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The Path of Fate

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Summary: Slightly AU. Sam ends up at UCLA instead of Stanford and his quest for a normal life away from the hunt abruptly ends when he’s cornered in an alley by fanged creatures with deformed faces. Sam/Connor

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Supernatural > Connor-CenteredJessAngelusFR181528023986 Sep 136 Sep 13No
The Path of Fate

Supernatural/Ats crossover

Summary: Slightly AU. Sam ends up at UCLA instead of Stanford and his quest for a normal life away from the hunt abruptly ends when he’s cornered in an alley by fanged creatures with deformed faces. Armed with nothing but a silver knife Sam thinks his luck has run out, when he’s rescued by a mysterious teenager with bright blue eyes.

Pairing: Sam/Connor-centric, mentions of Cannon pairings for Ats.

Rating: M

Warnings: Slash, obviously. Non-graphic het non-con, attempted suicide. Fairly dark in later chapters. Proceed at your own risk.

AN: Starts off part way through Ats season 3, pre-Supernatural. I’ve taken certain liberties with the story line for Angel, so some events have been changed, but it’ll follow cannon for the most part. As far as age goes, Connor is 16 at the beginning of this fic and Sam is 18. Enjoy.

Sam Winchester had seen a lot in his young life. He’d been hunting things that could make a grown man faint before he’d even hit puberty. But he hadn't been prepared for it when the two men in front of him suddenly morphed into what he could only describe as monsters.

Sam desperately grabbed for the knife in his pocket as he was shoved up against the brick wall behind him.

“You’re scared… I like that.” The creature growled through a mouth full of fangs. “Makes your blood taste that much better- AH!” The creature loosened its hold on Sam and reeled back in pain as Sam stabbed him through the heart.

Sam’s eyes widened as he realized the creature wasn't dying. In fact all the wound seemed to do was make him angry.

The second creature reached for Sam, grabbing his head and slamming it back against the wall. Sam’s head exploded in pain and the edges of his vision blurred but he fought to stay conscious. If he blacked out, he’d have no chance at all of getting out of this alive. Though Sam quickly realized he probably didn't have much of a chance anyway as the first creature picked him up by the throat, his grip like a vice, and lowered his fangs toward Sam’s neck.

Then suddenly the hand on his neck was gone and Sam dropped to the ground, coughing as dusty air rushed into his lungs. He looked up, blinking in surprise as he saw a boy no older than 16 pummeling the second creature, reducing it to dust seconds later.

The boy turned, looking at Sam curiously. He stuck out his hand, helping Sam to his feet.

Sam placed a shaky hand on the wall behind him, steadying himself.

“W-what were those things?”

“Vampires.” The teen answered shortly. “It’s not a good idea to be out after dark.” He said, then turned to leave.

“Wait!” Sam called, pushing away from the wall. “I…thanks. Ya know, for saving me. I’m not used to fighting things like that.”

The teen cocked his head to the side and looked at Sam curiously. “Most people aren't.”

“I’ve hunted other things…me and my family, that’s kinda what we do. Or I used to anyway. I came here to get away for all that.” Sam explained, though he wasn't sure why.

The teen snorted. “Bad choice.”

“I’m getting that.” Sam said with a shake of his head. “How did you kill them?” He asked curiously.

Sam watched as the other male pulled a wooden stake out from the waist band of his pants.

“With this.” He tossed it to Sam. “Aim for the heart.”

Sam nodded. “Thanks. I’m Sam by the way.” Sam said, sticking out his hand.

The teen looked at it for a moment before accepting the handshake. “I’m Connor.”

Well that’s it for my first chapter. I’m trying to get back on the writing pony and it’s been a fight. Let me know what you think.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "The Path of Fate" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Sep 13.

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