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Summary: Xander meets a Soldier Boy and the World changes for all those around him

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Supernatural > Xander-Centered
FreddyfrmelmstFR1826,3274198,7299 Oct 135 Jan 14No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you see here. This is written for fun not Profit.

Xander Harris sat at the bar in front of him was a soda. A rare sight for the men in that Roadhouse.

“Can I help young man?” Xander looked up at the older yet still good looking lady behind the bar.

As she sent the younger blond girl that had served Xander and had been talking to him off to do some other work.

Xander gave her smile. “I’m waiting for some friends. Have a job that is going to need some serious firepower. “

“Oh really?” the woman asked.

“Yeah there is something that needs to be dealt with and a group of us in this rarified profession have decided to deal with this asshole.
Before it becomes a shit storm of Epic size.” Xander told her.

“And what profession is that?” the woman asked.
Xander smiled.

“Now Ms. Ellen that would be telling. But if you need to check me out call my Uncle Bobby Singer he will confirm who I am.”
Ellen Harvelle froze.

“Bobby Singer is your Uncle?” she asked not entirely sure she believed what the young man was telling her.

“Yes that crotchety old bastard is my Uncle.” Xander told her.
Ellen relaxed a bit.

“So how did you end up in the life kiddo?” Ellen asked as picked up a glass and started to clean it.

“You promise to cast aside all notions of Vengeance for you fallen friend and commit to the life of a hunter? You will have no friends no family you will cease to be what you are you will train to kill all that comes from the darkness, you will be a Hunter a Warrior a Killer. That is all I can offer you. “

“What a Hunter does he does not for one person or one group but for all of mankind you are the Watchman at the wall protecting the unaware from the dangers that exist beyond their site.”

The spirit spoke to Xander.

“I’m in I always knew that one I got involved with Buffy and Giles a normal life waved bye bye to me.” Xander answered,

“Good then this is my final gift to the world Alexander all my knowledge for you to use to protect those who cannot protect themselves and remember the only easy day was yesterday.” Smiled the Soldier Spirit as he grabbed Xander’s shoulders and Xander’s vision was filled with a white light and he mind was filled with a thousand happy memories and a million bad ones as the Soldier’s life’s knowledge and skills became his.

“Xander you ok?” Buffy asked.

“What?” he responded?

“You looked like you were a million miles away.”

“Not quite Buff just a few miles up the road. Come on we got get these kids back to the school.”

That was the last night Xander Harris was just a Scooby and the first night on his journey to becoming a Hunter.

It had been 3 months since Halloween and Buffy was concerned.

A few nights ago Cordelia and her latest attempt at a boyfriend had been up at the local lover’s lane when her car had been attacked by a werewolf according to Giles. Then she had been saved by none other than her Xander shaped friend who had shown up in a car and not only taken out the Werewolf but took him away. And no one had seen him since.

So Buffy was concerned more like she was a split second from full blown panic and if Xander wasn’t in school that morning she was going to throw up then she was going to tear Sunnydale apart to find him.

As she walked to School she barely heard Willow join her or Willow complain that her plans had been screwed up because Oz was sick. But everything changed as a loud engine’s roar shattered her thoughts and she and Willow turned and saw a large black muscle car move past them. Xander was driving and Willow’s friend Oz was riding shotgun.

Willow and Buffy made it to the School in record time that morning.
As they reached the parking lot they say Xander and Oz talking and finally shake hands before they split up and headed in different directions.

Willow was torn which one to follow her boyfriend or her oldest friend. She like Buffy had begun to worry about Xander but Oz was just getting over being sick. She turned to Buffy to ask but Buffy was already walking after Xander.
Choice made.

Buffy charged into the library like an S.W.A.T. team entering a Drug dealers place almost busting the door off its hinges. With Willow following hot on her heels

The loud bang startling Giles and Xander from where they sat at the main table a pair of file folders open between them.

“Buffy please be a little gentler with the only thing providing us with privacy from the general population of this education establishment.” Giles spoke.

“Huh?” Buffy replied.

“Be easier on the door so the whole school it’s looking at what we do Buff.” Xander translated.

“Yes well it’s good that you are here Xander has found some rather disturbing information I think needs to be looked at post haste.”

Giles motioned over to the file folders and Buffy saw it was filed with pictures and print outs.

“What did you find?” Buffy asked hoping that all this would explain what had been going on with him.

Willow nodded wanting to know what is going on.

Giles looked at the girls and then back to Xander. “I think its best you explain how you came by this information Xander.”
Xander nodded.

“As you know on Halloween I dressed as a Soldier, the Soldier was in fact a real person Master Chief Daniel Xavier Harris United States Navy Seal Team 6.”

The girls both nodded.

“Daniel was also what is known as a Hunter. He hunted demons and monsters. And I’ve been using what he knew to look into a few thinks and I’ve uncovered some things that really messed with my head.”

“What did you find out that the models in playboy are all airbrushed?” Buffy quipped.

“No I found out that there are in fact three devils and three versions of the war against the demons happening around the world at the moment.” Xander threw back at her.

“I got to sit down.” Buffy muttered as she dropped bonelessly into a chair.

“Xander what do you mean there are three wars happening?” Willow asked.

Xander looked to Giles who just held up his hands as if to say this is your show pal.

“I’ll explain later but first things first. “ Xander held up a picture of an attractive brunette that looked beautiful yet dangerous.

“She is a witch and an old one at that.”

“An old one?” Willow asked.

Xander smiled. “Not a Demon Willow she is a Witch that lost her powers and soul her soul to a demon to get them back.”

“How do you know that?” Buffy demand.

Xander smiled and pulled out a photo copy of an entry in a Witch’s Book of Shadows.

“The Evil Enchantress.” Buffy read.

“Yeah. It fits if you look at her activities and the draws and pictures of her taken over the centuries it fits. “

As he spoke Xander drew a bunch of pictures and drawings from

The file folders and spread them out over the table for all of them to see.

The group drew up around the table and found that Xander looked to be right the same woman was in all of them.

“Ok she is and old evil Witch and we need to seriously have a talk about how you spotted all of this.”

“Once I learned what to look for it was kind of easy.” Xander smiled.

“Finding a way to kill a soulless witch that is seemingly immortal and can control the four elements. That’s been a bitch.”

Giles chuckled. “And what did you come up with Xander?”

“I’ll explain later Giles I’ve got this feeling that speaking about it before its ready would be a bad thing.” Xander admitted.

Giles nodded.

“How soon til your solution is ready Xander?” Giles asked.

“Two days.” Xander answered.

“Buffy what are we doing here?” Willow asked as she leaned against a window with toy periscope peaking into the house.

“Proving to Xander that this lady isn’t a witch.”

Willow peered thru her periscope and looked around the room.

“You may want to rethink that idea Buffy.”

Buffy took the periscope and looked in the window where the woman from Xander’s pictures stood naked in front of an alter holding a knife as she seemed to be chanting.

“That could be anything.” Buffy muttered weakly as she looked at Willow and saw the look she was being given.

“Ok Willow I was wrong. She is a Witch.”

Willow returned to the periscope and watched in awe and disgust the witch in question dipped he knife in a cup and then let the red liquid from the cup drip onto the alter.

“I think she is using blood to cast a major spell.” Willow whispered as around trying to look for any other clues in the room as to what she was trying to cast. Buffy quickly joining her.

“Actually that’s just an illusion spell to keep the tourists away.” A smoky voice toned in behind the girls.

Before the felt a blast of air then darkness.

Buffy came swimming back to consciousness and found that she was chained to wall.

Her eyes whipped around the room and she found she was in a basement and in front of her was an alter where Willow was laid out like a sacrificial virgin.

Snarling Buffy tried to pull free but found she couldn’t.

“Don’t worry Slayer I have no intention killing your little partner. I just need her magic. She will live but just without her magic. I’m after bigger game then you and I need to be ready.” The Enchantress turned and began chanting as she walked towards Willow. The air was filled with a static charge a white mist seems to be forming around Willow.

“Hmmm quite powerful for a practioner she may have even been the founder of a Bloodline but now that will never happen.” The Enchantress chuckled as made a gesture with her hand and the mist coalesced into a white orb.

The Enchantress lifted the orb and lowered it to her chest and the orb was flooded with a darkness the flowed over the white orb turning it black as night.

“What have you done?” Screamed Buffy.

“Taken what your Witch had and made it mine.”

The now black orb seemed to pulse as the Enchantress lowered her eyes to the orb and a beam of energy shot forth from the orb and into her eyes draining the orb to nothingness.

“Mmmmh.” She moaned with an orgasmic tint. “Been a while since I’ve had anything as delightfully pure as that.

“Too bad it will be the last thing you will ever taste.” Can a new voice.

The Enchantress and Buffy snapped towards the new voice as the Enchantress took a load of Iron buckshot to the gut.

‘Xander.” Gasped Buffy as he stepped off the stairs and walked over to the Witch.

“Later Buffy.” Xander told her shortly as he pulled out a bottle that was filled with she didn’t know what and lit the rag that was stuffed into the bottle on fire.”

“Ego voco impetus delere…vos Caelum et inferemum.” Xander chanted as he tossed the flaming bottle onto the flailing witch.
Buffy watched in shock as the witch as a cloud of smoke encircled the Enchantress and then she turned to ash then vanished.

“What the hell was that?” Buffy yelled as Xander had moved over to check out Willow.

“Is Willow ok?” she asked.

“She’s fine as near as I can tell she is just knocked out.” Xander told her.

“What was that crap anyway?” Buffy demanded to know as Xander unlocked the chains holding her.

“That was a Witch killing spell there blonde.” Came another voice.

Buffy snapped around.

“It’s so nice to meet the Hunter that got rid of that pain in my arse.” Smiled a man with red eyes.

“Who the hell are you?” Buffy demanded as she placed herself between the red eyed man and Willow

“His name is Crowley King of the Crossroads Demons.” Xander told her with a slight smile.

“Ah I see my reputation precedes me.” Smiled the demon

“If you’re going to be in the game best to know the players.” Xander spoke.

“Ahh an intelligent Hunter will wonders never cease.”

“Hey it’s not every day you get to meet one of the higher ups on the otherside.”

Crowley chuckled. “Alright kid. You did me a good turn by ending that bitch so I’m gonna tell you what I’ll do. No demon of mine will ever answer a summons from you or your family.” Smirked Crowley.

“That’s awfully generous of you.”

“What can I say kid you helped me finally collect on a contract that’s been outstanding got several centuries. That blemish is gone and I have
one of the most hated witches’ in history down in the pit. So I can’t answer the call of a few people too dumb to work the summoning away, No loss to me.” With a snap of his fingers he was gone.

“Xander can you explain what the hell is going on here?”

“You ran into trouble with the Witch. I saved your ass. We need to leave in case anybody heard anything.” Xander told Buffy as he scooped up Willow into his arms.

“How did you know that the goop in the bottle would kill her?”

Xander smiled. “It was a Witch killing spell. As the name implies it would kill her.”

“How did you know it wouldn’t kill Willow?” Buffy demanded as she remembered what the Enchantress had done to Willow before Xander showed up.

“Because I didn’t hit Willow with the spell, it only affects what the goop hits Buff.”

As they got to Xander’s car. He set Willow in the backseat before opening the trunk.

“Where did all this come from?” Buffy asked as she looked at the arsenal in the trunk.

Handguns, Shotguns, Rifles, Knifes an Axe and whole bunch of other stuff.

“The car belonged to the Soldier from Halloween Buffy now are you going to get in or are you walking back to the Library?” Xander asked as he reloaded his shotgun and put it away before closing up his trunk.

Buffy grumbled as slid into the front seat.

“I’ll explain everything once Willow wakes up I only want to do this once.” Xander told her as he slid into the car and started the engine.

About 2hrs later after Willow had woken up and Giles had checked her over and found her magical potential now rated somewhere between slug and mouse. Buffy explained what had happened.

Willow was less than thrilled with the fact her magic was gone.

Giles was kicking himself that he never checked on their potential because Willow would’ve needed training if her potential was even half of what Buffy described.

Xander mean while sat reading a small leather bound journal.

“So Xander how about you make with the splainy now?” Buffy asked a firm look on her face.

Xander just rolled his eyes and closed the journal.

“Halloween the soldier I dressed as was a former NAVY SEAL turned hunter. He died on Halloween at the moment the spell began. He was hunting a werewolf that was running across the country on a murder spree.”

“What do you mean murder spree?” Willow asked. Now slightly worried about seeing Xander and Oz together that morning.

“He was tracking a Werewolf that seemed to be moving cross country the only common link he was able to find was a band that played ever town where a killing happened and they left that town the day after someone died. The cops never caught it because sometime there were days or even weeks between when the victims died and when what was left was discovered.” Xander explained.

“Sounds reasonable.” Giles chimed.

“He followed the band to L.A. and overheard they were suppose to play the Bronze so he came here and was shot by one of the band members on Halloween. When the spell started since I was using his old fatigues he and I bonded he spirit possessed me and when the spell ended he and I joined together so could keep helping people. His knowledge is what lead me to his car his weapons and his files and that’s what I’ve been using to help piece together everything.” Xander finished.

“What files did this hunter have?” Giles asked.

Xander smiled and left the room only to return a few minutes later with a foot locker that had been hidden under the backseat of his new Charger.

Giles’ eyes widened as he opened the first book.

“Giles be warned there is information in there that will blow your mind.”

“”Oh like what Xander?” asked Buffy.

“A cure of two types of Vampires.”

Xander waited for it.

Ching Ching Ching Jackpot.

“WHAT?” screamed Buffy Willow and Giles.
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