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"Spike" Potter

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Scoobies go Magical". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the Big Bad is sometimes necessary.

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Harry Potter > Spike-CenteredFemXanderForeverFR181904031,78018 Aug 1318 Aug 13No
Disclaimer: Any content within this story is the creative property of its owners, companies and distributers, barring the events, which are researched by public domain. Any creative product of the author remains the intellectual property of the author, and is in no way associated with or related to the content this fiction is based on. The author gains no monetary, legal or ownership rights out of writing this story, but does, however, insist that this story survives on reviews, as without those reviews, the story would waste away.

William Potter was the kid that everyone thought would grow up to be a criminal.

With a leather coat, bleached blonde hair, and a devil-may-care attitude, nobody messed with the boy.

Well, Piers Polkiss had tried, at least until he was found with a large nail stuck through both hands, pinned to the floor, screaming that "Spike" had done it, that he was sorry for everything he had done.

At seven, kids stayed well away from him, and never referred to him as William Potter, calling him Spike, while shaking in fear.

Police had interrogated the kids, and the boy, but aside from the condemnations of the adults, the kids stayed tight lipped and steadfastly silent, terrified of what the boy who had somehow created an iron spike in his hand and pinned the meanest and most abusive of kids to the ground, all the while screaming that he wasn't shit, that he couldn't stand up to the Big Bad, and what he would do to them if Piers Polkiss had only shoved him to the ground in an attempt to intimidate the boy.

After lengthy and tedious interrogations, the police were forced to leave it alone, though the police came by the school every now and then to 'check on things'.

It became especially prudent for them to patrol the area when criminals were found, basically crucified, on walls and the floors of warehouses, railroad spikes through their limbs, and several criminals were banding together, people who would never be caught dead in the same building, let alone the same room, now heading up a huge criminal organisation, where their gang marks, scraped from their bodies, was replaced by a silver spike.

The eyes of the police were firmly on the child whose MO seemed to be to impale people with spikes, though they never had any evidence, and the few that tried to get into the organisation that was growing at an alarming rate had all been staked to the ground, found beaten and bloody, barely able to remember anything about their time in the gang.

The peculiar thing was that even the lieutenants and people in obviously high positions referred to themselves as minions, followers of the Big Bad, of "Spike", who was far scarier than anything the police could do, more scared of their boss, whose respect and fear was well warranted.

At nine, when the school photos were taken, there was a scar above his right eyebrow, visible through the hair, William Potter was probably the most feared child by the people of Surrey.

Dudley's attempt to bully him had been met with a kick to the crotch, and as he was curled up and in tears, while the Police were watching, he had simply patted his cheek roughly and said "try a little better next time, Peaches, and you might be able to land a hit on me."

The less said about Petunia and Vernon Dursley, the better.

Vernon had been found out to be skimming money off the top of Grunnings profits, and was serving a fifteen year jail term, while Petunia, forced to work, was rarely home to keep the peace.

To say it was a poor home life was to be generous.

But, for some reason, the house didn't fall into disrepair, and could still afford the finer things in life.

Needless to say, the kids were very happy to learn that the Potter was leaving for a boarding school.

The police, however, were very worried and concerned, when they ended up getting nothing on the school, except a single, blank, website, saying that it was an exclusive private school and attendance was done by selection.

On the day of his eleventh birthday, the police ended up taking photos of a greasy haired man and a stern looking woman knocking on the door, and the reports mentioned that they thought the two may be from some cult, with how they were dressed.

(-=|End Chapter|=-)

Okay, this is mostly a tribute to Spike's history, and his adherence to his being the Big Bad, and can you really see, after he got started, him stopping at simply being a simple crime boss, or not wanting minions to do his every bidding? Heck, even when he got his soul, he treated Xander like his personal butt monkey, and he was still acting like he was when he was without a soul, only a lot tamer.

A soul does not make the man a saint, he just felt guilt and remorse for his actions, killing so many people. That's all that really happened.

Aside from that, Spike was a Master Vampire, meaning he had to be excessively brutal, intelligent, and possesses enough strength to hold his position.

I'd say that speaks volumes about his personality, after he was liberated from the whole Victorian suppression of individuality and politeness to peers.

After that, you really only have to look at it this way: If he does the acts of brutality and savagery, now, he gains control over them, so he basically controls what the criminals do.

And before you complain about the age factor, I'd like to point out that children have been sent to juvenile detention centres for worse acts than simply stabbing someone with an iron spike through the hands, and they wouldn't have the excuse of centuries of brutality and cruelty to fall back on.

The End?

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You have reached the end of ""Spike" Potter" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Aug 13.

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