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Alex Potter

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This story is No. 12 in the series "Scoobies go Magical". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Being the Zeppo isn't all it's cracked up to be...

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredFemXanderForeverFR1811,4982113,55019 Aug 1319 Aug 13No
Disclaimer: Any content within this story is the creative property of its owners, companies and distributers, barring the events, which are researched by public domain. Any creative product of the author remains the intellectual property of the author, and is in no way associated with or related to the content this fiction is based on. The author gains no monetary, legal or ownership rights out of writing this story, but does, however, insist that this story survives on reviews, as without those reviews, the story would waste away.

Was she a lion or a mouse?

As she stalks her prey, she circles it with a look of focus, never wavering from taking it down.

This was her victim, and she would savagely take it out and munch on its insides.

Petunia rolls her eyes, while Dudley whines about her being weird again.

At four, Alexandria "Alex" Potter had been blinded in her left eye, a result of Dudley roughhousing, and her eye had been caught on a fire poker, and been torn out.

While they had managed to save her life as she bled out fiercely, they had been unable to save her eye, so now, she wore an eye patch, saying it made her look like a pirate, and she could 'plunder and pillage to her hearts content'.

Of course, Petunia, having seen the green eye torn from her skull, had been absolutely horrified that the beautiful emerald green eyes that sometimes shifted to opaline green or jade, depending on her moods, sometimes even shifting to moss green or leaf green, had started to treat her better, and forced the males of the house to do the same.

But she had weird quirks, where she liked her meat extra rare, stalked savoury treats, and a really disturbing laugh.

In return, however, the girl was extremely skilled with her hands, having carved, since she was seven years old, beautiful works of art with wood, several sculptures and carvings that had been done by hand all featured in various art galleries, her 'prodigal talent' making her extremely popular.

It was thanks to that, that her behaviour was regarded as eccentric, like most artists or geniuses were.

Alex, though she constantly insisted on being called Xander, was well regarded as being an artist when it came to manipulating wood, caring out small statuettes, intricate portraits, scenes of battlefields depicting good versus evil, monstrous beings being slain by girls with swords, or victorious looking witches standing out like a beacon over an army of extremely detailed women all armed with medieval weaponry.

What they considered art, Xander considered remembering and honouring her friends and family who had passed on.

Three pieces that she kept in her room, which she had spent years on, which many art dealers and art galleries were willing to pay fortunes for, was of a young woman, one, where she simply sat, staring at the sun, the detail of the carving far greater than that of any other piece, a life sized statue of that same woman, who stood, laughing, her wooden hair standing out like it was tossed around in the wind, and a box that contained various images of that same woman in different poses, which, when a light was lit underneath, would light up the image onto any surface, like a projector.

All three were known as 'Key to the Heart', and despite the price tags that were made, reaching into the hundreds of millions, she refused them with steadfast defiance.

By the time she was ten, the pieces of art were considered, after photos had been taken of them from a telephoto lens through her bedroom window, to be some of the greatest works of art made with wood than anything out there (of which there were precious few detailed wood artworks like that which still existed in the world), and many art dealers, private collectors and galleries wanted to pay out millions, either to keep it locked away, kept under a glass case, or for their collections.

Xander would never sell them, and had said as much to the Dursley's, after they had tried to convince her to sell them, saying that she'd sooner destroy them than sell them.

And for good reason.

They were artworks of Dawn, her once wife.

One thing that Xander had noticed, over the years, was that the Hyena, which, despite Giles assurances had been excised, though he later confessed, after a lot of booze plying (which had cost her more than she'd be willing to admit (as he could really handle his alcohol)), that it was merely suppressed, because removing a Primordial wasn't that easy.

If it were, it could have been done to the Slayer.

The best that could happen was to suppress it.

And with her death, and rebirth, it had become just as strong as it had once been.

Only now, thanks to being female, having a lot more experience in magic and the supernatural, it wasn't that difficult to suppress most of the urges, but she was still dealing with a combat mentality, and spun towards the smallest of noises, like a car backfiring, or the screech of tires.

Small things that had her instantly on edge and in a combat ready stance designed to solely destroy Demons far stronger than the average human, a brutal style that Demon extermination societies had developed over the millennia for their members to use, and had been taken to the next level by the New Watchers Council, purely for the few regular humans that worked in the field.

It was more for Buffy's peace of mind, and Willow's desire to keep her childhood friend alive, moreso in Africa, where the Demons were especially brutal.

A style designed purely for killing Demons far, far stronger than any Vampire, using the strength of a regular human to do the job.

This, coupled with her unique look, waist length hair (since it stubbornly refused to be cut, no matter how many times she hacked it off to a pixie cut), and her behaviour when stalking pastry snacks, made her, in everyone's opinion, very odd.

The fact that they all considered her to be very beautiful, with her pale skin, ruby red lips and long raven black hair that shone like onyx when exposed to light, which gave it a rippling effect, and she could have been a model, if not for her unfortunate accident…

Really got on her nerves and made her growl at anyone who said it.

So it came as no surprise that a lot of people laughed when they said it.

Fortunately, or, rather, unfortunately, there was an issue.

The title that Caleb had given her, the One Who Sees, it hadn't been an offhanded comment.

She had learned that the hard way.

But how it effected her, in the here and now…

She really, really didn't want to know.

It was to her pouncing on the Twinkie that Vernon had let two oddly dressed people in, a small man who looked like one of those Demons she'd once fought, and a greasy haired man with cold black eyes.

Her cheeks stuffed full of her treat, she just blinks her solitary eye, and tilts her head to the side, confused, at these two men.

But the small man, she was restraining her urge to simply pounce on him and rip him to shreds with her nails.

For some odd reason, however, her Primal was about ready to hump the black haired man's leg like she was in heat or something, which freaked her out a lot.

A simple sniff told her why, as she salivated hungrily.

As she pounces on him, she was pawing at his robes, as the man tried, in vain, to get her off.

"Do you have any chocolate or meat on you?" Petunia asks with amusement.

He was quick to reach into his pockets, and throw a block of chocolate aside.

She pounced, and was whining happily.

After it was consumed, though, they were all treated to what a block of Honeydukes Firewhiskey Chocolate (thirty seven percent alcohol) was able to do to the girl, and what a drunk preteen Potter was capable of doing.

Needless to say, Flitwick was very amused at the way her skin became sallow, her eye became black, and her hair became shorter, and a little more oily looking, as she swaggered around drunkenly, putting a hole in the wall almost absently.

And then began to pee on Snape's leg.

That cracked Flitwick right up.

The Dursley's wondered what the heck was in that chocolate so they could avoid it.

(-=|End Chapter|=-)

Come on, don't tell me you didn't see it coming? My name is kinda self-explanatory when it comes to this sort of thing.

Anyway, I always saw Xander as being the one character who always had the bad luck and magic going horribly wrong for him, and it wouldn't surprise me if Voldemort had tried something very early on in the pregnancy in order to kill the Potters, anything at all, even a Dark Art style magical sex change to break up the Potters, who were his biggest enemies (well, not really, but let's go for that, anyway, shall we?), and instead of affecting Lily, it affected her unborn child.

Chances of Xander finding that out?

As always, this story is free to be picked up by anyone, but please leave a link in my reviews so I can read it.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Alex Potter" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Aug 13.

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