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Rupert Potter

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Scoobies go Magical". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sometimes, being a librarian has its perks.

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Harry Potter > Giles-CenteredFemXanderForeverFR1811,312091,90518 Aug 1318 Aug 13No
Disclaimer: Any content within this story is the creative property of its owners, companies and distributers, barring the events, which are researched by public domain. Any creative product of the author remains the intellectual property of the author, and is in no way associated with or related to the content this fiction is based on. The author gains no monetary, legal or ownership rights out of writing this story, but does, however, insist that this story survives on reviews, as without those reviews, the story would waste away.

When adults thought of Rupert Potter, they thought of the quiet kid who holed himself up in the library.

When kids thought of Rupert Potter, they quaked in fear and tried to protect their heads.

No kid, after the first time Piers Polkiss had tried to bully him and ended up on his knees, sobbing as his head was held back by his hair, ripping some out when he tried to fight back, had been wanting to get on his bad side, or that the kids called him "Ripper", though the adults didn't know why, and the kids weren't talking.

The fact that the boy was often times seen reading books that were hundreds of years old, a lot of them on things that many librarians had attempted to get rid of, had ended up in his possession, about Demons, pagan rituals, dark histories, and violent happenings that belonged in a restricted section of their library, well…

The librarians had learned to get the books in, rather than be subjected to that look in his eyes.

They still shivered every time they saw the cold, dark, distant eyes behind those glasses, whenever they had suggested getting rid of some of the older tomes for newer books that were more public friendly.

It was only when the section that had become known as the Demons Corner, where books on Satanic Rites and sacrificial rituals got to be too big that the library had offered to let him start taking the books back home, whenever other libraries sent the books over (since they'd all heard of the intimidating child through the network).

The Dursley's, rather than object, like many expected they would, had just shuddered and let him take them in.

It was only after the books started piling out in the halls that the Dursley's had gotten the idea, and not wanting to see the books, built a library in the back yard to store all the books, which, if they hadn't dragged him away every now and then, he wouldn't come out of.

At eight, being the learned reader he was, Rupert Potter was considered the leading collector in books concerning Witchcraft, Satanic worship, mythology, Demonology, Vampires, and brutal acts caused in history.

The library, always expanding, had many people from around the world who were working on their doctoral thesis in fictional history and such coming in, that it wasn't uncommon to see strangers coming in at every hour of the day, or for cars to be parked around the suburb that didn't belong there.

At ten, his library had to be expanded, and thanks to contributions by people whose doctoral thesis had hinged on the research compiled in part due to his collection, they helped to buy out the house beside Number Four that had gone up for sale, and it had been turned into a library of books, which is where he had all but moved into.

Those whose studies in the paranormal and the supernatural were looked on as fiction were getting recognition, simply because the single largest collection of books that were considered heretical by many religious sects, were being transported over to the Potter.

Several threats, condemnations and hate mail had been sent to the young Potter, including death threats to get rid of his 'collection of satanic and evil books' had resulted in his gaining a constant security force to protect the constantly expanding library that had detailed recollections and retellings of orgies, sacrificial grounds, acts of cruelty, brutality and violence, and contained hand written diaries of soldiers from wars where they swore they saw beings eating corpses, or defiling burial grounds.

The house turned library slash museum, whose collection of books was viewed as dangerous, heretical, an abomination, the ultimate act of violation by religious extremists, was the target of many media attacks thanks to people who viewed the place as evil, as him being the spawn of Satan for collecting them.

Those in Little Whining, Surrey, weren't surprised that it didn't phase the boy at all, as he holed himself up in the books he collected.

Unknown to most extremists, books that the Vatican had kept locked up in their vaults for centuries, not letting anyone get their hands on it, had sent the tomes that they kept secret for centuries, to the boy, after various heated negotiations, in which the boy had made a very convincing argument about their relocation and wellbeing.

Books that had been locked up for over a thousand years were transported by armed guard to the young Potter, whose small house had since expanded into a small campus containing some of the darkest tomes in history.

Those who stepped foot onto the campus had said it was like stepping onto your own grave, with the way tingles ran up and down their spines, or found shadows dancing every now and then, when in the darkened rooms.

In the basement, where secure vaults held original texts that had been restored, and copies, made by hand, were kept in shelves for the people who came, where few had entered or seen the original texts, the ones that had, were all spooked by the experience.

The fact that several books were written in blood on paper and bound in human skin were found in his library was never mentioned.

So it came as no surprise to them when, if something strange happened in Little Whining, Surrey, the people of the suburb that had become famous because of the library, now all looked at Rupert Potter as if he were the cause.

So when an owl came, carrying a letter, in broad daylight, and landed in front of the Dursley house, they only rolled their eyes when Vernon shouted for Dudley Dursley, a timid, shy boy, to get his cousin from whatever book he was reading, chalking it off as some freaky isolationist who wanted to contact the boy for some reason or another.

They didn't even blink when two people they had never seen before, dressed weirdly, seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and knocked on the Dursley door.

(-=|End Chapter|=-)

Okay, since this is obviously another story for Scoobies go Magical, I'd like to say that, for those that haven't gotten it, yet, that this is a "Soul and Memories Exist in the HP Universe" type of story. That means they remember everything that happened, up until their deaths. Some of them may be from alternate histories, but they are mostly from Canon.

And before any of you condemn me for doing all this so early, at such a young age, where these characters accomplish anything, I'd like to point out that they are extraordinary and beyond normal, have experiences that would break lesser people, and have done things that are beyond that of any normal person. Giles, in particular, has his youthful transgressions and magical upbringing to fall back on, and his knowledge of Demons and the supernatural to make him recognise that something is being hidden, and because of his experiences as a librarian, curator of the British National Museum, and as a Watcher, he'd naturally know more than others about how to get what he wants, especially when it concerns knowledge like this.

As for the whole building up into a small library and such, most researchers and people whose careers were built on the knowledge of others, tend to give credit where it is due, and a lot of the ones who are generous, they give money, which can build up a lot, especially when they want to have more sources to get their hands on.

It stands to reason that the Dursley's, if they wanted a creepy little child out of their house, and books containing such 'freakish things', out of their house, they'd do anything to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Rupert Potter" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Aug 13.

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