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Willow Weasley and The Boy Who Lived

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Summary: BETA NEEDED! Harry finds a box of his mother's things containing photos of Lily and two other women, on the back is written Willow Weasley and Tara Malfoy.

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Harry Potter > Willow-CenteredTLCdemonFR1528,604192,90523 Oct 1330 Oct 13No

Chapter One

I apologize if there are spelling errors I have a bad case of Dyslexia and I don't know how to spell most every word in the Harry Potter series. I am mostly writing this story because I wanted to see a lesbian couple in the Harry Potter world so I hope you like it. This chapter hasn't really been betad because I can't find a beta.

I am looking for a beta! I already have the first four chapters written.

He had walked down this black tile clad room many times, ever since he himself had physically walked it. It was in fact the hallway that lead to The Department of Mysteries, however he was at this current moment dreaming, and actually only there in a mental capacity. He flew down the hall, and turned the knob to the large wooden door. He had never stepped a foot behind the door, but his mind knew what was behind it. He was in a large room that was almost like a pit, a pit with a very large archway in the middle and the arch way had a grey translucent curtain blowing in nonexistent wind.

Suddenly there was a woman with long brown hair holding the limp body of a blond woman in her arms. He could feel her power like a pressure causing gravity to push down on him. It was far more frightening than even Voldemort’s power. She looked to him and her eyes, they were not human eyes at all, they were completely black, even the white of her eyes were black. She screamed an inhuman scream.

Her face went still after the painful expression that had been painted there. “You will pay.” A very predatory voice escaped her lips.

Life had never been easier for the two lovers. Their cottage sat on the outskirts of the school they taught at. After years of trying to leave behind their old life, their old memories, they had finally succeeded. They had new friends, new family, and they barely thought of the World they once existed in.

Willow was sitting at the table holding her cup of tea, she could barely hold it her hands were shaking so much. The nightmare she had just had chilled her to the bone, she could feel the cold beads trailing slowly down her back. Tara had been dead in her arms and she felt the dark power return, the pull of power she hadn’t felt in nearly fifteen years.

The sun hadn’t risen yet and she knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep if she returned to bed. She raised the cup to her mouth only to discover the liquid had grown cold. Standing from the chair, she made her way to the sink and dumped out the substance. Willow checked to see if the tea in the pot was cold as well, it was, and so she dumped it out too. While preparing a new pot she imagined what would happen if Tara died, imagining how she could live without the only reason she had survived her addiction.

Just then she heard a sound behind her causing her to jump. “It’s just me love, you okay?”

“I’m fine, I just had a horrid dream.” Willow turned to her lover longing for the woman’s touch to assure her that she was in fact living. “You were dead, and I started using again.”

Tara could tell how upset the redhead was, it was their way of communicating quietly after so many years of only having facial expression as a way to convey their love. They had learned to read each other without dialogue.

The tea whistled loudly waking them out of their trance. “Want a cuppa?” As Willow turned to pour the tea she felt Tara’s arms envelop her.

“I’ll never leave you.” She whispered into the woman’s ear.

Someone knocked on the front door. “Who would that be at this hour?” Tara looked to Willow who had just spoken.

“I have no idea, but let’s hope it isn’t about something serious.” Tara swung the door open. A grey bearded man in violet robes appeared in the light that filtered out of the door into the morning darkness. His moon spectacles sparkling.

“Good morning Ms. Malfoy.” He looked to the dining room table, you could see almost the whole house from the front doorway. “And Ms. Weasley.” He nodded his head at both as he said their names.

“Dumbledore? Do come in.” The elderly man walked through the door past Tara.

“What brings you here at such an early hour?” Willow asked. “Chess?”

He smiled at the red head. “No, I am here on business.”

“What sort?” The redhead looked at her old Headmaster with suspicion. “If this is about The Order again you know my answer. And it still remains the same as last time you asked.”

“The Order? No, this is about something else, though is related to The Order of The Phoenix.”

“Well spit it out. We haven’t got all day.”

“Willow! Don’t be rude.” Tara scolded her lover. “Would you like some tea?”

“Yes, that would be delightful.” His eyes sparkled.

Willow watched as Tara poured a cup of tea for the Professor.

Dumbledore already knew the answer, and he was prepared for it. “Now it seems that I am in desperate need of two teachers, and you two are the most qualified for the positions.”

“No.” Willow said.

The old man looked so serious, it had been so long since Willow had seen him serious. “What is it? What has you so worried?”

“Harry was attacked by a Dementor.”

“Oh dear lord.” Tara gasped. “Is he okay?”

“He’s quite all right. He was able to dispel it with his patronus. However, the fact that such an incident occurred in the first place is a sign of what is to come now that Voldemort has returned.” He took a sip of his drink.

“So the rumors are true?” Willow said with fear in her voice. “He has come back.”

“I’m afraid so.” He looked to both women. “Does this change your answer?”

“No, we will not return.” The redhead looked down ashamed. “I wish we could help, but we have our own responsibilities here now. This is our home. We wouldn’t be welcome in Britain anyways, you know the laws.”

“I know the laws better than anyone Ms. Weasley, but that doesn’t change the fact that we need you. Currently the only people he fears are you and I.” Dumbledore looked to the powerful witch.

“You know I don’t use those powers anymore. I don’t think I could return from it this time. I haven’t cast without a wand in almost fourteen years. You were the one who told me I could never use them ever again.”

“What about you Tara? What do you say?”

Tara gasped. “I would never go anywhere without Willow, and I agree with Willow anyways. Nothing is back there for us now. We would be arrested on the spot, we moved to America, the only people who do that together are gay, I am sure it is well known we are lesbians by now. Not only that, but think what protects the students of Hogwarts from Voldemort?”

“You would be surprised what The Ministry does to cover up things that would paint them in a bad light. His fear of me is what keeps Voldemort from attempting anything.” Dumbledore said.

“So if both you and Willow, the only people he fears, were both at Hogwarts what would protect our school and our students? You don’t think the Hellmouth is something he wants? The school sits directly on top of it.” Tara said angrily.

“You know as well as I that he disregards American witches and warlocks because they don’t teach magic with a wand. It is not your job to protect The Mouth of Hell. It is the Slayer who was tasked with that.”

“Ay, but from demons and vampires, not from powerful wizards.” Willow looked frighteningly angry.

“And what of Harry, he was left to you to raise.” Dumbledore used his last trump card. “Will you just abandon him to his fate?”

“You know that The Ministry took him from us. You know we are forbidden to speak to him. Do not try that again, it may have worked when I was 22, but it won’t be like last time.” Willow pointed at the man in front of her. “I have people that are as good as family here and they need us, we don’t want to lose any more friends.”

“Look, we know you need all of the help you can get, but Willow and I wouldn’t even be welcomed back into The Order. We’ve heard the rumors that Molly has practically taken Harry in as family. She wouldn’t let us anywhere near him.” It was Tara who spoke.

“Think about it will you?” He set down the tea and stood from the table. “Thanks for the tea, you always make the best Tara.”

Harry sat cross legged on the floor looking over the boxes, his legs were growing numb, but he wasn’t paying attention. He had just opened a box that contained countless photos of his mother and in almost every picture had two women, Harry had never seen before, smiling back at the picture taker. One was a curvy blond and the other a skinny red head who looked eerily like Ginny. There were a lot of pictures of the blonde by herself unaware of being photographed. Often she would be reading a book, her hair falling down in front of her face. One such picture had been taken at what he immediately recognized as the Burrow. She was in the room beneath the attic, Ron’s room. Her eyes blank with thought behind them and looking out the window that Harry, himself had often looked out in the same way. He wondered who the woman was. Until a second later the red headed woman lunged at her from a side of the room causing the blond to jump but then laugh.

He flipped over the picture reading the two names of the women. “Tara Malfoy and Willow Weasley.” Beneath was written “1978, Tara’s 18th birthday.”

“A Malfoy?” Harry asked.

“What was that Harry?” Hermione glanced over from the other end of the room.

“It’s just I found this box with a bunch of pictures of someone named Tara Malfoy, my mom’s in a few of them.” He looked between his two friends who were now staring at him. “But a Malfoy? There’s even one where she’s at The Burrow.”

“What?” Ron asked. “Lemme see.” He held out his hand and Harry handed him the picture, and waited for him to finish inspecting the image. They had been cleaning Sirius’ family house all summer and had been sitting in the attic going through boxes for hours, but this was the first box he found that must’ve been Sirius’ things from before he ran away from home.

“That’s my room! What’s a Malfoy doin’ in my room?” Ron asked.

“My point exactly.” Harry said.

Hermione yanked the photograph from Ron’s hands, curiosity over taking her. “Wait who is that?” She asked.

“The red head?” Harry agreed. “It says on the back that she’s a Weasley. You recognize her Ron?”

Ron shook his head. “I’ve never seen her before, or heard of her. There are too many of us to keep up with each and every one though. This picture is really old, maybe she died.”

“That name… Willow Weasley… It sounds dead familiar.” Hermione said.

“Maybe…” Harry searched through the box even more. He found a letter addressed to Sirius it had been opened so many times that the paper almost ripped when he peeled back the tongue of the envelope.

“Dear Sirius,

I know it is hard for you to bare. It isn’t like you to judge someone though, please Sirius, don’t push them out. I have more to say, but I can’t say it in a letter. Tara is trying to keep everything between us. I know you’ve loved her for a long time, but a part of you has had to at least suspect that they were more than just friends. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, but I had promised not to tell anyone, not even James. You wouldn’t turn them in after all you’ve kept Lupin’s secret all this time. Can’t you keep one more secret for your friends? Last night you said some pretty hurtful things to them. Tara can’t help who she loves. You’ve heard the rumors as well as I. Granted they have gotten pretty outlandish since Skeeter got a hold of them.

Your friend,

Lily Evans”

“That’s strange.” Harry said. “My mom wrote Sirius a letter about a rumor that Tara, the girl in the photos, was dating someone and Sirius was in love with her, so he was upset. What do you think Hermione?” He handed her the letter.

Harry moved on to another box this one was a small wooden box that was locked. Which interested him. He unlocked it with his wand. The box sprung open and inside was a leather bound book that looked eerily similar to Tom Riddle’s Diary, but instead of Tom Riddle’s name written on the lower right corner it was his mother’s “Lily Evans”. He held the book in his hands loosely, beneath it were countless envelopes most from the two women Willow and Tara, and a few from Sirius, Lupin, and his father, there were even a few from Peter Pettigrew.

“Hm…” Hermione was finished with the letter. “I just don’t know Harry. It’s clear she was dating someone and that Sirius was in love with her. That’s all I can get from the letter. Clearly your mother had written it to keep whomever Tara was dating a secret in case someone was reading the letters.”

After he looked through them all he began to look at the diary, deciding to read the first few entries.

On the inside of the book, between the pages that came before the lined ones. A note to him was written.

12 July, 1980

My Dearest Harry,

I hope you never have to read this letter, but if you are reading this right now I must’ve died, and Willow and Tara must have only just now told you about your father and I, how and why we died. I hate that I had to leave you. You have not even been born yet and I already love you more than I ever could’ve imagined loving anyone, more so than even James. I am sure Dumbledore has it wrong, that the prophecy isn’t about you, but in case he is right I want to leave something for you to remember me by, I want to make sure you know who I am, well was. That is why I am leaving you this diary, I started writing it in my fifth year and still write in it every time something important happens in my life. Never forget how much we love you.

Tell Tara and Willow I said I love them.

Your loving Mother forever,

Lily Potter

Harry was was silently crying. His friends looked at him with concern and continued with their work, leaving him be for the moment. This had been written a few weeks before he was born, he kissed the words on the sheet of paper that had been clearly ripped out of the book itself and placed in the front.

Then he flipped to the first page.

10 September, 1975


Today I saw the Thestrals for the first time. A few days ago when I was buying my school supplies for this year, I watched a Death Eater kill Simon Fickens another muggle born Gryffindor. We had been talking about what we were excited about learning once school started and then out of nowhere a green light struck him and then he went limp and fell to the ground. I didn’t know what to do. Before I knew it, Willow was standing next to us whispering protection spells so quickly I didn’t have time to pull my wand out before two more green lights hit the shield she had created. Moments later a crack rang out signifying that they had apparated a Dark Mark was hanging in the sky.

I’ve been having nightmares about him. I guess that’s why I am finally using this diary that Tara had bought me my third year for Christmas. I don’t want to die and no one know who I was. You see Simon had been a sort of awkward boy, he had always been exceedingly shy, but we had become friends, I didn’t know him very well even so. Tara told me that I should write in here so that I could talk to someone about it.

Thank you for listening,

Lily Evans.

Harry smiled his mom had been in the same year as him when she first saw someone die. It was a weird kind of comfort, like somewhere in the afterlife, his mother understood exactly what he was going through right now, and though she couldn’t be there it was as if she had sent this book to help with Cedric.

He decided to look through the diary when it was more private and took to reading the letters instead. Most consisted of normal communication, like things going on during their summer vacation or love letters from James. One letter peeked Harry’s interest.


I bet you are dreading every minute being away from Hogwarts, and stuck with your evil muggle sister. I can even hear you chastising me for calling her evil. But what else could she be? James told me all about their wedding. Muggle weddings sound so strange. Do they really step on glass with their bare feet? Or was James just having me on. My brother got a kick out of it too, you know how he is about muggles. You need to come visit. Molly, my brother’s wife, has been asking me about you. I think she feels as though any witch with red hair is an honorary Weasley, and as such should be treated as one.

I’m doing well at home Tara hasn’t talked to me all summer. I hope she is doing okay with her family. You know how they can be. Hopefully my persuasion in first year is holding.

I am having so much fun at work, James and Sirius are so funny. I think we can be expecting a proposal from James soon. He talks about you constantly. I love it. Even if all I do is bring the real Aurors pumpkin juice and copies it is still so amazing to be helping with the war.

Today the funniest thing happened, the lift broke and we had to apparate to get to where we needed to go. There was so much noise that you couldn’t even think. You had to write a note if you wanted to convey something.

Please write back and tell me all about how Tara is doing. You need to have her visit you soon. I imagine she is getting lonely. She usually does around this time of summer. I hope Lucius isn’t being mean to her again.



Did this mean that Willow Weasley was Arthur’s sister? He was curious. He assumed that the woman who wrote the letter had died. And that was why no one talked about her or why Ron had never seen her. Harry knew first hand that to The Weasley’s nothing was more important than family. Just then Ginny came in through the latch in the bottom of the floor.

“Mom, told me to tell you all that lunch is ready.” She proceeded to shut the latch.

“Wait!” He shouted so loudly that it caused everyone else to jump.

“Bloody hell Harry! What was that about?” Ron yelled at him.

“Sorry. It’s just I want to ask Ginny about the pictures.” Harry looked to the red headed girl. “Ginny do you recognize this woman?” He asked as he held up a picture of all three girls his finger resting on Willow Weasley.

“She looks familiar. What’s her name?” Her eyes darted to everyone in the room waiting for the answer.

“Willow Weasley, and that’s my Mom, and that’s a girl named Tara Malfoy.” Harry pointed to each one. “Do you know her?”

“No, I don’t think so.” She looked at them all. “It’s strange that she would look so chummy with a Malfoy though. Her name sounds familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve heard it.”

“See it’s like I said Harry. There are way too many Weasleys to remember just one who could’ve died years ago.” Ron was fidgeting he didn’t understand why Harry was making such a big deal about a box of old photographs. They were mostly of a Malfoy so what if she was friends with Harry’s mom she was still a Malfoy.

“But look Ron. Look at this letter she talks about how my Dad told her about a muggle wedding he went to and how her brother got a kick out of it and I quote ‘you know how he is about muggles’ then she says ‘Molly, my brother’s wife’. Come on doesn’t that sound like your dad? And of course Molly...” Harry was annoyed that no one else seemed to find the appearance of two women they had never heard of before being so close to his mother.

“Not possible! I was the first female Weasley ever born, or at least first in recorded history. There is no way my Dad had a sister and didn’t tell us.” Ginny shouted. “She had to have been married to a Weasley, and called my Dad her brother, even though he was actually her brother-in-law.”

“Who knows Harry?” Hermione said.
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