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Xander's Neverending Story

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Summary: YAHF. Fantasia has never felt more real for Xander, and Halloween is just the start of it. On Hiatus due to computer issues.

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Grief is best dealt with by family

Disclaimer: Any content within this story is the creative property of its owners, companies and distributers, barring the events, which are researched by public domain. Any creative product of the author remains the intellectual property of the author, and is in no way associated with or related to the content this fiction is based on. The author gains no monetary, legal or ownership rights out of writing this story, but does, however, insist that this story survives on reviews, as without those reviews, the story would waste away.

Xander tries to stop the ringing in her mind, a faint sense of something … wrong, entering her mind, but the feeling soon faded as a hand was placed against her shoulder.

"Gail? Something wrong?" she hears Dawn, her twin sister, identical in every way, ask with concern.

"No, everything's fine," she says with a sigh. "Just a mild headache."

"Well, you can't be having cramps, it's too early for that" Dawn jokes, though the question still remained in her gold eyes, the concern in them a mirror of her own when she was concerned for Buffy, Dawn or their mother.

Xander waves it off, though she did wonder why she felt as if the dream to be a dancer that came from Dawn felt so new, so raw, even though she had known that she'd had that dream for years now.

This feeling felt wrong, and she felt as if she had lost something, like something had closed in her head, like some kind of revelation that she'd had, recently, had been closed because of something that had recently happened.

It felt wrong.

But she brushes it off as she smiles, getting up.

Dawn, despite being a virtually identical clone of her, except for the smallest hint of brown that ran through the eyes, only visible if you knew what to really look for, wasn't a pacifist, having actually been out to fight Vampires, despite their mothers stern warnings not to.

Taking the hand, she felt power thrum under her fingers, something that she had come to closely associate with Dawn, since Halloween, though Xander wondered why the constant presence of the Primal inside her head was howling that this wasn't right, that this wasn't reality.

That it was wrong.

She gently nudges the mental representation of the Primal to quiet down, sighing as she remembers the first time that she had been forced to go on a school trip with Buffy, after the Junior High had been closed for renovations, and their mother had been headed to LA for an art deal.

Dawn had headed to the reptile house, while she had seen some thugs bullying one of the school geeks slash nerds.

That had ben her first real encounter with the supernatural, though why she hadn't thought it was a supernatural event, she had no idea why.

She chalked it up to the weirdness that was Sunnydale.

"You're going to see him again, aren't you?" Dawn accuses.

Xander couldn't look her in the eyes.

That got a sigh.

"You need to get over Jude's death, he wouldn't have wanted you to feel guilt over him" Dawn says gently, a concerned look on her face as a hand lay on her shoulder.

Feeling a tingle of anger surge through her, Xander begins to growl, only to huff loudly, pouting as she looks away.

"You don't need to treat me like I'm a porcelain doll" she grumbles half-heartedly.

Dawn laughs at that.

"Didn't daddy always call you his precious, fragile little Princess doll?" she asks jokingly.

Xander crosses her arms over her chest at that, looking annoyed.

Arms wrap around her waist at that point, a chin resting on her shoulders.

"You need to let it go, Gail" Dawn says softly.

"I just visit the crypt we buried him in, every now and then, I don't…" Xander starts to say in protest.

The look that Dawn gave her made Xander think better than to continue.

More than anyone, Dawn knew how destroyed she had been when Jude had rushed in front of her, after she had collapsed, in order to protect her.

Apparently, the venom that the Olvikan had in its fangs was enough to kill Jude, and he had known that, rushing to save her, anyway.

"I'm just going to go visit him, that's all" she protests weakly.

Dawn sighs at that, releasing her, before grabbing her hand, and starts dragging her down the stairs.

Xander makes a protest, but stops at the look she got.

"Come on, we can at least ask Buffy to take us to the crypt, right?" Dawn asks with a determined frown on her face. "Just incase it's got any Demons or something inside."

Relief floods her at that, and she smiles as she lets herself get dragged by her twin to Buffy, who was downstairs, while her laundry was being done.

(-=|Page Break|=-)

"Harmony?" she asks with shock at the Vampiress who was trying to cart the gold and supposedly useless jewellery to sell on eBay or something.

"Little Doll?" she asks with surprise and happiness.

Xander walks over, feeling none of the danger that she felt from other Vampires when in her presence.

Knowing that she was safe around this Vampire.

"What are you doing out so late at night? You could be hurt, or worse" Harmony says with concern for the Summers girl.

Despite the nickname causing a twinge of irritation, which she pushes aside, Xander was more interested in the sacks that the other Vampires were carrying around.

"What are you doing?" she asks with interest.

A Vampire makes to attack, but a glare from Harmony makes him stop, backing away at the glare he got.

"Just making a little money" she says to the girl who was probably the only one to actually try and get to know her, outside of the Cordettes, or to try and get into her panties.

Xander steps forwards, before whistling as she saw what they were carrying.

"This looks like it's some really good stuff" she says with a smile.

"Want some?" Harmony asks, faint traces of her human life coming through, remembering a time when she had been comforted by the girl behind the bleachers, after a footballer had backhanded her, one of the few times she had refused to spread her legs, or even give a blowjob, having been devastated by the death of her cat (which Oz had affectionately nicknamed Patches, after Buffy had returned from her brief life as a criminal).

"You're just going to give some to me?" Xander asks with surprise.

"Gabriel Celestine Alexandria Panthea Marie Summers," Harmony says with a low tone of annoyance. "Can't you just take a gift when someone offers it to you without being surprised?"

Xander looks away with a hint of shame going through her.

"Here, take this. It's got some pretty jewels, earrings, necklaces and rings in it," Harmony says, handing one of the smaller bags that she knew the girl could handle without straining herself. "Use it for a good college, or even a university. Maybe go to Harvard like I know you can."

Xander's cheeks flush at that.

"Harmony…" she starts with a hint of a whine.

"You wanted to go into child care, right? Maybe even go into medicine? You'd make a really good doctor for kids" Harmony enthuses.

"That's a Paediatrician, Harmony" Xander says with a grin.

"Whatever," she says with a negligent wave of the hand, smiling. "You could do some real good, if you just tried a little bit."

Xander turns pink at that, ducking her head.

"Tell you what, I'll drop off one of the other sacks at your place, later on, and you can use that sack to make yourself look as beautiful as I know you can be" Harmony says with a wide smile.

Xander flushes even deeper, and she could feel her ears burn at her words.

A cold hand was placed against her cheek.

"But if you don't try your best," she says, as she 'Vamps' out, gold eyes glowing down at her. "I'll rip out your throat."

Xander shivers, mostly from the touch, knowing that it was just a threat, and she didn't mean it, but understood the sentiments behind the threat.

"What about Spike?" Xander asks out of the blue.

That got a shake of the head.

"Just you worry about getting into a good enough college, and then a good enough university," she says with a smile, face normal again. "You let me worry about my Blondie Bear."

Xander nods slowly, and lifts the small sack up, finding it surprisingly light.

As she leaves the graveyard, having done what she originally wanted to do, which was to visit Jude's crypt, she couldn't help but feel a little sadness for Harmony, who was now forever denied her dream as a Miami beach babe (though what that entailed, Xander really didn't know).

Upon seeing her family sitting down for dinner, she tosses the sack to the side of the stairs, and smiles as she sits down.

At least here, with them, she had a level of peace, outside of feeling sorrow for dreams broken, desires destroyed, and people giving up on their fantasies.

(-=|End Chapter|=-)

Yes, this is just a filler chapter, and yes, Dawn is here a year early.

There is a reason for this, which will become apparent sooner rather than later.

Now, people wonder about the bracer, whether I am making her an artificer, enchanter, or something. I'd like to put that to rest right now.

As far as her powers are concerned, she's got only the basic instinct to see the dreams of others, and the vague awareness of temporal displacement, being basically 'omnipotent' when it comes to the dreams and fantasies of others. I believe one reviewer (arinor)said it best by saying that she is, essentially, a Goddess in an embryonic state.

The bracer is basically a vague instinctual desire to create a replication of the amulet, known as Auryn, with what she has on hand, without access to the powers.

I'd like to also point out that she isn't actually doing anything, and the telepathy wouldn't do anything to Xander/Gail, as she is essentially immune to the taint of blood from Demons. I'd also like to point out, as someone voiced, that Xander/Gail is still mortal, but if you read through the story, you will see mentions of what she is, and what she is capable of doing, when she has her powers.

And for those of you who said in e-mails, that maybe Xander/Gail dies instead of Buffy during the end of the Glory Arc, I'd like to say that you need to read the story a little more, as mentions have already been made as to what happens, even if it was very deliberately vague.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Xander's Neverending Story" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Aug 13.

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