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Rewinding The Clock For The Fate Of All

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Summary: The cluster of realities Earth is a part of is destroyed by pure Evil and the race is on to restore them and prevent them from ever being destroyed the first time.( Open to all authors, so jump in if you feel like it )

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Jack's Dilemma and Unruly Children

Chapter 12 Jack's Dilemma and Unruly Children


Jack groaned, it had been two weeks since the first war games test, the one to see how everyone interacted with one another and it didn’t go well. Jack snorted to himself and reckoned that he was underplaying the results; it had been a disaster of epic proportions to say the least. He had had the High Admiralty on his ass about it and he had been on their ass in return. It didn’t seem to matter to them that he was the CIC of all of Tikva's forces, they just wanted someone to blame for this clusterfuck that was called a war game. He had representatives from the High Admiralty and lower rank Admiral's as well as the intelligence services due in the conference room down the hall in about thirty minutes to go over everything, about what had gone so wrong and how they were going to sort it out. If all of those ships and crews lost in the simulation had been real it would have devastated the First Tactical Wing, such losses could not be allowed to happen in the real world.

What made it worse for him as far as he was concerned was the fact that there was a major change up in the higher level ranks, from Second Lieutenant in the Armed Forces and Navy upwards, every officer at every level now had a Platinum star or Gold star or set of stars denoting their level in rank, the exception being the Platinum as the Platinum stars maximum amount was five for every one Gold, once they reached ten Gold stars they went up in the other normal levels and for Jack this was terrible as that meant that his General status was altered; he was now a Gold ten star General slash Fleet Admiral, it meant that he had more dam paperwork to do.

Federation StarFleet holographic suites were a God send as far as Jack and the other militaries were concerned, he was somewhat surprised that Federation’s StarFleet had not used the suites as much as they should have in simulations, Section 31 seemed to use it a lot, it turns out that the holosuites were one of the reasons why Section 31 was so successful, more so than the Romulan Tal Shiar and Cardassian Obsidian Order. Well, they were all now part of a larger Secret Service and would learn from one another.

He had started to laugh thinking about the reports regarding the Ascended being put through intelligence and military training, acting like spoilt children was the norm for them it seemed, especially when it got too tough for them while their powers were put on hold during the training sessions. He almost felt like he had to hold their hands and walk them through it from time to time especially with the way some of them acted. One Ascended called Leta from a different part of the cluster actually had a tantrum, an honest to God full on foot stomping and throwing herself to the ground, arms and legs flailing all about the place while trying to scream and render everyone deaf in the process tantrum. It took the God of Thunder himself, the one and only Thor to put a permanent stop to it.

Jack remembered it clearly as it happened while he was taking a tour of the training facilities, even some members of the Q found it interesting, if not outright laughing at it.


(Flashback begins)

it was three weeks ago, one week before the simulation and Jack was walking out of the Intelligence Administrative building with his three guides, one of who was called Alastor ‘Madeye’ Moody; he was one of the instructors for the offensive and defensive portions of the trainee’s field work as he made sure to keep them on their toes watching everything around them.

Jack turned to Madeye and asked “How's it going with the ‘constant vigilance’ Alastor, are the trainees learning it or are they ending up in the infirmary more often than not?”

Alastor looked at Jack with his new improved prosthetic eye and smirked before answering him “Oh, they're learning it alright, slowly, even those pathetic wastes that call themselves Ascended are learning, I know why they were picked as our spy’s but they are expecting everything to be handed to them on a gold platter with all the trimmings to go with it, they're a joke, a cosmic one and they are starting to annoy me, so much that I am going to triple the amount of training time I'm going to put them through”

“That they are Alastor, that they are” replied Jack and continued on asking him ”But are they learning, that’s the big question, will they be able to get off of their fluffy clouds and knuckle down and work with us, without outside pressure from the Pantheons and the Host?”

“Maybe yes, maybe no, it depends on which ones your asking about” Alastor replied, “Some of the Q are doing quite well, at least those who have had some interactions with humans, that Q who has a son and his wife are doing ok. It seems Admiral Janeway had an effect on them and it’s showing the rest of the Q up, they don’t like it. The Furling's are a blessing in disguise though, they know quite a lot about outside space before the temporal reversion happened and they have been filling up the intelligence library with a lot of information on what races we can trust and who not to, not to mention a lot of detail on what is happening in the other galaxies as well, it’s an intelligence windfall.”

“If only we could get the other Ascended to follow their example it would make things easier for us and them” Alastor had said as he continued on speaking while Jack was nodding his head in agreement.

“I know” said Jack, “They were told to help us in all things related to this war, so we can get them to add the relevant data as long as it doesn’t go against the rules set down by God, but I think we might need Her to send Metatron or Michael to get them to part with that knowledge.”

Alastor nodded and said “I agree but who knows if it will have to get that far, I would rather hope that it would not have to come to that, we can't keep on calling on Divine help all the time if we want to get anywhere.”

Jack agreed with his statement and then turned to the two other guides and asked them their thoughts “Ok Maybourne, I know you are just bursting to speak, so speak already, your looking like a hyper active puppy bouncing around they way you are”

“Jack! How can you say such a thing, what with us being such good friends and all, did you forget I gave up my throne to help you my old friend, does that not count for something?” Harry Maybourne replied.

Jack just rolled his eyes at that statement and said “Come on Maybourne, just spit it out, God knows I don’t want to hear it coming from your mouth but you have something to say anyway so just get it over with before I call Teal'c, he still wants to have a private and personal one on one chat with you, he still hasn’t forgiven you for trying to have him harvested for the NID labs. He can certainly hold a grudge can our Teal'c, yes siree bob he can, why, he has your face imprinted onto his personal reinforced punching bag Harry and he just loves to punch it, ha, one time he actually growled at it , punched it and broke the chain holding it to the ceiling” while chuckling at the last part.

Maybourne went white at hearing that and said to Jack “Now Jack, you know that I was just following orders then, if it wasn’t me it would have been someone else and I did try to delay things on my side as much as I could, you know that, Teal'c knows that”

“Yea, I know that and so does Teal'c which is why you’re not dead at this moment, he will just leave you in hospital for a couple of days, that’s all, nothing major, just a couple of broken bones” Jack replied with a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

Maybourne gulped at that while remembering what he had been told by Teal'c when he was on his own planet when he was King.

“Gentlemen, Can we please continue? While I find this all very amusing we do have a schedule to keep to” M had said as they continued walking to their next appointment in the tour. M was part of the board of the Intelligence Committee that ran the Intelligence Directorate.

“Yes Ma’am” both Harry Maybourne and Alastor had said while Jack smiled and said while giving a small bow “Ladies first”

M just smiled at him and nodded and they began walking onto their next stop on the tour.


They arrived almost fifteen minutes later in a deep discussion about how they were going to achieve their goals with the Ascended being slightly.....“ Stuck up, self absorbed, self deluded, needing a stick removed from their rears, big headed, morally repugnant wastes of so called intelligent races” according to Jack.

Jack didn’t know it but God, Metatron and Michael had been listening to his every word and had found it amusing, Michael saying that “At least he wasn’t holding back on his opinions” and then laughing at it.

Jack and his three escorts had arrived at the very impressive, in Jack's opinion, live fire obstacle course with several very annoyed and very serious drill sergeants shouting and bellowing as they were putting the trainees through their paces, it was music to Jack's and Maybourne’s ears while one Alastor ‘Madeye’ Moody was nodding in agreement at what the drill instructors were saying and doing to the unwitting recruits.

Then it happened, one member of an Ascended race from across the far side of the cluster had it, she had enough of these low born, powerless, ignorant, self important bags of water and flesh ordering her and her Ascended brothers and sisters around, no matter what that higher level power had said concerning them. She couldn’t even use her Ascended powers because they were locked away from her until she returned to the Ascended plane, it was infuriating, it was beneath her to act like or as servants to these lower lifeforms. What made things worse for her was that she was giving her emotions full vocal backing describing everything that she thought about the insignificant lifeforms she was surrounded with.

The other Ascended watched her as she started to act like a human child, a spoilt one at that as well. They started looking at one another and her, started talking about how much of a disgrace she was, asking why she didn’t realise that she embarrassing the whole of the Ascended by doing what she was doing. Q was watching with his son and wife along with a Q named Amanda Rogers and they were disgusted at her actions while Q himself was somewhat amused at her little tantrum, he was wondering what kind of punishment she was going to receive.

Amanda was watching her as she was screaming and shouting, stomping her feet on the ground while hoping to damage it somehow and when that didn’t work she threw herself on the ground and began to hit and kick it hoping beyond hope that this method would work somehow, that it might somehow force her powers to return. All it proved to everyone else was that she was having a childish tantrum and Amanda had had enough of it and decided to do something about it.

Amanda moved forward and stood about ten feet away from Leta “WOULD YOU EVER SHUT THE HELL UP” Amanda had roared at her.

Surprised at someone talking to her in that way Leta replied with “Who do you think you are, you flesh bag, to talk to me that way, you should be begging me for mercy you fleshling”.

Amanda took two very large and very fast steps forward and gave Leta a full force, knock your teeth out fist to her jaw, dropping her to the ground in one move.

“I AM A Q YOU INSIGNIFICANT WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR AN ASCENDED” Amanda had roared at her, “You are a disgrace with you actions here, you have acted like a spoilt human child and if you want to act like one then you will be punished like one as well” she said as she continued and then shouted out “THOR, GOD OF THUNDER, HEAR ME”.

Thor appeared in a flash of lightening looking puzzled as to why he was summoned, he looked around seeing the faces and realising something was up, he looked at Amanda and said

“Amanda Rogers, Ascended born of human Q, why hast thou summoned me here?”

Amanda answered “This thing here” she said pointing to Leta “Has decided to act as a spoilt child” and Amanda started to lay out the facts about what had happened concerning the antics of Leta and all that she had said and done.

Thor looked at everyone, including the humans and asked “Do thou all agree that these are indeed the facts that have been laid out before me?”

Everyone agreed that what had been said was fact and Thor ended up being very displeased with Leta, that was a somewhat obvious fact with all of the thunder and lightening going on all around them.

Thor turned to Amanda and said “Amanda Rogers, since thou hast summoned me here, I assume that thou hast a punishment that thou thinks is fitting?”


Amanda nodded, walked up to Thor and spoke quietly to him “My parents, when they were human punished me when I did something similar, I was eleven at the time but it worked, I had been acting up for several weeks and they had asked some neighbours on how to deal with my tantrums. Our neighbours gave them the answer and told them that even if they didn’t want to do it, it was sometimes the only choice, that it had been a punishment that was only used as a last resort in their family when everything else had failed short of getting the law involved. My parents didn’t like it and neither did I when they used it but it did work.

My father had brought me out to the kitchen after a very bad tantrum I had, I had broken ornaments and furniture. Well, in the kitchen my father said that ‘this is going to hurt me more than it will you’ and the next thing I knew I was across his lap with my skirt up at my waist and I was receiving twelve swats across my backside for my troubles. Between my fathers swatting my almost bare rear end and the swats, I never had a tantrum again, at least not like that one, especially when I saw the anguish on his face at having to actually complete the punishment, I understood then and there why he said why it would hurt him more than me. I think something similar should be done with her except in public in front of all the Ascended. I think it might embarrass her into behaving or at the very least show her there are consequences for acting out like she was”

Amanda had tears in her eyes thinking about her parents and the fact that that had brought them closer together but brightened when Thor told her “Thy parents are very proud of you Amanda Rogers. Thou are very brave to speak of such a punishment as it is a very personal thing from my understanding of it and I agree, even mine own father used such a punishment on I and mine brother Loki at times, especially when we were, shall we say rambunctious, so, as such it will be her punishment as well, if it is good enough for us it is good enough for her”.

Thor walked over to the petulant Ascended Leta, conjured a heavy wooden high-backed Asgardian chair, sat in it and waved his hand causing the troublesome Ascended to move rapidly into Thor's arms and ending up laid across his knees, he raised her skirt and ended up exposing her completely bare backside, he waved his hand quickly and created a set of lower underwear to appear on her but by then the embarrassing damage had been done, EVERYONE had seen the fact that she had been without any undergarments at all which in turn had embarrassed her no end.

Thor then spoke for all to hear “Since thou hast acted like a spoilt child then thou shall be punished as one as well. You, Leta of the Ascended races were held to a higher standard than the mortals that thou hast been learning from, for such acts of childishness it has been decreed that thou shall be given twenty four strikes to thy rump in the hope that thou will learn to have manners and to be civil to all. Thou were all brought here to teach and to learn from one another and such a thing cannot happen if thou act in the manner that thou did. I never wish to commit this punishment again BUT if it needs to be then it needs to be, let us begin.”

And begin it did, everyone from Ascended to human and alien watched as an Ascended being was given twenty four swats to her rear end for acting as a spoilt child and when it was finished a very sore, sorry and embarrassed Leta stood up.

Thor spoke up again to Leta and all there “Thou hast something to say to thy brethren and the mortals, Leta of the Ascended races and make sure that thou say it for all to hear.”

A very contrite Leta spoke up with a hung head “I am very sorry for what I have said and for how I have acted; I have disgraced myself and my race and ask that I am forgiven by all for my actions. I promise to try to be more tolerant and to try to understand the mortal races better.” With that, Thor vanished in a flash of lightening thrilling Jack with the light show.

And with that she walked towards her people winching every time she tried to sooth her sore backside by rubbing it with her hands, unfortunately for her she had to pass Amanda and a certain male Q who was on the ground holding what would pass for human ribs while he was laughing like a proverbial Hyena while receiving kicks from his wife to shut up and behave himself and show some dignity for once.

Leta turned to Amanda while trying to ignore the Q on the ground “I apologise to you for my actions” she had said “It was unbecoming of me to act in such a manner, I demeaned myself and my people.”

Amanda replied “It happens to all of us at one time or another; I had that particular punishment used on me by my parents and so do many of the mortal children when they act in similar fashions, it tends to work most of the time”.

Amanda smiled at her, held out her hand and said/asked “Friends?” and Leta replied with her hand outstretched “Friends” while still wincing at pain her sore rear end felt.

(Flashback ends)


That had been one very enlightening day for Jack; it also gave him a lot of amusement thinking of an Ascended getting spanked like an unruly child, it wasn’t like she didn’t ask for it or was looking for it because she was, that he was sure of. Jack was brought out of his reminiscing by his desk intercom activating.

“Yes? What is it?” Jack had asked his office aide.

“The last of them have arrived in the conference room sir, they are now waiting on you to arrive” the aide had replied.

Jack replied “Ok, I will be there in five minutes, just make sure that everything is ready” and he got a “Yes sir, understood sir” back from his aide.

Jack was not going to enjoy this, so many screw-ups happened, too many screw-ups in fact and they had to find a way to fix it so they would not become real life screw-ups. Lives were at stake here, lives of the soldiers and warriors under his command and those of the innocent who would be at the mercy of Lucifer once the Council of Races figured they were ready for the real fight to begin. Jack knew for certain that they could not afford any errors like what had happened in the training simulation to happen at all or even be infrequent, the less it happened in real life the better it would be for all concerned.

Jack grabbed the last of his papers and walked out of his office, down the hall and into the large conference room; he stood in the doorway, sighed, opened the door and then headed for his seat on the raised platform.

Jack stood behind his seat situated in the middle of the High Admiralty and the heads of the Intelligence Directorate while looking out at the rest of the Admiralty and the Intelligence community.

Jack began before he sat down “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Admiralty and of the Intelligence community, we have a very serious problem and if you have read the same documents and seen the same footage as I have from the failed battle simulation, you will know exactly what I am talking about.”

There were a lot of murmurs going around at that statement along with a lot of nodding heads where everyone was agreeing with him.

Jack put the question out to the floor “Well, what are we going to do about it? Because we can't leave it as the status quo, that would be totally unacceptable, so people, what options do we have for us to use or are we in need of creating new ones like I’m thinking we do?”

It was quiet for a couple of minutes while everyone there thought about what was needed and then murmuring began between everyone as they spoke with their neighbours going over ideas.

High Admiral Jean Luc Picard spoke up “I agree with General O'Neill and I think I have an idea that will help in some way concerning learning tactics. Those Admiral’s among us not use to working with mixed species in combat should be placed with the fleet Admiral's of other races to learn how those species wage war, in fact I think it should become mandatory for all officers and NCO’s of every rank in every races space force and ground troops to be placed into a officer exchange programme. I also think that it should become a permanent part of their training for all of our combined forces.”

Admiral John Sheridan spoke up “I agree with Admiral Picard, it would be a very good idea; I know I learned a lot from the Minbari when we had the Shadow Wars.”

Admiral Tex Greto, a Mon Calamari of the former Galactic Republic stood and spoke “Agreed, both Admiral's are correct, it would most definitely be a boon to use such a method. If High Admiral Gial Ackbar agrees I propose that the multi species teaching methods of the former Galactic Republic are incorporated into the academy.”

High Admiral Ackbar stood and acknowledged Admiral Greto’s suggestion “Admiral Greto has made a valid and important suggestion and I ask my fellow colleagues to ratify it as accepted straight away. We would be fools not to do so.”

Two minutes later everyone within the conference had voted and the proposal had passed with no one holding back a vote or nay saying it. Several changes followed and were made to be a solid part of the training to come; so much so that anyone who failed the multi-species section of the training would not progress up in the ranks until they could pass it with flying colours. Species integration became a very important part of officer training from there on.

Some proposals were shot down, like the one from Admiral Nevik Soorookal, a Rodian, who thought it would be a good idea to have lower ranking officers in training be classed as lower apprentices and be subject to any rules their training master wanted them to fulfil. It was rejected a massive no vote much to Nevik’s requiring to have it passed.

“But why not, it would be a great idea, we would get servants to do what ever we wanted and they would get the training in all aspects that they would require” he had stated.

“And what of the female officers in training Nevik, how would they be treated, would you use them as toys?” High Admiral Ackbar had asked and continued with “I know how lower apprentices are treated in Rodian culture, they become slaves in all but name and you would have the females service any who asked, wouldn’t you?”


Admiral Nevik replied “Of course, it is an accepted part of our culture, no matter what you think of it.”

Jack replied back “Your proposal is invalid and thrown out and just so you know Nevik, when your people joined us here you accepted our rules concerning the rights of all sentient species and that includes no slavery of any kind.”, “Tikva, can you deal with removing those who are under any type of slave apprenticeship among any of the races?”

Tikva's voice answered ”Done General, they have been sent to the relevant hospitals and law enforcement has been notified.”

“Admiral Nevik, it will be in your people’s leader’s best interests to see that this is resolved ASAP” Jack stated.

“Ok, I think we need a break, one hour should be enough, we will reconvene in one hour, I certainly need to clear my head, meeting adjourned and thank you Tikva” Jack had stated and then he walked from the room back to his office, he needed some painkillers badly.


The hour had flew by very quickly as they were well into the second part of the conference because everyone was in the middle of discussing the new plans and regulations regarding promotions, training and relationship protocols among enlisted crew and officers. They were currently working on mass evacuation methods for their ships in case of a catastrophic failure from battle or other disaster.

High Admiral Tyr of the Asgard had an idea that he decided to share new information as he had been talking to an Asgard scientist and researcher during the break named Sujyerha, she was the sister of fellow scientist Sujanha and Sujyerha’s team had just made a new revolutionary breakthrough in teleport technology when they were comparing the ability of magic users to Apparate with the latest in teleport technology, she was apparently quite excited about the results.

High Admiral Tyr began speaking and laid out what he thought was a good plan and the many facets it could be used for “What we need is a dedicated relief ship for crew evacuations and to have it double as a hospital ship,” he had said.

He continued on with “We should make it so that there will be at least one per fleet of a minimum size of two hundred ships. We will also need to make sure that it will be able withstand tremendous forces and be capable of phasing and invisibility. It must be given the best shields and armour technology we have with multiple redundancies built in. We should also use the new transporter protocols and technology that has been just developed that will allow for a faster and smoother transport at longer ranges, this new technology has allowed us to increase the transporter range by a factor of ten.

The scientists that were working on it estimate that this new technology has no end to the range, it just requires further refinements to the processes’ and more development of the technology base it is derived from. The next stage the process they are working on will give the new transporter technology teleport ranges with its maximum range approaching twenty four point four three eight light years.”

Admiral Tyr paused to let them understand the ramifications that this new technology had for them along with all the new directions that they could take it.

Admiral Tyr continued “There is also the fact that our intelligence services will find a great use for this new discovery, especially when its longer range ability comes to the forefront. We would not need to have the relief ships within the actual fleets themselves which would add to their safety and the new transporter technology does not look like it will be capable of being interfered with as no known method of interference, whether by magical or technological means can stop it.”

A lot of murmuring started at hearing this as a lot of the Admiral's present were scientists at heart and Jack was heard to say ”Sweet” by his neighbours.

Admiral Samantha Carter stood and asked “Admiral Tyr, would this be the research that Asgard scientist Sujyerha was working on for the last six months?”

“It is Admiral Carter” Admiral Tyr replied, causing Sam to start working on meeting the Asgard scientist to go over some plans she had for a very long range weapon system she had been thinking about. The only problem was the delivery system, it hadn’t been possible to create such a system as it would have been too obvious but this new information would help her to by pass that limitation.

Administrator Nick Fury of the Counter Intelligence Division of the Intelligence Directorate stood and asked Admiral Tyr “This research has been confirmed as fully functional? Do they have working prototypes?”

Admiral Tyr answered “Yes it is Administrator Fury, on both counts and according to Sujyerha it has been put through the wringer, as you humans say, by Tikva in simulations for the equivalent time of fifty years of testing. Tikva has passed it as a fully functional technology and has begun to incorporate it into the new ship designs and her own internal systems. Also according to Sujyerha, Tikva was instrumental in helping to develop the new system and pointing out its future advancements.”

Admiral Picard stood up and asked “Has this new technology been secured, fully secured? I do not want this new technology to fall into the hands of an enemy like the Borg, if they get their hands on it they will be unstoppable, they could teleport to any planet and take them over that way with no loss of ships for them to contend with or fleets trying to stop them.”

Tikva appeared and addressed Picards concerns “Have no worries Admiral Picard, I have made sure that anyone trying to tamper with the technology without clearance from me or the onboard AI, will render it obsolete, it will self destruct leaving no trace behind.”

“That... is a relief, thank you Tikva; you have allayed my greatest fear when I heard of its potential range.” Picard replied.

“Its no problem Admiral Picard as I have incorporated that same failsafe into all technology created here, so none of our enemies will be able to duplicate our technology using technology stolen from us.” Tikva had replied back.

Her hologram vanished to let them continue with their conference and she continued to watch for when she would be needed to clarify something.


Admiral James Kirk and Admiral Valkris Gokuge stood at the same time; Admiral Valkris Gokuge was a daughter of the Klingon house of Rokege and considered by the Klingon people to be on par with Admiral James Kirk in terms of skill, tenacity and drive in getting the job done and like Kirk she was promoted quickly through the ranks thanks to her skills.

Kirk nodded to her, bowed slightly and with his normal devil may care attitude and a swing of his hand, he smiled at her and said “Ladies first.”

She nodded back and spoke to her assembled equals and superiors “What are we to do about the problem we encountered in the battle simulation concerning the communications being jammed?”

Admiral Kirk stood and said “That is the same problem I was going to point out and ask about and so put my weight behind Admiral Gokuge question concerning this serious problem facing us.”

There were plenty of shocked faces at his statement, everyone had learned about his anger at the Klingons killing his son and they didn’t expect this, especially Gokuge. She had often been told that she had similar attributes to Kirk and the fact that he endorsed her statement and question just made that a reality, she had just realised that Kirk was going to ask about the same thing she had brought up, that her superiors had been right, she did think like him. The fact that he was giving her his backing, that he was endorsing her question made her stand a little taller and she nodded to him in thanks as he sat back down.

“A valid question” came the reply from General Jack O'Neill as he answered, “It is something that needs to be addressed, I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, that the research that was done on the new transporter system could help. If I remember rightly” nodding to Admiral Tyr “we were told that it was no longer possible to cause interference with any transporter with the new system, could part of that research, especially the part to do with interference being bypassed help us in that respect?”

His question about how to solve the problem caused the whole conference to go quite and Admiral John Shepard smirked at Jack's statement question and the effect it had, everyone normally thought of Jack as a military goofball at times but John knew he was more intelligent than that. It was how he always won, by letting his opponents underestimate him at every turn. Kirk, who was sitting beside Admiral John Shepard saw John’s face and the smirk on it and figured that General Jack O'Neill had just pulled a fastball straight out of left field leaving everyone else trying to figure out how he came to that conclusion. Kirk knew from then on that he was going to enjoy working with O'Neill especially if he pulled more stunts like this.

Admiral Tyr looked at Jack O'Neill and now knew why Thor liked this human so much, he brought so much confusion and insight to those around him, it was like the God Loki himself had favoured O'Neill, actually come to think of it, that might be closer to the truth he had thought to himself.

Admiral Tyr stood, turned towards Jack and addressed the question “That is a valid question concerning our dilemma and one I think will actually work, quite well in fact but we will need to ask an expert straight away.”

Admiral Tyr called out for Tikva “Tikva, can you activate the large viewscreen and contact Sujyerha in her laboratory for us?”

“Not a problem Admiral Tyr, coming on screen now” Tikva replied.

“Admiral's, how may I help you?” Sujyerha asked and Admiral Tyr outlined the problem and Jack's enlightened possible solution to the problem.

“That is an intriguing puzzle and solution to the problem presented Admiral's” Sujyerha had said “Please give me a couple of minutes to run the calculations” she had continued.

Only forty five seconds had past when everyone in the conference room saw Sujyerha’s eyes literally pop out of her head, it seems something had showed up in the calculations as they were being worked on and she could be heard muttering to herself “Amazing,” “Intriguing,” “Unbelievable”, “Astounding” and “I would never have thought it possible”.

“Is everything all right Sujyerha” Admiral Tyr asked “You seem to be quite surprised at the calculations running before you, what is happening?”

Sujyerha looked up at the viewscreen then back down to monitor showing the calculations in progress and then back up to the viewscreen.

“Its amazing Admiral's, we would have never thought of running the calculations this way to see if what you asked was possible, you have just solved the transporter light year problem for us, in fact its range has increased to four hundred and thirty three point nine two seven light years, not only that, but the communication issue is now solved, if we place relay satellites in each galaxy we will be able to communicate almost instantly to anyone on the far side of the universe. The calculations are still running and are showing links to power generation equations as well, those we will monitor carefully, and also there are links within the calculations showing further connections to equations we are already running concerning Hyperspace speeds being increased. If what I am seeing is correct we should be able to achieve speeds that will allow us to reach any galaxy in the universe, outside of those we can reach, within a matter of days if not hours, it’s truly astounding.

General O'Neill, you are to be commended for such an insight, we had originally set the computers running the calculations to ignore everything else except the calculations concerning the transporters, this is completely astounding, words.... fail me, if you were not already mated with Admiral Samantha Carter and our species could cross breed with ours, I would offer to carry your offspring as such a union would produce young of immense intellect and prodigious talent. Your mate is to be congratulated at finding such an amazing breeding specimen such as yourself, she is quite lucky in finding you before other females did so, I now know why Supreme Commander Thor was so interested in you, you are quite the find. I will now leave you to your deliberations, thank you for allowing me this discovery.”

Sujyerha signed off to a shocked room, Jack was sitting there stunned, and he couldn’t believe it, he had just been propositioned by an Asgard, in public no less, asking to have his children. All he had done was ask a simple question that looked like it might have a simple answer, the non interference that the new transporters would have seemed like it might work if they could work it somehow, but this... this... this... how? It didn’t make sense, how could it? He was stumped, flabbergasted, stuck in a rubber dingy in a tree with no oars and no way to get down. His brain had gone and slipped into a loop and all that could be heard from him for the next five minutes was “Wha? Wha?”

When he did come round he went the deepest red possible a human could go and when he looked to his wife he saw a look that puzzled him, she had something about her, an aura that said bedroom but it was the more feral look in her eyes that clued him in that tonight was going to be very interesting, he just gulped and prayed that he survived the night.

Jack stood up and addressed the room “I think we should call a halt to the rest of the proceedings for today and continue tomorrow, I....I....I need to be somewhere else, ah yes, I think, yes, meeting adjourned until tomorrow at ten hundred hours” and he almost ran from the room with Sam chasing after him, calling for him to stop or at least slow down and that she was going to teach him a lesson for embarrassing her like that.

Suddenly the silence broke with someone laughing and it spread, Jack was never going to live this down. Kirk was looking at the ‘someone’ who started the laughing. Admiral John Shepard and he saw Shepard holding his ribs and trying to breath in between the laughing fits.

Kirk called out “Tikva, I think the Admiral here might need medical care shortly, can you transport him please?”

“Certainly Admiral Kirk and I am saving this portion of this conference for the history files, its going to be one to remember.” Tikva had replied then vanished chuckling.

“Most definitely one to remember” said Kirk “Most definitely”


(End of chapter)
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