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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Neo Sineya Council". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A re-imagining of the End of Angel. He gets help from an unexpected source in Angel's fight against the Demon Army of the Black Thorn.

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Stargate > General > Theme: Multi-CrossoversjakedamanFR18919,4571147,4734 Jul 1322 Jul 13Yes

Portals, Portals Everywhere!

Disclaimer :
BTVS and Angel belong to the Great, Munificent Joss Whedon! I do not them or Stargate, Dukes of Hazzard, or Highlander. Nor do I own M.A.S.H or Charmed. I'm not doing this for money, fame, or fortune (more's the pity) but I am doing this for the recognition of my peers, peons, and loyal subjects.

Please do the 4 R's: Read, Rate, Review, Recommend.

The energy from the circle and the pattern within glowed with an ethereal light. Frost rimed the edge of the circle, the pattern within glowing and pulsing like a living heartbeat. Yet Dawn noticed she was not blinded by the energy within. Instead it seemed to sharpen her vision. She could see and feel Giles to her right while Willow was to her left. They spoke in one voice, completely in sync with each other. She struggled not to be overcome by the surrealism of the situation.

Dawn could see and feel the three sisters outside the circle in between those sitting within. The Charmed Ones chanted counter-point and in between her breaths. Thus was a portal on the roof formed. The wind gusted at the edges, yet was completely still outside the circle. A deep cold was felt by the magic users, yet they were all sweating with un-felt heat. The portal spun slowly, extending upward looking for all the world like a mini hurricane of furious wind.
Buffy and the en-souled Vampires ran by the Mages and Witches to join the Dukes and Conner. Dawn caught a part of their argument hearing Buffy state, “... Troll Hammer on the head!”

“C'mon Dahlin'” Spike drawled, “you know that just set it up for Angel and I to cut it's throat. But I cut it deeper! Almost lost me bloody sword!”

Angel ended it by ordering, “That's enough! We need to he....”

Holding her smile within Dawn's heart lightened. If the three of them were arguing like that, then there was hope for her sister after all. Her full and complete attention was brought back to the portal as it stopped swirling.

Frozen in place it strained against their magic. Then slowly, oh slowly, enough to make her teeth ache it began to reverse direction. There was a 'snap!', a release of energy pushing the six of them away from the portal. It screamed in release, tendrils of lightening flashed out hitting nothing at all.
Nothing happened.

Teal'c actually laughed in savage joy as he mowed down demons with his converted blaster. Jack lobbed more grenades while everyone who knew how was firing their weapons. Most importantly of all, Father Mulcahy, a most pious man, stood behind them chanting Latin prayers of blessing.

Teal'c had swapped out his toothpick for a cigar. Surprisingly he was using a passable Spanish accent yelling out, “Say halloo to my leetle friend!” Switching to a New York accent he shouted out, “You want a piece of me? Huh?”

Teal'c yelled out, “The energy cells are almost depleted O’Neill!” then to the demons he growled, “Do you feel lucky punk?”

“Damn.” was all jack allowed himself. Yelling over the din of battle he ordered, “Slayers, get ready!”

Teal'c's gun fell silent. Jack yelled, “Cease fire. Slayers! Attack!”

Gun was the first over the barricade, the Slayers hot on his heels, meeting the demon army in a head long rush of bodies and steel. Demons suddenly started flying left and right as Gunn literally threw them or cut them in half. Racing forward he didn't stop till he came up against a ten foot monstrosity and the fight was on!

Ducking low he avoided the a swing aimed for his neck. Reversing his axe he rose using his body-weight, shoving the butt of the haft into to the demons throat rocking the things scaled head back. To top it off he then thrust the blade, slicing into the demons crotch. The demon let out a howl as certain parts fell to the ground out of it's loin cloth. Some dinosaur looking demons cheep-cheeped as they scooped it up and ran away.

The demon watched the scavengers scamper away with its beloved body part. Looking at Gunn it roared, let go of its sword knocking Gunn away with a backhanded slap. Ripping the axe out of its body the monster gutturally growled, “I may die, but I will take you with me human!”

Grabbing the demon's over-sized sword Gunn growled back, “Don't think so.” as he attacked the demon.

The demon was so surprised a human could pick up its sword it reacted to late to block Gunns attack, its head rolling in the gutter of the alley. Snatching his axe back from the dissolving demon corpse Gunn spun and continued attacking the demons without pause.

Swords clanged with axes. Demon bodies thumped and broke. The corpses were summarily vaporized, liquefied or were eaten by scavengers. Humans fought with all they had and more.

Jack turned to Duncan, about to order him to give back-up to the slayers when he was distracted by the sound of a motorcycle. SG-1, minus Hailey who joined the Slayers in their melee, turned towards the sound along with the Immortals.

A cherry-red BMW K1200S roared toward them driven by a figure clad in a black leather one piece suit. The driver's head was covered in a full face helmet totally obscuring the person's features. The driver jumped, pulling the bike into the air. Landing just in front of Jack the driver bounced it again pulling it hard upwards and over the short redoubt.

“Holy...” was all the time Jack had to yelp in surprise. The stranger on the motorcycle roared in amongst the demons dodging and darting deeper into the army. The driver ran over a fyarl, using its body to jump again impacting the bottom of the bike across one of the taller, heavier demons.

She, for they could see her feminine curves now, jumped off the bike before it crashed into the giant demon knocking it off balance. She pulled the two Katana's sheathed in an 'X' on her back as she landed boots first on the chest of said demon knocking it down. Ululating out a battle-cry she began to hack and slash on the demons around her.

“Who was that?!” Daniel yelled.

“No idea. Xena, maybe?” Conner MacLeod replied, “I like their style though.”

“Speaking of style.” Jack stated, “I need you four to back up the Slayers. We'll stay back here and pick off what we can...” he trailed off, watching Teal'c grab his Staff Weapon and join the Slayers over the redoubt, “well, except for Teal'c.” he mumbled turning back to the Immortal that was no longer there.
Shaking his head in exasperation Jack simply braced himself against the barricade. Selecting single shot on his P-90 he went to work.

Dawn whispered, “Did we miss someth-”

A fierce wind cut her off. Blowing out from the portal it carried a Mist across and over the edge of the roof. It quickly rose above their heads and they could hear muted screams of anger and terror within. The Mist broke over it like a wave cresting a dam when it hit the roof's retaining wall spilling over the side.

Jack, squatting and reloading his weapon, went over everything they had done so far. He couldn't put his finger on it but it felt like they had missed something.
“Let's see. We planted Claymore's. They worked. We built the Barricade and redoubt. We used grenades. The Dukes used explosive arrow's and then blessed shine they set a-flame. That was a sight to see.” he thought to himself. He smiled remembering the expression on the demons faces when the force-field went up. He also remembered, “We used the grenade launchers, Teal'c's BIG gun Vi drooled over. The Dukes took the Zat's upstairs.”

Muttering to himself he grumbled, “I just know we didn't use something we brought.”

Major Carter reminded him, “The LAWS sir. We haven't had a chance to use it.”

He brightened at the thought of big explosions, but re-considered, “Naw, too many of our people out there.”

“That's true sir,” Sam answered. Pointing upward she exclaimed, “Besides, don't think we'll need it anymore.”

Glancing up Jack performed the classic double-take. Focusing he saw a mist flow over the edge of the building. It moved slowly but seemed to pick up speed until it hit the ground. SG-1 could swear they felt a 'thump' when the Mist landed. They weren't sure as the Mist seemed to explode outwards to cover the entire Alley. Rolling over the combatants it muted all sound. Hitting the opposite wall it roiled back in on itself.

The Mist retreated across the Alley like a film rolling backwards. However, when it cleared Jack could see the Immortals, the Slayers, and Gunn were left behind. Even the Kamikaze chick with the hot bike was still there. None of the demons remained. No trace was left behind. Their blood, their cadavers (of which there were surprisingly few) all gone. Jack took a sniff of the air wonderingly.

Daniel smelled the air as well asking, “Is that Pine I smell?”

“Huh! Save the world and get that Pine Fresh scent.” O’Neill joked. “I can work with that.”

The Mist retracted, pulling itself into the whirling portal. Most of the demons were held within the swirling clouds, but for a few. They howled. They hissed. They tried clawing their way free, but it was all for naught. They were sucked down into the spinning depths, hopefully to never be seen again.

The End

You have reached the end of "Intentions". This story is complete.

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