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Knight's Lament

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Our Roots Run Deep". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to Child of the Hellmouth and Our Pack. Everyone needs to have their say about what if only they could stop falling into wonky portals.

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calikocatFR13615,56323910,89324 Jun 1318 Aug 13Yes

Chapter Five

Knight's Lament
By: calikocat
Word Count: 1,749


Getting back to the present wasn't nearly as hard as they thought it would be.

The next morning, after a round of goodbyes, and an especially heart breaking scene between Inuyasha and Kagome, they were ready to leave.

Kagome, eyes a bit watery with unshed tears, touched the remained dormant.

“Hang on Kags, I have a theory.”

She gave him a confused look but stepped back. “Go ahead.”

“Cordy, Rhonda give the well a poke please.” The sisters rolled their eyes, but grasped hands and each touched the well. The inside began to glow, everyone stared at him. “See, Cordy and Rhonda have magic, and didn't know it. And the mystery of the clutch purse has been solved.”

Cordelia snorted. “That's been bugging you for months hasn't it.”

“You have no idea.”


The moment they stepped out of the well house was an interesting one. Botan practically grabbed Tor and began to hug him...or throttle was actually kind of hard to tell really. Though Xander had no time to ponder on it because Yusuke grabbed him and gave him a noogie.

Kagome's family took everything in stride; they were used to her disappearing down magic holes like Alice in Wonderland. They did however seem surprised that she and Shippo had opted to return instead of stay with Inuyasha.

And then there were the lectures about responsibility and poking around at magical objects that they weren't familiar with. Xander was pretty sure they tuned most of the lecture out, besides, they'd learned their lesson. The next time they came across a magic well that started to get all glowy they were all going to run far, far away.


They were playing hooky...though it really couldn't be called hooky since Keiko had practically shoved them out the shop door. She and her parents had enough help in the form of Kyle, Larry, and Heidi so she'd told them to go bond. Rhonda and Cordelia had dragged Atsuko shopping.

So Yusuke had taken him to the arcade, and to see the newest action flick, just regular guy stuff. Stuff he hadn't really done since Jesse. Shopping with the guys for Valentine’s Day gifts was not the same thing as just chilling.

They were drinking milkshakes now, sitting in a park on a bench in silence. There was awkwardness between them that hadn't been there before, and Xander hated it. But he wasn't sure how to bridge the gap...though...talking would probably move things along.

“So...what part do you want to know about?”

“How about the part where a vampire tried to sacrifice you to end the world.”

“Yeah...that part sucked. Painful too.”

“And then the part where you and Cordelia are sharing a bed.”

“Ugh. Mom made the same assumption. Look. Cordy and I haven't...gone that far. When we share a’s just sleeping...and cuddling.”

“What about when it’s more than that?”

Xander blushed a bit and coughed. “Would you believe my mom bought us a box of condoms?”

Yusuke grinned at him. “Sounds like something my mom would do. You really serious about her?”


“I heard a rumor there was someone else.”

Xander sighed and gazed up at the clouds over head. “Cordy and I got involved with one of the bad guys.”

“Wait...the both of you? You're part of a threesome now?”

“We wish. We never got that far. Mostly it was just kisses and emotion...but Spike put himself at risk and played spy. Without him helping us things could have been so much worse.”

Yusuke stared at him a moment longer, then fished something out of his jeans pocket. “Here.”


“Well...Koenma told me that you might need these. He didn't say why...don't think he even knows why...but his dad, King Enma suggested some things... Anyway, these are for you to do whatever with.” He held out his hand, in the palm were six rings, each with Raizen's crest. “I figure one is for Cordelia...another for that Spike guy...”

“And the rest?”

“No idea...maybe the fates plan to punish you, Cordelia and Spike with quadruplets?”

“Whoa, don't even joke about things like that...Cordelia would probably kill us both ‘cause you could like seriously jinx us or something.”

“Just take the rings Xander.”

“If Cordy does ever have quadruplets I'm telling her it’s all your fault and you'll have mandatory babysitting duties.”

Yusuke only laughed at him.


“Suko-chan! You have to try this on!”

Atsuko looked up from the clothing rack she was going through and gaped at the sexy little number Cordy-chan was holding up. How in the world did the girl keep finding such wonderful clothes? And they'd all been on sale! She'd never had such good luck when she shopped. Just wait till the girls down at the bar saw her in her new clothes. “Ah, Cordy-chan! You have such good luck.” She accepted the dress and grinned. “I'll go find a dressing room.”

“Find Rhonda first, she has a knack for finding shoes to go with any outfit.”

Atsuko nodded and hurried off in the direction they'd last seen Rhonda. Cordelia smiled, completely enjoying herself, it had been a long time since she'd gone shopping for fun...and for someone else.

She continued to browse through the racks, her mind wandering over various things that had happened...mostly her use of magic. Thinking about it now it was kind of obvious she and Rhonda had been using magic for years. When they were little they assumed that all the girls could cram things into their purses the way they could. As they got older however it seemed less normal. The one time they'd tried to tell Daddy about it he brushed them off as having an active imagination, or watching Mary Poppins too many times.

So they didn't talk about it anymore; and did their best to not bring attention to what they could do. Of course that kind of got blown out of the water when Xander questioned how she could fit so many things into her clutch purse. And she had to admit that storing the short sword and quarter staff was a bit much. But it was oh so convenient.

“Ms. Chase.”

She whirled around in surprise; mostly because the man had spoken in least he looked like a man. He was tall, had a beard, glasses...but there was something about him. Something...other. Definitely not human.

“I don't know you.”

“No. No you don't. My name is Enma.”

She could feel her eyes bug just a bit and grimaced at what her expression must look like. “Why would a god need to talk to me while I'm in a department store?”

“To give you this.” He held out his left hand, and in it was a light pink egg.

She raised a brow and folded her arms. “Easter is over buddy.”

He chuckled. “Marshal came from such an egg as this.”

“Xander's spirit beast?”


“So...why are you giving me a spirit beast?”

“Technically it is only a spirit egg. You are the one who will create your spirit beast; it will be a reflection of your soul.”


“Hasn't Marshal been useful? Hasn't he helped save Xander and others?”

Cordelia looked at him, her mind and thoughts whirling about. “Is something else coming?”

“My dear girl, something else will always be coming.”

“Stupid question.” She bit her lip...and took the egg. Enma smiled...and disappeared. She blinked, and looked around for him but he was nowhere in sight. “Xander might just freak over this.”


“Why would I freak over that?”

“Because a freaking god showed up while I was shopping and gave me a pink egg?”

“Mine was green.”

“You're not helping.”

“Then this probably won't help either.” He showed her a ring; it looked like the one he always wore. “King Enma seems to know what's going to happen and passed word through Koenma to Yusuke that you should get one of these.”

“Raizen's crest?”

“I guess it’s a way of officially connecting you to me...and to the bloodline. And it’s much cooler and permanent than a class ring.”


Xander gave her a sheepish look. “We haven't really talked about it...but if you want...we could...I don't know.”


“There are more is for Spike maybe. And the others could mean anything. I mean Tony was not faithful at all and...but...I love you. You know that right?”

She grinned at him and held up her hand. “I'll wear the ring. That'll make it official right, that I'm yours.”

“Especially among the demon community. Are you sure?”


He grinned back and slid the ring on her finger. The crest, like his, changed color but unlike his it turned pink, not green. “Love you Cor.”

“Of course you do.” She kissed him. “Love you back.”


The rest of their summer vacation was almost normal, which was nice, if a little wiggy. He and Cordelia continued to stay at Atsuko's, except for the weekends when the entire pack was dragged to Genkai's for training. Mostly the training focused on endurance and strengthening their bodies. None of them were ready for training in spiritual powers.

Willow and Tor's situations were different. Botan had taken Tor back to the pocket dimension where their parents lived so that he could strengthen his magic, always bringing him back on the weekends...and Willow...

Willow's situation was a little more serious. The gypsy curse had tainted her miko powers somewhat. It wasn't really visible if you weren't looking for it. The mark the curse had left on her aura was all but invisible; however it acted as a magnet for darker energy. So for the rest of her life Willow would need to go through a magical detox once, maybe twice, a year in a place of holy power. For now, that would be the Higurashi Shrine. They would need to find a place closer to home for emergency detox if they needed it. They were lucky, it could have been much worse.

But that made Xander wonder...if the curse had damaged Willow's aura...what about Amy's?


The End

You have reached the end of "Knight's Lament". This story is complete.

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