat until he heard, "4NOT. This is Main Control. Forgive us, there was a... glitch. We have you on beam and are bringing you in."

"It's 'bout time Main Control!" the pilot responded, "This is like the third 'glitch' this past monthen. Ah, nevermind. Just get me berthed."

"Aye, aye."

Sliding down the ladder, his back to the berth, the shuttle Pilot landed. Stretching and yawning, he scratched an itch on his left buttock as he felt a presence behind him. Turning he asked, "What in the Great Makers Name took you guys... so... long?"

His eyes widened as he faced the squad of five security personnel, their weapons trained on him. He sputtered, "Wha? Huh?"

The fifth man, the squad leader standing behind his men ordered, "Hands in the air!"

"Ah!" the pilot breathed, hands shooting above his head. "I didn't do it! It wasn't me! I've got an alibi!"

Chuckling the leader ordered his men, "Search the shuttle! He's GOT to be on there somewhere."

His squad lowered the weapons and entered the ship by the numbers. The pilot looked at the squad leader saying, "Can I put my arms down now cousin."

Laughing the squad leader said, "Sure Jon, sure."

"Thanks Jirge."

"Think my men will find what they're looking for?" Jirge asked looking askance at his cousin.

"If not, then I have a 'special delivery' to your quarters later." Jon said.

"Sargent!" his second-in-command called from the cargo hold, "There's nothing here Sargent."

"Very good corporal." spinning his finger in the air he yelled out, "Let's wrap it up people! We're late for our break."

"Later Jirge." Jon said as he headed for the comptroller office. He paid no attention to the squad of six men as they left his shuttle to the automated equipment.

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