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Where My Demons Hide

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Summary: A wish is made. A wish is granted. The Avengers will never be the same. It causes headaches but really it is a good thing.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredMistressTitaniaFR1822,6550196,20611 Jul 1311 Jul 13No



I don't own BtVS or Marvel. I am making no money off this. I just wanted to have some fun blending worlds.


I wanted a Clint/Xander fic. I couldn't find one so I decided to write it. I am of the belief that there is never enough BtVS/Avengers fics. Also I adore Agent Coulson and so that ship will probably be come Clint/Xander/Phil.

Not Beta'd. But I'm open if anyone would like too.


The new HQ for the International Council To Assist In The Slaying of Evil was bustling with people. Eventually they would change their name again after voting that Andrew was no longer allowed to file legal paperwork. Many of the visitors had to share a room and living area. Those that survived the battle of Sunnydale got special privileges and an area of the house. That did not mean it was any quieter or that less fighting happened there.

Xander Harris had adapted well to only having a single eye over the last several years. His fighting skills in many ways were better than ever. He tried explaining that it was the last year and half spent in Africa. That it was a lot like learning a new language through emersion. Nobody really believed that was the only reason but it was the only reason he would give. And yet still, Willow and Buffy only saw the untrained boy he had been in high school. This had caused increased fighting over the last month since Xander returned from Africa. They also didn't seem to understand part of the change came from moving past his grief of losing Anya.

"Xander, you are the normal one. I can't have you getting hurt. Please, take the desk job that Giles offered you. Or even the foster parent job for the young slayers," pressed Willow.

"Or go to school and do something safe. I can't lose you, Xander. Please, I don't want you to lose another eye," growled Buffy.

Xander hid the flinch her words caused with years of practice.

"Leave Xander alone! Go eat chocolate or something!" The voice came from a nearby couch where Andrew was watching The Avengers movie for the hundredth time, no exaggeration. "He is a great fighter."

"He is only human, Andrew! It is dangerous."

"So was Agent Coulson and he was BAMF before they movie faked his death."

"Andrew, accept they killed his character off for a reason."

"NO! I refused to accept Agent Coulson is dead since they showed neither a body nor a tombstone."

"It is a movie! Can we get back to talking about the reality of Xander taking a less dangerous job," yelled Willow.

"Maybe you would think different if Xander was a SHIELD agent. I bet Agent Coulson would treat him better that Giles or you. I wish Xander could know just go work for Agent Coulson as his assistant handler of the Avengers Initiative," spoke a quiet voice of one of the baby slayer, Andrea, who loved comics as much as Andrew and Xander. They were her favorite people and she didn't take kindly to anyone being mean to them.

"Wish granted!" giggled a male voice before a bright light filled the room. "You had your chance, Red Witch. You fail."

When the light faded the only thing left of Xander was his eye patch and a stake he was holding. Willow was trying to figure out why the voice of the wish demon sounded so familiar.

The wish demon nodded to his boss. "It is done."

"I can't believe I ever agreed to give you one chance to make any wish true for someone. And I also can't believe that was what you granted. You realize that didn't make him any safer?"

"He never wanted to be safer. And I think this will give him a much better shot at being happy then anything that his home world could have provided for him. He also did love his comics. And I know he still does even if he hides it more now."

"Fine. Get back to work."

"It isn't really work when I get to spend my days punishing bad parents."

"Fuck off."

"Right away, Boss."

The head demon wished that antacids worked for him. At least this would make a bit of a dent in the effectiveness of the Slayer and the Red Witch for awhile. He hoped his own boss would be satisfied with that excuse. And he hoped the Key never tapped into her true pontenial and killed them all when she found out.
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