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Over the Rainbow

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Summary: Loki falls across dimensions and ends up in a very different Midgard. Xander has no idea how the God of mischief ended up living in his basement. He's not really sure he minds though. There will be slash people.

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Marvel Universe > Thor > Xander-CenteredmuaaimoiFR1844,2722167,50122 Jul 135 Feb 14No

Chapter One

I don't own anything you see here. I just like playing with other peoples shiny things.

The collapse of the rainbow bridge should have killed him. So much chaotic energy, so many doors, opening and closing. He should have been torn apart, his magic should have at the very least been bled dry by the destructive forces he had unleashed. But he was not favored by Yggdrasil for nothing. Magic sang in his veins and fought for his survival.

So it didn't.

In one world, the commotion caught the attention of a dark power. It wrapped Loki around in its magic and pulled him into his galaxy through one of Yggdrasil's passageways.

Loki drowned in his anger, his darkness.

His grief.

He allowed the dark power to twist him into a mockery of his former self. He attempted to take over Midgard. He failed. And found himself locked away.

But in another world. Another branch on Yggdrasil, things went rather... differently.

Loki had always been favored by magic. And magic could be a very funny thing.

So in this world. In this branch of all that is life, all that is death, and all that will ever be either, a door opened.

And it only closed once Loki had fallen through.


Xander stared at the portal Buffy had just closed.

It reopened.

The fear and horror didn't even have a chance to fully set in before a body crash landed on the ground and Acathala's maw closed again.

"Buff!" Xander called.

He knew the slayer was long gone. She had been heartbroken and traumatized because her Vampire boyfriend had to be sacrificed to save the world. He didn't blame her for splitting.

He'd wanted to hightail it out of the mansion the second the portal closed as well. It was just that he was only human, and as such he was really, really tired. He'd been kind of hoping to catch his fifth wind before wandering the streets of SunnyDale at night.

Sadly it hadn't been looking like he had that fifth wind in him, and he'd been settling in to wait for dawn when Acathala, for lack better term, burped.

He approached the sprawled body cautiously. Xander half hoped the portal had given Angel 'd looked all soul having by the end there. Willow had managed the whole ensouling thing it seemed. His Wills was learning her way around cauldrons and wands really well. Maybe soul having Angel was too good for hell.

Except that of course he wasn't, because the body on the ground looked nothing like Angel. The horns were a dead give away. Deadboy would never be caught in that get up. And while the guy did look pretty human for someone who'd apparently been ejected by hell, he was dressed like someone from a comic book.

He did look like a pretty boy though. Even with the cuts on his face. The kind of face Buffy and Willow would giggle about excitedly.

Buffy especially.

He really wished she was here actually. Or Oz, Cordelia, Giles especially. Anyone else except Willow, really. She needed to stay in the hospital.

He didn't know what to do. And this definitely wasn't something he'd expected to deal with today. Vampires, demons, the end of the world, he'd been ready for all of that. As ready as hoping he'd survive it all could make him, anyway.

But the whole possibly human, probably demonic guy on the ground? Xander had no idea how he was supposed to deal with that.

Xander wasn't magic boy. Hell, he was barely back up boy. Donut guy was more his speed.

He couldn't do anything if the body on the ground woke up and decided to end the world.

But he could hope against hope that maybe, just maybe Buffy had hung around. That some unknown Slayer magic had alerted her to the whole 'body coming out of the demons mouth after they'd thought they'd closed the portal forever' thing.

"Buffster!" He tried again." Now would be a great time to show up!"

The mansion stayed perfectly, mockingly silent.

"Damn it!" Xander cursed with feeling.

It wasn't like he could just leave the guy there. He was all passed out and stuff. If he wasn't evil and something ate him because Xander had left him on the mansion floor he'd hate himself forever.

"I hate everything." Xander whined mournfully." Why couldn't you crash land awake? Then at least I'd know if I could ditch you without feeling bad about it later."

He so didn't look forward to lugging the guy home in the dawn. But he didn't see another way to get to his bed with a clean conscience.

Sometimes, times like this, when he needed to be in bed yesterday, Xander sort of wished he could be evil. Not a world ending kind of evil. No, more like the okay with kicking puppies, and leaving strangers to possible death kind.

Just sometimes though. He knew he could never be that guy.

And he never would be. So he waited until the sun came up, wrapped an arm around the guy, tossed him awkwardly over his shoulder, and begun his miserable trek home.
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