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Summary: Willow manages to complete the gender-bending spell to prove her devotion to RJ… except the whole thing goes quite horribly awry. (BtVS/PRDT/HP, Cordelia/Kira Ford, Luna/?)

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Harry Potter > Cordelia-Centered > Pairing: Other
(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR1825,992192,16723 Aug 1325 Aug 13No

Her (Cordelia/Kira Ford)

Title: Her
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: R/FR18.
Disclaimer: Right, I actually went and checked to be sure this time… Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all associated characters belong to Fran and Kaz Kuzui. Even though this story sticks purely to the American programming, I still need to disclaim Toei Company for the Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger and Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger source material along with BVS Entertainment for Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Not mine, don't sue, et cetera.
Summary: Willow manages to complete the gender-bending spell to prove her devotion to RJ… except the whole thing goes quite horribly awry.
Joe's Note: On the heels of Ignition and Keshet Be'anan, I've decided… to actually fulfill a challenge or two properly. Well, one properly and one mostly properly. More on the latter tomorrow, though. Today? I'm revisiting BarbarossaRotbart's Suddenly Female challenge. Some of you might recognize the vague outline of this from back in January 2009; in addition to outright improving and expanding it significantly, I've also decided to incorporate a bit of the alternate universe I established in Freak You Out. It's about as subtle as an M1 Abrams; I'm not worried you'll miss it so much as pimping another of my stories. Let's see, what else. This is - quite obviously - set in 'Him' in Season 7, and right at the end of 'Thunder Storm (Part 2)' for Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Enjoy.

    After lighting the four white candles she'd arranged in front of her, Willow Rosenberg inspected the bowl full of crystals in her lap one last time before nodding decisively. Everything was ready, or at least as ready as they could be for what was going to be a decidedly ad hoc spell. Best to get a move on it, she reminded herself, before Anya or Buffy or Dawn actually managed to sink their claws into RJ. Not that they could really be considered competition in the long run. The others were all hung up on RJ's looks, unlike her. She loved him for the inside. And when he was a she and they lost interest, they'd all see the truth: she loved him the most.

    "Goddess Hecate, I call on you. I humbly ask your will be done. Hear my request, a simple change, create a daughter from a son." One by one, the crystals began to glow with an inner blue light and floated up out of the bowl, swirling in a slow circle in front of Willow as she continued to speak. "And then help me hide your so changed child from those who seek him out of vanity, so he can be with the one who loves him most." As the crystals continued to do nothing beyond swirling placidly in the air in front of her, Willow narrowed her eyes angrily. "I have the power to do this on my own, you know! I just thought you'd enjoy feeling like someone still wanted you in their life! But fine! Be that way! I don't need you! I'll do it all by myself!"

    The crystals buzzed angrily in response, hurling themselves at the redhead's face. Willow snarled and flicked her hand negligently, creating a shield that deflected the glowing missiles upward. Looping back around, they hovered in front of her face for a few more seconds before dropping back down into the bowl they'd started in. As she watched, the blue light slowly turned into the purest of whites before acquiring a pinkish tint, growing brighter and brighter until it was an almost neon pink. Then the crystals exploded without warning, leaving the four flickering candles the only light in the room.

    Reaching down, Willow poked her index finger into the pink dust in the bottom of the bowl, swirling it around uncertainly. Neon pink dust. Well, that was definitely girly. Did that mean Hecate had actually come through for her? Hmm. She rose to her feet, swaying a bit and then stumbling to her right until she could grab the edge of her dresser for support. Okay, so Plan A - run out and find RJ - was a definite no-go. Plan B it was: wait for one of the others to find him and bring him to Willow so the redhead could fix him. Not that she would, obviously. That would defeat the whole point of invoking Hecate. As she wobbled toward the doorway, she found herself idly wondering if RJ liked cookies. Because she could definitely go for some right now and so if the path to RJ's heart was still through his stomach, all the better…

    Her stomach.


    Slowly descending the stairs, Willow grabbed the remote as she passed through the living room and flipped on the television, switching over to the local NBC station to catch the evening news. She paused and then took a few steps backward, staring at the anchor. Huh. She was new. And really pretty, in a MILF sort of way. When had they hired her? And… "What the hell is going on here? Why am I a woman?" The woman reached up, grabbing her throat for a moment, before her wide eyes rolled up into her head and she fainted dead away.

    Willow blinked owlishly at the television as something hit her like a sack full of doorknobs. She hadn't been able to use a focus for her spell on account of not having access to anything of RJ's, meaning her only option had been to try guiding the magic by pure force of will. Except she'd lost her focus when she'd lost her cool, and so Hecate wouldn't have directed it purely at RJ. Heck, the way she'd worded it… her invocation could apply to almost any male. Flipping through the other local TV stations, all of which were on the nightly news, she discovered the sudden gender switch wasn't unique to NBC's anchor. Not just any male. Every male.

    "Giles is going to be so mad at me…"

    With her face hidden by her helmet, Kira Ford didn't bother to try and suppress her smile as she watched the reunion between the Wind Ninja Rangers and the students of their academy. Things had certainly started out rough, but thanks to the Thunder Ninja Rangers and Cam breaking Lothor's hold over Shane, Dustin, and Tori, the good guys had won the day in the end. She was a bit curious about the history of 'Marah' and 'Kapri' and why they were able to move back and forth between the villains and Wind Ninja Rangers as easily as they did, but she wasn't going to interrupt their reunion with Cam. They'd earned it, she reckoned, having rescued the students and all. And she'd gotten Tori's Facebook and Twitter info, so she didn't even need to get answers today if the opportunity didn't present itself.

    Kira was pulled from her thoughts as the others began to murmur uncertainly around her, making her look back and forth as she tried to spot what was disturbing them. It wasn't until she looked back over her shoulder that she found it: there was a wave of darkness spreading upward from the horizon. It was a bit like watching the sun set, Kira mused, except unnaturally fast and without any intermediate steps or movement on the sun's part. One moment the sky was bright blue, and then the wave passed and abruptly it was black. The whole quarry was quickly plunged into darkness, the only light provided by the tiny pinpricks of stars overhead. "Oh, for the love of… now what's going on?"

    "It looks kinda like when Mesogog enlarges his monsters, doesn't it? With him and Lothor teaming up, who knows what they're capable of now." Conner took command of the situation, turning to Shane and gesturing at the - relatively - helpless Wind Ninja students. "I say we form a circle around them so it's easier to protect them. Maybe if I call the… wait, what's that?"

    It wasn't easy to follow the line of sight of someone whose eyes you couldn't see, but it got a lot easier for Kira when Conner pointed off into the distance at… a ball of pink light? It turned out to be one of many, rocketing through the night sky like a shooting star. As it passed over their heads, tiny specks of light fell off like glittery snow and drifted down to earth. Some landed on the ground and glowed for a moment before winking out, while others landed on the students and her fellow Rangers. Twisting her arm back and forth, Kira marveled at the pink glow. It was really sort of pretty… if you were into that sort of thing. Which she wasn't. Pink definitely wasn't her bag. Looking at the composition of their team - and some of the past Power Ranger teams - she'd gotten incredibly lucky. Yellow beat pink any day, although she would have tolerated Tori's baby blue if she'd had to.

    And then Kira had bigger things than the color of her costume to be concerned with as everyone in the quarry collapsed to the ground screaming. Wait… not everyone, she quickly realized. She was okay, obviously, as was Tori. So were Marah, Kapri, and three of the ninja students. Some sort of freaky pink dust… that affected only boys? That almost would have been funny, if not for the fact her friends were on the ground screaming in pain at the moment. As the helplessness edged closer and closer to the point of hysteria, the glowing pink dust sank into the boys' skin and gave one last pulse of light before extinguishing. The quarry was silent except for the sounds of heavy breathing and groans of pain, making Kira nibble her lower lip nervously. Was it over?

    "Am I the only one who feels like he just got stomped on by a megazord?"

    What… the hell? As the unnatural darkness slowly brightened and the cloudless blue sky returned, Kira found herself staring at a sight that made her brain freeze. Closing her eyes, she took several breaths before opening them again to see if anything had changed. Nope. She was still staring at… "Oh… my… God…"

    Conner was the first of her teammates to rise to his feet. "What's the matter, Kira? Are you okay? Wha… wait a minute." Conner froze, bringing his hand up to his throat. "Why do I sound like a girl?" Reaching up, he undid the clasps on his helmet and yanked it off, staring at it suspiciously. "Did something happen to… wait, I still sound like a girl." He turned to Kira, eyes wide with terror. "Kira, why do I sound like a girl?"

    Coughing, Kira tapped her chest lightly with one finger. "You might want to look down, Conner. It's a bit more than just sounding like a girl." Taking her advice, the Red Dino Thunder Ranger looked down and promptly began screaming like… well, a girl. Then his hysterics caused a bit of his now shoulder-length brown hair to fall in front of his face and Conner grabbed at it, waving it about as he screamed some more. Kira just rolled her eyes. Oh sure. He could deal with fighting monsters on a daily basis without freaking, but give him a pair of breasts and some longer hair and suddenly it was the end of the world. Wuss. It wasn't that big a deal; she dealt with both on a daily basis. She had a suspicion that the change extended even further that Conner realized, given that his costume now had a skirt on it, but she doubted he could handle something like that if simpler aesthetic changes were blowing his mind.

    Although speaking of changes… Kira quickly removed her own helmet and studied her reflection in the visor. Familiar enough. Her hair was a mess, but that was to be expected after being morphed for any real period of time. So whatever had transformed the boys had left the fairer sex completely untouched. Interesting.

    "Ohmigodohmigodohmigod." A dark-skinned girl came running over, grabbing Conner's shoulders and shaking him. Kira raised a brow. Wow. Ethan as a girl was actually kinda pretty. She looked kinda like a shorter Tyra Banks, at least in Kira's opinion. Then again, shorter than a supermodel didn't take much: most of them were freaky tall. "Conner! Conner! We've been turned into girls. Girls, man! Woman! Oh my God!"

    "I know!" Conner's hands came up to grab Ethan's shoulders, and he shook the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger frantically. "How am I supposed to pick up chicks now? And soccer… our school doesn't have a girls' soccer team. My life is ruined!"

    Looking over to where Tori was watching her own ranger group break down in hysterics, Kira met the blonde's gaze and shook her head in dismay. Boys. And people wondered why she batted for the other team. Suddenly, Kira perked up. Assuming they couldn't change people back - which was the conclusion the boys were leaping to - her dating pool was about to get both significantly larger and a whole lot more complicated. Sure, there'd be more girls out there and more girls who liked girls… but she'd have to find a way to separate the real girls from the boy-girls. Because somehow she doubted that a simple genderswap would bridge the maturity gap between her and most of her male peers, especially if Conner and Ethan were anything to go by. Then again, this was all academic. She wouldn't be flirting with girl-girls or boy-girls anytime soon, at least if she wanted to keep her current girlfriend.

    Speaking of which, they'd gone into the battle against Mesogog and Lothor's combined minions one ranger short. Where was-

    "Dilo Whip!" A bright pink ribbon shot past Kira, wrapping itself around Conner and Ethan's bodies tightly. A sharp yank sent both transgendered rangers crashing to the ground, although it did bring their freak outs to an abrupt end as they switched to glaring up at their attacker. Sidling up on Kira's left, Cordelia Chase sighed as she looped her free arm around the shorter brunette's waist. "I take one day off to go shopping in Los Angeles with my friends, and this is what happens. Figures." Leaning in, she lowered her voice. "Four o'clock. Is it just me, or does their Blue Ranger make an awfully cute girl?"

    "…that's Tori Hanson, Delia. She is a girl."

    "Huh. Even better, I guess. Means she'll still be cute after we fix this." Cordelia flicked her wrist, releasing the whip's hold on Conner and Ethan. Banishing the weapon back to… wherever their gear went when they weren't using it… Cordelia powered down completely before crossing her arms over her chest and raising her voice. "All right, my little princesses, time to shut up and listen to the queen. I want all of the non-Tori rangers to stay morphed until we get back to the Doc's house. I don't know what any of you are wearing under there, but you're probably all fashion disasters. Yes, Doc, that includes you. You don't even have fashion sense as a guy; there is no possible way I'm going to like what I see when you power down." The not entirely unattractive woman wearing a feminized version of the Black Dino Thunder Ranger's outfit held up her hands in surrender before running them through her short and spiky brown hair. "When we get back, the brains will get to work fixing the problem while those of us who know what we're doing will find the rest of you clothes so you can go outside in the mean time. Comments, questions, suggestions? No? Then let's move out."

    As the others broke into small groups to figure out the mechanics of relocating all of the people at the quarry, Kira turned to her girlfriend and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Given her general feelings on preps, cheerleaders, and the like, Kira still had no idea how she and Cordelia managed to coexist on a team, much less date. Their first encounter was a great example: Cordelia had barged into their fight with Zeltrax and demanded the 'JV squad' leave the fight to her, a more experienced ranger. Things had only gotten more contentious when Cordelia had discovered the Dilophozord waiting for her inside the Brachiozord and joined them as part of the Thundersaurus Megazord. Eventually, things had gotten so bad between them that the boys had conspired with Hayley and Doctor O, managing to lock Cordelia and Kira in the storage room at the Cyberspace Cafe. Without much else to do, they'd eventually settled in to talk, worked out most of their differences, eaten Hayley's entire stock of York Patties… and kissed a whole bunch.

    Things hadn't been perfectly smooth sailing from there, but perfect was boring in Kira's opinion. And while it wasn't what her - or her parents - had expected of her love life? She was happy despite their little spats and differences of opinion, and that was all that mattered to her. One thing they still bickered about, though? "So, you went shopping today. How much space am I going to need to make in my closet for clothes I'll never wear?"

    Cordelia raised an eyebrow in response. "Well, if you really don't want some new clothes, I can always take them back…"

    "Last time you went shopping for me, I ended up with a half-dozen outfits straight out of my meteor phase."

    "You didn't seem to mind revisiting that little adventure when I broke out the pink fishnets…"

    Kira grinned goofily. No, she hadn't.
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