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“And Another Thing I Hate About You!”

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Summary: “Tiny men with hard hats and jackhammers were at work in his skull, his mouth was an ashtray, he had a ring on his finger, a warm pleasant weight on his chest and a distinct feeling he'd done... something last night. Or maybe someone... ”

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Cordelia/Xander(Current Donor)IronbearFR1840233,8074332995,15613 Oct 1328 Dec 13Yes

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Cover Art and Teaser

And another thing 1a cover2 lg

You'll never shine if you don't glow...

He chopped and backed, chopped and backed, not getting past the hide clad big demon's guard, and ducked under a return swing of the bladed war club that nearly parted his hair. A quick glance around showed him Gunn in similar straits, blocking blows with the shaft of his two handed axe and looking frustrated as he searched for an opening for a return blow. Fred was ducking around one of the big sodium-vapor light things, swinging her sword at her pursuer's leg with wide eyes. Cordy...

Cordy was being slowly but surely backed towards the open apartment set and the sprawl of furnishings and tangle of lights and cables there.

Xander snarled under his breath, then out loud as another swing came way too close to spilling his guts out on the floor. He sucked in his breath, barely pulling his abs out of the way and cursing the one too many snack foods that made it a nearer thing than it woulda been in high school.

There was a roar from Gunn's side of the room, as Gunn got a slash in across the chest of his adversary.

Xander struck, cursed, and danced back from another return swing.

He danced back – and stumbled on something soft and wriggly that yelped and scrabbled out from under his feet, almost sending him over and down all the way.

Demon thing grabbed a handful of long, black, flying hair and yanked the wriggly jiggly thing up, screaming, grinned at him, and brought the war club way back for a swing that would have ended the screams for-fucking-ever.

Ever and a day.

Xander managed to get his feet under him, somehow – he'd never know how – and managed to intercept the downward swing with the blade of his sword in a cross cut motion that took the hand off at the wrist, and sent club and talon-ed hand flying in a spray of blackish-red blood.

There was an agonized roar, and demon thing let go of the hair and nailed him in the chest with an open handed strike that would have caved in chest ribs and all if he hadn't been moving in to finish it –

It still packed the momentum of a freight train, and it lifted him off his feet to smash into a light fixture and sprawl, sword going one way all a-clatter, and black spots dancing at the edges of his vision.

Demon-thing lowered it's head, opening its jaws in a rippling snarl as it came in a hunched rush, drawing a long bladed curving knife from its belt and moving in for the kill. Green glowing eyes promised an eternity of death and pain to him and there was an agonizingly panicked scream from somewhere...

Everything went white.

Snow-blind white. Looking into an arc-light white. Arctic ice field white.

There were shapes in his vision as he blinked rapidly to clear it, scrabbling for the sword hilt, and an incandescent bolt of something smashed into and lifted demon thing off its feet and threw it flying –

Away from Xander. Across the studio.

And though the freaking wall on the other side of the room, leaving a demon thing shaped hole where it went through.

And through the wall past that. And the next one...

Xander could swear he saw darkness and parking lot beyond that as his vision started to clear completely.

"Oh, no, you so very much the hell will not," he heard an icy, inhumanly beautiful voice say.

His hand found the sword hilt, and he managed to shove himself up on one elbow to look over and see Cordelia levitating about a foot off the floor; glowing in a nimbus of blue-white, her eyes solid white, and glaring at the demon thing that had been attacking her; that was now starting to cower away from her...

"No one gets to gut my idiot of a husband except for me."

And everything went white again.

And another thing 1a back cover lg
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