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Dawnie Does the Marvelverse

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Summary: Dawn decides to disregard the Scoobies' advice and have a heart-to-heart with a vengeance demon. The wacky adventures of Dawn Frost ensue.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Dawn-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR151725,464920231,0731 Aug 1329 Aug 13No


Joe's Note: It's not Heimdallr, but it is forward movement on the story and so I think I'll count this as a win. Mostly because I was busy all day doing a photo shoot of Angel from Borderlands (the Facebook friend that Dawn references in the chapter with Warren, actually) and didn't start working on this until 11PM EDT. That'll teach me not to plan ahead, I guess. Also, I'd originally wanted to keep everything from Dawn's perspective from start to end, but then I realized that certain scenes wouldn't work without her either becoming a master spy, telepathic, or a seer. Since none of those appealed to me…

     "And you say that he at no point told you why he wished to speak with this particular Midgardian?"

     "That's right, My Lord." Charisse Kennedy found herself wringing her hands nervously as she stood a step behind Odin and to his right. When Brynhildr and Kára had approached her about assisting with their current mission for Heimdallr, citing her comparatively current knowledge of Midgard as an asset, she honestly hadn't thought to question either the source of the mission or its specifics. After all, the gatekeeper was among the most trustworthy of the Æsir and accordingly Odin allowed him to operate with a level of autonomy unparalleled on Asgard. But now, Kennedy was starting to wonder if she should have asked a few more questions before getting involved. Because Odin sure was. "Although to be fair, sir, he didn't say much to me period. Most of what I do know about the entire mission came from the others: our job was to travel to Midgard, locate Dawn Summers, and bring her to Asgard. So we did."

     Staring off in the general direction of the golden dome that housed the reconstructed - and currently inactive - Bifröst, Odin let out a soft hum. "And upon your return?"

     Kennedy opened her mouth, paused, closed it, and then thought back to the brief period in question. After a few minutes of very careful consideration, she finally spoke. "Nothing, sir. He didn't even speak with us. He nodded toward the bridge back to the city while standing there staring at Dawn. No thanks, no warnings not to speak of what we'd seen, nothing. Oh! And his facial expression, body language, et cetera… I couldn't pick up anything off him. Absolutely nothing. And you know how good I am that."

     "As do all of the valkyries who attend your… 'strip poker nights', I believe you call them?" Odin peered back over his shoulder and chuckled as Kennedy's jaw dropped. "There is very little that happens in these halls that I am unaware of. Especially when my son's friend enjoys speaking loudly of his luck at catching young women leaving your quarters in significantly less clothing than they arrived in."

     Stepping forward to join Odin at the balcony's rail, Kennedy peered down at where Thor was sparring with the Warriors Three, her eyes focusing on a green-clad blond in particular. "Fandral's just jealous of my ability to… forge close working relationships with some of my fellow valkyries."

     "And if work was what was actually on your mind, young lady, then Sif and Brynhildr might someday have competition for their roles in the hierarchy of the my valkyries. Fortunately for them, we know otherwise." Holding up his hand, Odin cut off Kennedy's reply. "It does my heart good to see you finally settling in, my dear. Frigga and I had feared that you would never learn to feel at home here in our dimension."

     Maybe it had something to do with being traded to this universe's Odin by the Allfather who'd first recruited her much the way her little brother and his friends traded Pokémon cards? Not that Kennedy could blame Wōden for wanting to be rid of her; even after Kennedy had sat down with Willow and explained that she'd willingly become a valkyrie upon her death, the redhead had continued trying to return her to the mortal coil. That had quite rightfully irritated the shit out of both Wōden and Hel, creating a rather hostile working environment for her. Trading her and Göndul the Wand-Wielder to Odin in exchange for a trio of his valkyries had been beneficial to both gods: it put Kennedy beyond Willow's reach - at least for now - and thus calmed Wōden's realms while simultaneously supplying Odin with an expert on the realm his son was so enamored with as well as a magical expert capable of helping keep Amora the Enchantress on a leash.

     Mmm, Amora. Kennedy didn't care what Odin said, quite literally keeping the blonde on a leash was a completely valid response to the blonde's fairly benign but generally mischievous behavioral pattern, and an option that they should explore. Especially if she got to hold the other end of the leash…

     Speaking of witch… Kennedy gave herself a mental pat on the back for the wittier-than-Buffy quip as she watched Amora hurry through the city's marketplace, laughing loudly as she dove between shoppers in an attempt to elude her taller, sturdier, and decidedly less maneuverable shadow. "If you don't need me for anything else, I think Göndul could use a hand…"

     "I believe it's Amora you are truly hoping wishes for your hand… or rather your hands." Odin let out a chuckle as Kennedy did her best to look innocent even as a faint blush stained her cheeks, and then he turned back to survey the sprawling city before him. Suddenly, he jerked his head to the left and Kennedy followed his gaze as his head slowly turned, tracking a rainbow streak as it raced across the clear blue sky. "I don't suppose you would happen to know how we came to have a Majesdanian among us, would you?"

     Kennedy debated how to answer that before mentally shrugging. Evidently, tattletaling and backstabbing and the like were as much a part of life here in Asgard as it was back on Earth. She might as well throw her boss under the bus - and deservedly so - before the Allfather talked to Brynhildr and the redhead somehow managed to shift some or all of the blame on to Kennedy. "Her name is Faith; she's a member of the group that Prince Thor worked with to stop the Chitauri invasion and return the Tesseract to us. She was with Dawn when we arrived on Midgard; Brynhildr was so occupied by her mission that she didn't think to clear Faith out of the Bifröst site before asking Heimdallr to retrieve us. Since she was well within the beam's radius, the inevitable happened and Faith got brought along for the ride with us."

     "Ah. Well, a splash of color never hurt anyone. Please ensure that she is sent back to Midgard in due time, though."

     "Yes, My Lord." Hopefully, 'due time' wouldn't be until after this week's poker night, Kennedy thought, because this version of Faith was a lot cuter than the Slayer she'd met through her ex-girlfriend. Waiting until she'd received Odin's dismissive wave, Kennedy backed off a few steps so she could get a running start before jumping out the window, nimbly landing on a rooftop a dozen or so feet below. Pausing for the briefest of moments, she settled on her next target before launching herself off the roof and into the open air, covering a distance that would have made an Olympic athlete green with envy as she dropped another three stories closer to the ground before touching down. Two more hops and she was running along the top of a building that ran parallel to the markets, allowing Kennedy to pull even with Amora and Göndul before throwing herself earthward. Landing a step behind Amora, she reached out and delivered a blistering slap to the blonde's ass, making the Asgardian squeal and stumble forward a few steps before coming to a stop. "And what do you think you're doing, missy?"

     Drawing herself up to her full height, Amora reached back to rub her posterior as she offered Kennedy an innocent look that the brunette wasn't buying. "Well, I'm certainly not trying to make Göndul work up a sweat because she's prettier when she's all flushed and mussed, if that's what you're thinking." Kennedy was willing to believe that, given Amora had seemed to be playing with her keeper rather than genuinely trying to evade her… although Kennedy much preferred her method of making the buxom brunette flushed and sweaty. "Was it really necessary to hit me that hard? I don't think I'll be able to sit straight for a day or two…"

     Kennedy snorted dismissively as she strode past the blonde, beckoning for Amora to follow just as Göndul finally caught up with them. "Who's fault is that? If you didn't go out of your way to make everyone you meet in every realm hate you, maybe you'd have someone to kiss it better."

     "Hmm. I haven't made that adorable little Midgardian you brought back hate me yet…" Amora laughed as she brushed up against the suddenly immobile Kennedy, passing the brunette before making a right turn at the next intersection. A right that would put her on the path to Heimdallr's domain.

     Exchanging a look with Göndul, Kennedy took off running after the blonde.
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